Monday, May 28, 2007

8 Weeks

Well-- the doctor gave us good news! ONE healthy little baby!! We couldn't hear the heart beating quite yet but we could see it beating on the screen- 156 bpm- so very strong and healthy! It was just amazing seeing our little one- it really makes this whole thing real to us.

Here I am at eight weeks-- I think I'm mostly bloated- my anti-nausea medication doesn't help in that category- but I think I'm getting over my sickness, I only had to take one pill this whole weekend, so hopefully things are getting better!

This is Little Baby Pagel at eight weeks! You can see the cord, the head, and that white area on the chest is the little heart-- so hard to believe that this little thing is the size of a sunflower seed!

Lucky for us- I'm a super planner- when we moved in and painted the whole house I planned for the nursery- Hint of Olive is the color I choose- and I had hoped that I'd be able to do the nursery in a Pond Theme- that way if it's a boy we can add more blue dragon flies, frogs and turtles, and if it's a girl we can add more pink lady bugs, butterflies, flowers and fairies. I had found this bedroom set- the crib bedding, the valances, diaper holder, lamp shade- the whole bit and it was the PERFECT pond theme that I was looking for (and it matched the wall color perfectly). Here are the valances that we hung up, the bedding and the music mobile have pink daisies, pink ladybugs, and the blue dragonflies, and the frogs-- its very cute!

Here is the other window and you can see the music mobile that I put together- and all the stuff that Pam brought over of Landon's stuff. Our next purchase will be the crib eventually, its just nice to start getting those bigger ticket items slowly as we go along so those huge expenses don't hit us all at once-That's the plus side of a pregnancy lasting 9 months!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Strange Reaction

OK- so far this pregnancy has just been one thing after another...

So- this weekend I went camping with my Mom, Dad and Dylan and Danielle to Lanesboro. We had just arrived and decided to go for a walk down town-- as we were leaving my jaw started to feel a little sore- I was just connecting it to my TMJ which I am currently see a physical therapist for-- as our walk continued the alignment of my jaw got more and more off and before I knew it my lips wouldn't even meet up correctly and my bite was basically almost on the side of my face and when I tried to talk I talked with a major lisp. It was the most painful thing ever! We didn't have a vehicle down there- just the motorhome so we planned on just packing it back up and getting me to St. Mary's ER immediately- luckily Peter and Janna were around with their car so mom and I hoped in and started driving to Rochester.

On the way I was icing my jaw to see if it would help- and then mom's purse split over in the back seat so, in all my pain, I reached back and picked up her things then sat back up again and all of a sudden my tounge fit back into my mouth! I looked in the mirror and my lips were touching like they should- it went back to normal! So we turned around- we had only made it to Fountain- only about 15 minutes from Lanesboro. But then on our way back my jaw started doing it in the other direction- so now my bite was on the right side of my face and I couldn't control it-- Mom decided it was a muscle thing and that the ice seemed to work so we continued back to the camper to ice and take a nap. As I was napping it finally came to my mom that when we were at the doctor's on Thursday she said my medicine she gave me could cause twitching- and twitching is a muscle spasm- and it finally was clear that my jaw had spased and since it was a weak point in the first place that is just where it attacked.

She got on the phone with the hospital immediatly and they told me to obviously stop taking that medicine and they called in a new one for me as they said that I had just experienced one of the possible side affects. - Man- who knew that some people actaully experience those side affects-- I never have done that before with any other medicine.

So- now I'm back on a new anti-nausea medication and things are looking back up again- even though I had to go through another horrible Monday when nothing would stay down-- but hopefully things from here on out will continue to go as planned!

Stay tuned for a Friday early evening post of our first ultrasound!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

7 Weeks

Well-- I tired to work through my morning sickness but it just got the best of me and I couldn't even make it through a full work day. I went to the doctor and they gave me some anti-nausea medication that seems to be helping quite well- that and she told me to stop taking my prenatal and switch to a Flinstone's vitamin- which were my most favorite thing when I was little so that was an easy switch! She said the most important thing I need right now is Folic Acid and I can get that from the Flinstone's.

She also tested my thyroid to see if that could be a bit out of whack it might be the culprit-- and she also scheduled me for my first ultrasound for next Friday- right at 8 weeks to see of the possibility of there being more then one in there! Oh man.... Guess we'll just have to wait and see.... next post-- I'll have the very first picture of our little bundle(s) of joy!!! :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

6 Weeks

Well- I hit the 6 week mark today- and along came all the beautiful joys of pregnancy. I had my first experience with morning sickness today and uncontrolable sleepiness. My morning sickness came around 9:30-- even after I had a big breakfast-- I was at work and didn't want to go in the bathroom so I breathed through it and got myself to get past it and after about an hour went to the gas station and grabbed a Sprite and was able to get some Saltines down and then it went away and I'm feeling much better now. I purchased some Preggie Pops at Motherhood Maternity-- you are suppose to suck on the suckers when you experience neusea and it helps calm it down-- and of course they are sitting next to my bed- now I will be carrying them in my purse!

So, we are moving along just fine. May 30th is our first scheduled Doctor's appointment- and that day can't seem to come fast enough!

If you haven't noticed-- My "baby" is hanging out on your screen! It has the countdown of how many days we have left to go and the baby develops as it would be in my tummy each week-- kind of cool to watch.

Here is an up close picture on what "Baby Pagel" should be looking like right now in my tummy--- I find these photos like this just amazing!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My First Craving

OK- I had my first extreme cravings yesterday... I wanted CHICKEN!! I couldn't get enough-- For lunch I swung by Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers in Apple Valley-- highly recommened-- it's fresh chicken made into chicken strips- not frozen processed chicken strips-- and OH man-- their Cane's sauce-- it's to DIE for! Then I got home and was looking in the fridge for something for dinner and everything sounded gross except for- MORE CHICKEN--- so I baked some chicken- very delicious- and as I was watching 7th Heaven that I had DVR'ed they were eating freshly made chocolate chip cookies-- I wanted nothing more then a bite of that cookie but I didn't have the stuff to make some... so then I got to thinking about a Dairy Inn ice cream.

Soon after Taylor got home from his baseball game and at this point in time I was a little crabby as Joey was super hyper because he didn't get his walk due to the rain and I really wanted to take a nap-- I was crabby about having to fold laundry and I stomped downstairs- got the laundry- stomped back upstairs and told Taylor to leave me alone-- then a few minutes of me being in the bedroom folding laundry I hear Taylor in the living room--- Mindi-- would you like me to take you to Dairy Inn--- "YES I WOULD" and then I was in a better mood! :)

Oh the JOYS!! But I'm loving every step of the way! :)