Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nap Time

This past Saturday we got to babysit Mr. Landon for a few hours in the afternoon- lucky for us we had him over his nap time so I thought I'd join him- and then Joey thought it looked like a pretty good idea too!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our Honeymoon Cruise to the Caribbean

Well- We are back from our week long cruise to the caribbean for our honeymoon. We had a BLAST!! The weather was amazing- the food was delicious and the relaxation is greatly missed.

Well- we started out in Miami which is where our boat took off from and first sailed to Puerto Rico. Here I am in San Juan - our Carnival boat is the Victory- it's the one behind me with the blue lights- 11 stories high!

In San Juan we just walked around and looked at stuff-- the streets were rather dirty but the buildings were beautiful.

Then we stopped at the island of St. Maarten where we decided to do an excursion. We took a boat ride out to a shipwrecked cove and went snorkling. We got to see some shipwrecks and a ton of fish- the only downside was how salty that water really is- you'll never believe it until you've experienced it- but it was fun to actually swim in the ocean as I've never done that before.

Here is the boat we went on.

Then here are a couple pictures of the island- very beautiful.

Then our final stop was at the island of St. Thomas were we took a taxi over to Coki beach and laid in the sun and jumped in the waves- it was a nice relaxing day.

Here is the sunset off the back of the boat while in port at St. Thomas and some sail boats that were in the bay enjoying the beautiful scene.

We did spend 4 days on our amazing boat- Carnival Victory- it was 11 stories high- had a ton of fun bars to enjoy, a Caribbean Lounge where all the shows and a lot of the activities took place, 3 pools, a ton of hot tubs, a water slide, gym, and spa- which we did enjoy on the first full day as it rained- massages and facials were the perfect thing to get us relaxing!

This is looking down over the bar area on the 3rd floor in front of our dining room- this was more of a classy bar where they had a Piano Man most of the nights- but also some string players a few of the nights.

Then here are some photos off the top deck where we tanned a lot- it was beautiful to look out and see only ocean!

The boat was full of WONDERFUL staff-- and of course I had to have my picture taken with them....

Me with the Piano Man

Me with our assistant waiter in the formal dining room

Here is our head waiter in the formal dining room- by the way- BEST food we've EVER had!!

Me with our assistant Cruise Director- Big Sexy is what he liked to be called

And our main Cruise Director- George during the day- and Jorge at night!

They kept us busy on the boat- we went to a lot of the afternoon activities that went on- we went to 5 sessions of BINGO- then I got up on stage and played Game Show Trivia where I won a medal- and Taylor got on stage for The Match Game- he won a 24K Plastic Piece of Ship on a Stick- that's what they called it!

And the formal nights were a LOT of fun-- here is us on our first formal night- the Captain's Dinner-- the second formal night was our farewell dinner.

And then what vacation wouldn't be complete without the different towel animals that got placed on our bed each night!! We had a complete group of an Eskimo, Seal, Elephant, Dog and Swan!

We had a wonderful time and we hate being back at work- but at least spring time is just around the corner and we have the summer to look forward to! And we do have to admit- we REALLY missed our Joey and Tigger-- Joey grew over our week of being gone- 3 pounds!! Now we are settling back in to life again and raising our little boys! :)