Tuesday, November 23, 2010

9 Month Stats

I brought Cooper in for his 9 month well child check up and here are the stats:

25.3 pounds (down a few ounces from when he went in at 8 months) which is off the charts still- but all his crawling and walking around has helped him hold steady with his weight

29 inches long- only the 45th percentile- short and chubby just like his sister was

The only shot he got was a flu shot and I brought Miley along so she could get her flu shot as well.

Miley LOVES going to the doctor, LOVES it! She was a little jealous that Dr. Dann was checking out Cooper and not her so when the nurse came in to give the shots she asked me who was going to go first and Miley jumped up and down and raised her hand say "Me, Me, Me, I'm first!" So, she sat up on the table and the nurse was telling her she was going to clean her leg and at the same time I took out her prize for doing a good job- a Kit Kat and showed her that if she does good she gets her candy. The nurse then said OK Miley, you will feel a little prick and then I'll be done. Miley watched her give her the shot, she tensed up for a half a second and then said "OUUU THAT REally hurt" And she was over it and grabbed her Kit Kat and then got super excited that she was getting a band-aid. The nurse looked at me and said- "Wow, that was REALLY REALLY good". Miley has always been good with shots, but I also don't hide the fact that she is getting one from her. We had discussed it the day before in full detail and I flat out told her that it would hurt, but only for a second and she as OK with that, as you can tell.

Then it was Cooper's turn. He got his shot and tensed up and let out a cry for one second and as soon as I stood up with him he was over it. I'm so proud of my kiddos! They are tough!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cooper- 9 months

Mr. Cooper James has done leaps and bounds over the past month!

He still only has four teeth, two on top and two on bottom but the other four have GOT to be around the corner- he's been getting a runny nose again and crabby during the night.

His biggest accomplishment is that he became mobile, very mobile. All of a sudden one day he just figured out how to crawl, the next day he was pulling up on everything, the next day he was walking around furniture, then the next day he was walking behind push toys. Seriously, just in a snap of a finger. Every day we have been amazed at how much more he is doing. He gets into everything now, he has his own toy preferences, he has to be where the action is and he has no problem getting to the action. Plus, he has a big sister he is trying to keep up with, and he does fairly well at it!

He is a very good eater, shocking huh! We are still nursing several times a day but he is also now eating all three meals and a snack during the day. If anyone is eating anything when he is around he will make sure he comes over to check it out and take a taste. He LOVES carrots- diced carrots- that he can feed himself. He loves meat, pasta, bread, cheerios, all fruits and yogurt. Of course, all things ground up, I love my little hand grinder. We are starting to break away from the baby food and just grinding up what we are eating and he is much happier with that. I'm thinking this weekend we might start teaching him how to feed himself with a spoon- we'll see how that goes. He picks up on things very quickly, so I'm sure he'll get it figured out right away. I taught him how to drink out of a straw two weeks ago and now he's a pro at it.

For as crabby as he was as a newborn, he sure is happy now. He is smiling all the time, he found his voice in the last week or so and is quite the chatter box. He is entertaining and such a little love bug.

His 9 month check up is on the 18th- stats to come....