Friday, April 23, 2010

Backyard Project

Well, we finally are getting one of our talked about projects outside DONE!!!

Last year we talked about tearing up the yard and re-doing it as you couldn’t walk across the yard without spraining your ankle, and with two little ones now, that was the last thing we needed, an ankle injury from walking in the backyard! So, we decided this year would be the year to just get it done before we have two kids begging to go play outside. Thankfully, as we started discussing doing it again, this being the 10th time discussing over the past two years, Taylor finally just called Luke to see what it all entails. Luke said- we are getting it done this week as he goes back to work next week! Those that know me know that when I talk about things I want it done so I was VERY excited to hear Luke say this as it then puts a fire under Taylor’s butt to be proactive on his projects. (Taylor has a lot of wonderful ideas, they just don’t always get done, he is very busy, so it is nice that his buddies can help him get going on his to-do list!)

Luke came over on Tuesday and dug up all the sod and access dirt. Thursday night Ben H. came over with his dump truck to take away all the sod and dirt and then they came up with Plan B, then Plan C!

Plan A was to extend our patio slab so it stretched the full length of our garage instead of just half the length.

Plan B was to take out the existing patio slab, as it settled towards the house and we would get puddles there, then the entire slab would match and not lean towards the house.

Plan C was to forego the slab idea all together and just build a deck! It will be a low deck, just a step up off the yard but it will be easier for Taylor to do, look nicer, and add more value to our house than just a cement slab.

To-Do List:

  • Purchase supplies
  • Build deck
  • Border deck with mulch, a few stepping stones and plants (if the budget allows- we will gladly take any extra Hostas anyone may have!)
  • Level out dirt
  • Level out flat area in the back corner for a fire pit
  • Plant Grass Seed
  • If budget allows- lay slab or patio bricks for the fire pit area
  • Wait 3 weeks to see the grass sprout!!

Taylor’s plan is to be laying the seed by the end of next week. After his Hastings game tonight he is running to price out the deck supplies to decide which kind of wood he wants to go with. Sunday he plans on purchasing the wood as he has his final Master’s class on Saturday!! YIPPEE!! Then he will be working till the sun goes down all next week after his Hastings baseball games and practice. It will be a lot of work but he will be so happy with himself for getting it done right away! Then we can enjoy it all summer long!

Here is their favorite ‘TOY’ and what it can do!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Photos, Photos and More Photos!

Easter Bunny!!
Easter Hunt Downtown

Easter Photos
Cooper got a fun mat
A little mad but you can see his cute outfit!
Play date with Grayson
Fun Photos
Photos taken by Miley
She's pretty good for a 2 year old, huh!
My favorite sibling photo!! Too stinkin' cute!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"My Stool Hide and Seeking on me!"

Funny how the mind of a 2 year old works:

Miley: “Where’s my stool Mommy?” (as she wanted to stand on it to help me in the kitchen)

Mommy: “I don’t know where it is Miley you better go find it.”

Miley: “I can’t find it Mommy.” (after looking for a minute)

Mommy: “Keep looking, I know it’s here somewhere.” (as I knew right where it was sitting in the living room and the other sitting in her bedroom, but I wanted her to find it.)

Miley: “Mom, my stool hide and seeking on me!”

Mommy: “It is? Where is it hiding?”

Miley: “I don’t know, it’s hide and seeking on me!” (15 seconds later) “I FOUND you Stool!! I find my stool Mommy, I help you wash.”

And mind you this conversation is after she proceeded to get out all of my pots and put their lids on them and tried standing on top of each one to see if one was higher than the other so she could help me at the counter. Very creative mind!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2 Month Stats

Here are the official stats:

2 Months and 3 Days

14 pounds 11 ounces- 95 percentile

22.5 inches- 50 percentile

Head 50 percentile

Everything checked out wonderfully and surprisingly he did really well with his shots. I know there are a lot of moms that dread the shots but I really don’t mind taking my kids to get them. At Cooper’s age she gives the shots and I’m basically tossing the nurse out the door as I just stick him on to nurse and he is perfectly happy. And at Miley’s age I just come equipped with some cookies for being a brave girl and we are good to go and she is walking out the door in less than 1 minute after the shots with a big smile on her face.

Yesterday Cooper only flinched at the first shot but he did cry with the next two but as soon as I picked him up after they were done he was done crying. Having chubby thighs defiantly has its advantages at their age, lots of fat layers to put that needle through to help make it less painful.

He was such a happy boy for Dr. Heilman and I hope he grows up loving the doctor as much as Miley does. She thinks it’s a special event when she gets to see him! What a silly girl! She was so excited for Cooper yesterday, that he got to go and see him. Funny girl!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Coop is 2 Months!

Mr. Cooper is 2 months old!! I can’t believe it! We head to the doctor today to get his official 2 month stats and shots too, poor guy doesn’t even know what’s coming. He is slowly starting to become a much happier baby. I think the Zantac is really helping. And he is also getting to be more interactive, smiling, laughing, ‘talking’, and playful.

Well- I will post the news after the big appointment today. I’m guessing he has broken the 14 pound mark!?!?! Any bets? HAHA~Momma’s got the Whole milk baby! MOOOO!!!

He was waving Hi to Daddy after his bath!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Good Luck Taylor!!

I just have to take a moment to not post about the kids but to give props to my wonderful hubby!

As you may or may not know he has been working on his Masters for the past two years which entails school once a month Saturday 8-5 and Sunday 9-4 with due dates for homework throughout the month. Well, this long, stressful journey is now coming to an end! This weekend he has his final presentation! FINALLY!!! As long as it’s not a total dud he will have completed the program with graduation set for May 8!! We are so very excited! It seems like it has been an eternity to get to this point. During the two years of him starting this program he not only had a full time teaching career where he takes on an extra class which means he doesn’t get a prep hour, but also goes in early on Tuesday mornings to supervise the Internet CafĂ© for the students, coaches Football and Baseball (this year he is the Assistant Varsity Coach!), plays for the Bears, has had two children and is a good husband and father. He has Mastered to have his cake and eat it too during the last two years and I am very proud of him!

We have had our ups and downs with how stressful it can all be, but in the end we knew that if we could get through these two years we could get through anything and I know he does all that he does for us, our family, and I love him very much for it.

Good Luck this weekend Taylor, the kids and I believe in you!

If you see Taylor or have a chance to drop him a note, please wish him Good Luck~ It is a very BIG weekend for him!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter

Here is our little Stud
HAHAHA I love his face here!

My camera didn't snap fast enough but he just had a HUGE smile on his face! Yes, he is finally smiling at us now! That's the best!

Miley's Pretty Smile

On the way to see the Easter Bunny

Cooper wasn't very happy when it was our turn to see the Easter Bunny so it's just Miley and the Bunny, she was very excited to see him!

We finally found her candy! YEAH!!

Yummy! Jelly Beans!

Little Note: Cooper went to the doctor on Thursday and he is colicy and they are treating him for Acid Reflux with Zantac twice a day. I can already see a slight improvement and it's only been 2 days, he said we should see a real improvement after 3 full days of taking the medicine, so we are hoping this works. He did get measured and weighed though and he is 13.6 pounds and 22.5 inches long! He's a Big Guy!! We go back in two weeks for his 2 month check and we will see where he is at again.