Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Shower #2

I had my second shower this past weekend given by my aunties, Janna, Lisa and Heidi. It was a wonderful time!

I got a TON of pink stuff at this shower......and when I mean a TON, I mean pretty much every gift given to me was in pink!!! But I LOVE IT!!!! Just to name a few..............

I got a PINK cozy robe.............

I got a PINK Williams and Sonoma apron.........

And even my PINK and white dishes set..........and the list goes on and on........

One very special gift was this sign that my Grandpa Pete hand made for me and Taylor, and he even drew a picture of Tigger!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

I had a wonderful time at my shower, I love all the new and creative shower games people come up with! And especially all the delicious food!!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well, finally a decision has been made! Picking out mine and Taylor's first dance song was basically chosen before we were even engaged, picking out the wedding party song, piece of cake....but picking out the perfect father daughter dance song......that was a tough decision.

But, finally today Dad called me at work and said he found the PERFECT song! The lyrics are so perfect and really explain the relationship between a father, a daughter, and the new son-in-law. Its brand new to radio and the groups CD isn't even out yet, so I'm not sure if any of you have heard it yet, but if you do ever hear it either on the radio or even at the wedding dance really pay close attention to the words, its a definate tear jerker!

The perfect song is "I Loved Her First" by Heartland

I can't wait for me and my daddy to dance to that wonderful song on my wedding day, its going to be perfect!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

2 months away!!!

Well, I thought its been awhile since I've updated this thing so I thought I'd just fill you in on what's been going on two months away from the big day.

We are just about done with the invitations and are right on schedule, we are hoping to get them out in the mail within the next two weeks. That will be a big project off all of our shoulders. I think making the guest list is by far the most difficult part of planning a wedding. I hope we didn't forget anyone! So, once I can check off that task it will just be the details and small stuff that we will have left to take care of. So its all coming together nicely. One problem we ran into that I learned a HUGE lesson from was that I thought I was just being the most organized bride ever and I had my programs done and printed and ribboned about a two months ago, thinking it would be fine to just get that out of the way.....WRONG!!! My harpist had to cancle, she just found out that her teacher scheduled an orchestra performance on the same night as the wedding, and being a harpist....she is THE harp in the orchestra and kind of has to be there. Which, on the music side of things, it wasn't a big deal, I have a pianist and organist anyway, so I wasn't too bummed about not having my harp, BUT....the programs were already made with her name in it...........So now we have to re-do them all.........which I forgot something on them anyway....but it was just kind of a bummer to have to re-do something you thought was all done. Luckily, the paper doesn't cost much at all and it will be easy to do, but still, I learned a huge one word of advice I can share to soon-to-be brides......WAIT to do your program until a few weeks before the wedding. I would advise getting them ready to be printed and checked over by your pastor ahead of time, but don't print them off until a few weeks before.....OH WELL.....Live and Learn! :)

Other then that, I am getting my bustle put on my dress tonight and we are planning out our nail and hair appointments for the days before the wedding!! Its all coming together nicely. We are kind of taking a little bit of time off of doing too much as my friend Holly is getting married in 3 weeks so I have been busy helping plan her bachelorette party and getting my schedule booked for things she wants us to do with her. So its wedding central over in my corner..... I'm even helping my friend Jackie get things booked for her wedding next summer as I am a bridesmaid for her wedding too. The Wedding Bells are ringing for the class of 2003 in CF!!!!!