Saturday, June 27, 2009

Miley in the Summer Time

It's been a great summer with Miley so far! We have done some fun things around the house. I went to upload pictures and noticed I had quite a bit that I haven't shared so here is the run down...

Miley and I were having a fun evening one night, we were singing to the radio, dancing and then I decided that it would be fun to teach her how to dunk an Oreo in milk and enjoy it. Here she is dunking, savoring and telling me how YUMMY it was! (we had to use a bowl of milk as she didn't quite get how to get a cookie into her cup of milk as she had her whole fist around the Oreo, the bowl seemed like a much easier idea.)

Here is a picture that Taylor took of her when he got home from baseball one night, he was laughing so hard that he had to wake me up to see the picture, he just gets a kick out of her sometimes.

Such a little girl... she did this little set up all by herself...

Last weekend we put the pool out in the backyard and set her slide up next to it and she had a hay-day playing. We even topped off the afternoon with some hotdogs on the grill and ate them out on the patio. It was a nice little family day.

Here she is with her watering can, she was hysterical, she'd fill it up in the pool and walk around to find little tiny dead patches in the yard and she'd water them, I have no idea where she learned that idea but she watered every little patch and looked so proud of herself as she was doing it.

This morning Tigger snuck into the house and on occasion we'll let him stay in for a little bit. This morning Miley and him snuck behind the rocking chair in the living room and were playing with her beads, she thought it was funny that he would paw at the beads as she moved them across the floor.

And poor Joey- he is such a trooper, he laid so still as she made him pretty with the rest of her beads, I just love this picture as I have a photo of me when I was little sitting next to our dog, Boneapart, and I had dressed him up and had necklaces on him too.

Miley telling me to say CHEESE!

5 1/2 Weeks

Well, so far so good with this pregnancy, but I don't want to speak too soon because it wasn't until I hit week 6 that I started getting sick with Miley, so I'll just cross my fingers that things continue to go well. However, this weekend I have noticed how tired I am by the end of the week. Taylor and I were discussing how tired I was with Miley and would go to bed at 7pm if not right when I got home from work. I have been doing some reading online about second pregnancies and how the Mommy Mode just kicks in because you have a toddler to take care of and have no choice but to have energy, they did advise that you should go back to how you were when you first had your first baby-- Sleep when they sleep! So weekend naps will be on my to-do list until my energy comes back.

I do find myself showing much earlier, I tried taking a picture of my belly myself but the flash in the mirror made it hard to see, and I'd go and ask Taylor to take it right now but he is in the back with a few buddies having a bonfire, blogging sounded more interesting to me, it's all baseball talk right now. So I'll get one when I hit 6 weeks.

With this baby I am VERY VERY HUNGRY!!!! I'm really trying to make smart decisions but sometimes cravings get the best of me, I think I am just mostly looking forward to fair food this week... once I get those yummy corn dogs, cheese curds and everything else greasy in my system I think that will satisfy my cravings for awhile and I can get back on track.

I picked up another Pregnancy Journal from Barnes and Noble, which I did with Miley, basically it asks you questions each week about how you are feeling, what you are craving, if you are sick, your energy level, and if anything happened, it's been very beneficial to look back on for my friends and now for myself and to be fair, I wanted to make sure this baby has it's journey documented as well.

Man-- pregnancy brain comes back fast... foot long corn dogs... are on my mind... Have a good 4th!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Friday night Taylor wanted me and Miley to go with him and the guys fishing out on Bert's pond. So we headed out for Miley's first fishing trip. Taylor gave her his ice fishing pole to pretend to fish and she copied everything I did with my pole with her pole, it was rather cute. A few fish were caught, nothing by us though. And we made sure to show Miley all of them before they got put back, she was interested in seeing them but didn't want to touch them. It was a nice little evening out on the water.

I need to post some photos from our EXCITING weekend- Miley pooped on the potty TWICE!!! We are on the road to totally having this potty thing down by the time the baby is here! More of this story to come later...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Baby #2

So- Baby number 2 is baking. It is still weird to say out loud. Last night, while laying in bed, I was watching a new show on MTV, 16 and Pregnant, thank heavens I’m not 16 and having a baby, but still, seeing them waking up every 2-3 hours and hearing the baby cry and changing those nasty breast milk diapers… are we really ready for this again? I guess ready or not, here comes baby. It’s just a totally different feeling from the first to, now, the second. With Miley everything was so planned out to a T- I was taking vitamins before I even got pregnant and now, I had to pull out my big bottle of prenatals and start taking them again and it’s hard to get back into the mind set to take pills. It was 10:15 last night and it dawned on me that I hadn’t taken my prenatals yet- then I had to say out loud to myself, I need to take care of this baby as good as I took care of Miley, so I got up out of bed and took them, I felt much better with myself after doing so, so hopefully now I will remember. I will say though, I like having the wealth of knowledge that I do on pregnancy, I am not even chancing it and am taking my prenatals at night instead of the morning because those are what started my morning sickness last time. My desk is full of snacks already, just to have ready for when I may feel that icky feeling coming on. And I just feel more comfortable in general on what is changing with my body. The differences- no breast tenderness yet, and I looked back in my pregnancy journal with Miley and that started in right away, maybe it’s because I just got done nursing Miley 4 months ago that they are still just used to it all. I am really hoping for no morning sickness this time, some say it can be genetic and my mom only got sick with my brother, so I hope I follow in her footsteps. And maybe, just having Miley will keep my mind off of it, thinking back to this time with her I could do nothing more then come home from work and go straight to bed, so I hope that feeling won’t be as strong this time around. I love my time with Miley at night when we are playing and running around.

A few have asked- how did this happen- well- you should know, but it was a few months earlier than expected. Originally our plan was to not even get pregnant until next May when Taylor graduates with his Masters, then it was maybe get pregnant so I’d be due at the end of May or June, which I would have LOVED to have a maternity leave when I could actually be outside. And then on Monday I came to work and my period is like clockwork, I know to the exact second that it is coming and it comes at the same time of the day and everything, so Monday I looked at the calendar and thought that something should be coming today. When it didn’t show up my mind started wandering- No- I couldn’t be pregnant- could I? No Way- accidents don’t happen to me. I talked to Taylor about it and his typical guys first words were- You’ll be fine- and I said- No, seriously Taylor, I think it is an actual possibility right now- and he got a little smirk on his face like he was halfway excited about that possibility.

Tuesday I talked to Kelsey to see if she happened to have an extra stick laying around her house, as she is 11 weeks pregnant, and luckily she had one that was going to go to waste so she told me I could just have it. On my way home Taylor calls and said his parents and Jenae were going to TI for free pull tabs and the buffet and wanted us to join them so we made that plan. But I told him we had to wait to go until Kelsey got off of work, I had been holding my bladder for 2 hours till she finally showed up, and at this point Jenae was at our house so I ran out to Kelsey’s car, grabbed it and ran inside and said, OK, we can go, start getting in the car, I just need to go to the bathroom, trying to keep it a secret from Jenae. Taylor popped his head in just after I got finished and nothing was happening at all, I told him I think I drowned it and wreck it or something, but I threw it in my purse just in case. We got in the car and I peered down at my purse and, Holy Crap, saw two lines… I started freaking out and obviously couldn’t keep it a secret to Jenae anymore, I pulled it out and said, OMG- I’m pregnant! And she just looked stunned- And Taylor, did the guy thing again, No Way- let me see it. And at this time it was kind of light but I know that if it shows up- it’s positive. As we continued our drive to TI it kept getting darker and darker. I took a picture of it with my phone to send to Kelsey because she wanted to know right away. And I had to tell Megan and Holly too. So- we go into TI and I am just giddy as all get up and told Taylor there was no way I could sit at dinner with his parents and not say anything. He finally gave in and pulled out my phone and told them they had to see this picture I had, Ken knew what it was right away and got all giddy- It took Pam a little bit to see it, she had to get the right glasses out.  They were very excited and completely shocked as well.

On the way home I told Taylor I HAD to tell my parents but was bummed that my Dad was out of town. Miley was with my mom so I thought I would just send them the picture I had on my phone and sent it just before we got to their house. It was perfect timing because as we opened the door my dad had just called my mom inquiring about the photo and we were able to have my dad on speaker phone to make the announcement. They were very excited and my mom asked Miley if she is ready to be a big sister and she said very enthusiastically- YEAH!!! It was cute.

So- I have my first appointment on July 20, we were able to get my appointment and Miley’s 18 month check up on the same day back to back so Miley and Taylor will be able to be at my appointment. My due date is February 23, 2010. Here’s to another exciting adventure for the Pagel Family.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nana and Bumpa Cam

Here are some photos from Nana and Bumpa's camera.

These ones are Miley trying on Nana's glasses. She got new frames and brought home several for us to see so we could help her decide and Miley picked the same ones that we all liked, she liked this pair so much she had to wear them around the house. She kept these on for awhile, surprisingly. And, of course, being the girly girl that she is, she had to look in the mirror, for awhile, to check herself out in them. :)

Here are some pictures from today, Taylor had Masters school this weekend so, as usual when he is at school, we spent the day with Nana and Bumpa. Since it was such a BEAUTIFUL day out Nana thought it would be fun for all of us to go out and wash all of the cars. We put a little romper on Miley and headed out to have some fun. Miley was histerical, Nana gave her a sponge and without anyone showing her, she dunked it in the bucket and started scrubing the car!! Bumpa said she is totally his girl, if you don't know my dad, he washes the car EVERY week, no joke, every single week both cars have to get washed, and if I come over with a dirty car and it is wash day he can't stand looking at how dirty mine is so he does mine too, some would say that I time it out my visit just perfectly.... :)

She had so much fun just being a kid and getting wet. She had a ball and I think we equally had as much fun watching her do all the funny stuff she was doing out there! I'll let the rest of the pictures do the talking...

The very FIRST flower that Miley has ever picked for me! And I think that only a mother can understand how special it is to get even these kind of 'flowers' from your kids. :)

MA- Bubbles... she got bubbles all over her foot!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Daddy and Miley

Taylor is done with school, he does start teaching summer school next week, which runs for one month and is from 8-12 every day. But this week he is spending some quality time with his baby girl.

Like Father Like Daughter

Friday, June 05, 2009

Miley's First Day of School!

Miley went to school with Daddy today!!! Last year her and I went together and now this year, she is a big girl and went with just Daddy. It seems like it was quite a fun Daddy Daughter Day! I packed her lunch box and a bag full of toys, diapers, books and drink cups, she was all set to go! She Loved being in class with the students. She wanted to sit in her own desk, away from Daddy, and they were watching a movie today, last day, so she sat with the students and watched and then towards the end of their day, it was a half day today, she started getting goofy and provided entertainment for the students by crawling under Taylor's desk and coming out and running back underneath to perform the same trick over and over again. What a fun day for her! :)