Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flu Bug

This weekend wasn’t quite what we expected it was going to be. Friday I went and got Miley and headed to my Mom’s bank to pick her up to head out to the early garage sales that started on Friday, while we were waiting for her to get off Miley and I were going to enjoy a cookie and then all of a sudden the flu bug started. I was completely shocked at first that she just all of a sudden went from happy to be getting a cookie to getting sick, literally with the snap of a finger. We thought maybe it was something she ate for snack and didn’t really think that she could be sick so we got in the car and went to our first sale as she was in a very happy mood again. But then it happened again at the sale, and again in the car on the way home- I knew at that point that she had caught the flu bug. It was 8 hours of this getting sick about every half hour to an hour, the poor thing. She knew she had to aim for the big bowl but by the end of the night she was so exhausted she would just cry out No bowl before she would get sick, we had to literally hold her up to get it all out as all she wanted to do was lay down. She finally was asleep soundly by midnight and we didn’t dare touch her or wake her. We had her sleep in our bed so we could catch her when she would get sick- beats having to clean up the mess in her room, we covered our bed with towels and had the bowl ready.

She was still sound asleep when our alarm went off to get ready to go out garage saleling. My dad came over to be at the house while we went out with my mom. Miley slept until almost 8am and woke up in a pretty good mood but then it started coming out the other end. We got some good deals at the sales and had a great time but after the 6th diaper change Dad called and said I might want to come home. I dropped everything and headed straight for home. He said she was in a good mood but just wanted to be held all morning, which I think he liked having the cuddle time. At this point we really hadn’t gotten her to eat anything, all she wanted was liquid which was great but I knew we needed to get something solid in her tummy or all that liquid would upset it. The only thing she would eat was nuggets from McDonald’s- so we got them 3 times over the long weekend, I didn’t care, it was something and she would eat it and it would stay down so I was fine with that.

Sunday she got sick again a few times as she only had liquid in her belly and 3 nuggets from the day before and Sunday is when Taylor started not feeling so well. I took Monday off as I had a hunch we’d be in for another evening of the madness. Sure enough- Taylor got sick over night and Miley still wouldn’t really eat anything. Monday was our day of rest, I killed germs all over the house and we finally got a little food in Miley’s belly and around 4:30 she was acting like her normal self, just slightly more cuddly. Tuesday was back to real world and everyone seemed better, Taylor was still weak but felt better as the day went on and Miley was still up and down and not eating very much but I’m not pushing her, she’ll get back to eating well when she knows her tummy is ready for it, she is drinking plenty and that’s what is important.

I’m feeling good so I’m hoping I don’t get it, I can’t imagine having the flu with a baby in my belly, that would be pretty scary. Our ultrasound is one week away today, we are so excited!!! Yesterday Taylor and I got ourselves our early Christmas present, a Wii and Wii Fit! We had fun getting it all set up last night and Miley really enjoyed watching and doing her own routine on the Fit board. We are hoping the rest of fall and winter now just bring us happy times and good things and no more illnesses! I Love Fall!!!

Not feeling so well on Friday evening- she just wanted to lay on the floor

Sleeping on the couch- she was exhausted and it was only 6pm on Friday evening.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Master Bedroom Makeover

This weekend while Taylor was gone at Master’s School I got to work on our room. This year for our anniversary it was my year to plan what we do and we have just been so busy lately that instead of going out and doing something or going somewhere I would update our bedroom instead. When Taylor left for school on Saturday morning I got right to work with getting our queen bed away from the wall and everything all cleaned up and taped ready for painting. I dropped Miley off to play with Jenae and Landon as I painted the wall behind our bed a dark chocolate brown. Then Theron and Matt came over and helped me move the beds around. We had my grandparents old king downstairs in our guest room so I bought a brand new mattress and had it delivered to my parents house to keep it a secret from Taylor and we brought up the frame, box spring and headboard from the king and took our queen down to the guest room. Theron and Matt picked up the mattress and got everything all set up for me. I got the new bedding on and the new curtains up and the room all put back together and was very happy with the results! I made some creamed eggs for my helpers this weekend as a Thank you, I will post my recipe on my meals website later. Taylor loved the room when he got home and a big bed is just SOO comfy, we can both sprawl out on it at the same time and it is just wonderful, we are sleeping so well at night now! Especially now that I feel the need to have a pillow pushed up against my back and a body pillow between my knees and supporting my tummy when I sleep, with the queen Taylor was practically falling off the bed when I would do this, so now we are both comfortable!

Miley and I had a really good weekend. She was happy and fun to be around. Lately she seems to be crabby when she’s around me, probably because she just feels comfortable getting that crabbiness out when she’s at home around me, but it really gets depressing sometimes, even more so now that I’m pregnant. So I was so happy that her and I had an awesome weekend while Taylor was gone at school. Saturday she helped me get the room together, and Sunday was our fun day. We were lazy all morning as she came down with a runny stuffy nose on Saturday so I wanted her to just lay low and rest and after our lazy morning the runny nose went away. We went to McDonald’s for lunch and she was so well behaved and then to the grocery store for a few things. She hasn’t been a very good shopper lately as she just wants to run around the store so I was nervous about going and she was an Angel! She was so good at McDonald’s and half way through the store so when we got to the cracker isle I let her pick out a little box of those Carnival animal crackers, you know, the ones with the little white string to carry the box. So she snacked on those through the rest of the store and was just happy as a clam!

When we got home it was nap time and she went down right away and took a good nap and then we played for the afternoon. Then we decided to go visit Nana and Bumpa when they got home from camping and she was so excited to see them. Her new game last night was to put a bucket of water in this crate, fill the bucket with rocks and then push it up and down the driveway, kids are so silly. And because she got all soaked and muddy it was off to the sink for yet another bath, mind you she had 3 baths in less than 24 hours yesterday- Saturday was bath night, Sunday morning she filled her hair with syrup, and then got muddy from playing outside Sunday night!

When we got home she totally shocked me, she has one Hannah Montana Barbie doll which she has NEVER paid any attention to before and she went straight to her room to her toys and pulled it out and it didn’t leave her side for the rest of the night, she even had to have it to go to sleep. I swear she grows up overnight sometimes! Already into Barbies!!! I thought they wouldn’t be cool to her until she was at least 4.

This weekend is City Wide Garage Sales and I am TOTALLY pumped!!! Now, here is my question- Miley has plenty of clothes for this fall and winter that I scored at the consignment sale a couple weekends ago, so I really don’t need to be searching for her while we are out, and I know it’s obviously 50/50 that I’m having a boy, but I really think I am this time and if I can find some good deals on stuff, is it a dumb idea to get some baby boy clothes? I mean, it’s so hard to pass up and I’d be kicking myself if/when I find out two weeks from now that it is in fact a boy and I have to go to the stores to stock up on boy clothes. I mean, I guess if this is a girl I can just pack up the boy stuff I get and save it, and if I never have a boy I can just turn around and sell it again. Would I be crazy to buy stuff, or crazy to not buy stuff??

Friday, September 18, 2009


ECFE was a SUCCESS last night! Miley was so excited to go to School and to wear her backpack and walk in all by herself!

When we first got there she was a little shy and had to keep myself or Taylor close but after she started warming up she loved it! We had free play for a little while, then went to the circle for a welcome song and a story- then it was project time and they got to glue a bird onto a paper and put them in a nest and decorate it. I did the gluing and she helped put the pieces on and stick things onto the glue globs, but that didn’t last very long as she wanted to go play with the kitchen set right away again.

Then we walked down to the bathroom to wash hands for snack time, they had Goldfish and milk. Miley just wasn’t interested in having snack she just wanted to play. She put a few fishes in her mouth and I had her come over and take a drink to wash them down and she was so excited to go back and play that she took the cup, took a drink and basically threw it at me in excitement to be able to go play, so Mommy got a milk bath last night!

Landon’s class came in at the end and they were excited to see each other once they finally noticed each other was there. They both played very well with all the other kids. Then we had clean up time and back to the circle. Landon and Miley sat hip to hip on the rug and they both did all the actions to the songs that they sung. One song was about some Chewy Chewy Bubble Gum and they played it twice and Miley wanted to hear it again so she walked up to the CD player and tried to turn it back on again. Silly Girl. Then class was all over and once we got close to the car she realized that we were going home and she got upset because she wanted to stay and play. So, that means she really really liked going to school. We were so proud of her! ECFE will be every Thursday night from 6-7:30 until the end of October.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Room Makeover

This weekend was the kids room makeover weekend! It was a LOT of work but it feels So good having it done! Friday night we spent the evening cleaning out the second closet in their room so Miley and the baby each would have their own closet. Taylor and I couldn’t believe how much stuff we had in that closet! We donated two kitchen garbage bags full of stuff and threw a large black garbage bag of stuff away! We are trying to cleanse ourselves from being hoarders! Here is Miley and Taylor playing dress up- he was having fun trying on the old stuff he was finding so she wanted to join in and put on her dress up outfit- she thought it was pretty fun that we were all playing in her room for the entire evening!

Sunday was the BIG day- my parents came over to help while Ken and Pam took Miley, along with Landon and Henry, to the Jesse James fair so she was entertained for the afternoon. My Dad and Taylor went and picked up Miley’s new twin bed from my Aunt Tammy- THANK YOU- as Mom and I started pulling stuff out of the room and moved the crib to the opposite wall for the baby. We rearranged everything and got the room set up and then it was time to move onto the closet! Here is Miley’s closet beforehand!

Work in Progress...

We started working at 10am and finally finished up around 4pm! But look at how wonderful it turned out!!

We also cleaned out some of the baby stuff so now I have only white and gender neutral items in the dresser attached to the crib and I separated out all the baby toys from Miley’s toys and got them all ready in their own toy box just for the baby. We washed the car seat cover and the crib bedding and have that all ready for baby and now we just have to wait to see what it is so I can either start stocking up on Blue things or start pulling out Miley’s baby clothes and getting them all freshened up and hung back up in the babies closet.

Miley loves her new room and was so excited to see all her toys in neat little bins and she slept all night in her big girl bed without a peep, I don’t think she hardly even moved, it’s a pretty cozy bed and I think she likes having all that space to get cozy in. The weekend was a Success!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


October 7th is the Magical Day!! 2:45!! Can't wait!!!

16 Week Check Up

Yesterday we had our 16 week check up and everything is going well. Miley and my mom came with this time and Miley held her shirt up in my mom’s lap the entire time I had my shirt up and she was checking the heart beat, silly girl. The babies heartbeat is now 135. Dr. Deluca said if she had to guess she would guess Boy… but also said the Old Wives Tales are true 50% of the time! :) I shared with her my Mindi Theory and she said that’s a good one and maybe I’ll be right. I spoke with her regarding how I feel after I eat something sweet, how I immediately get a low instead of a high and don’t feel good and have a yucky taste in my mouth and how that was completely opposite with Miley as I was always craving sweet stuff with her. I told her even an Apple made me not feel good. She agreed to lay off of all sweets as I also told her that one day at work I had a piece of carrot cake and felt really icky afterwards and went down to see the nursing students and had them test my blood sugar… 102 (testing an hour and a half after eating) with a blood pressure of 112/68.. couldn’t be any more perfect. So she just said to just lay off of them and avoid them, which is fine by me because the thought of eating them makes me sick.

But- here is my question now for those nurses out there- this has now happened 3 times to me as of late- last night we ate at Culvers and I had a cheeseburger, which I know the bun has sugar in it, about 15-20 minutes after I ate my vision got all blurry, I felt like I had squiggly lines running across my eyes, even when I shut my eyes I could still see them. It lasted about a half hour and then went away. The last time this happened was after I ate that piece of carrot cake, and the time before I hadn’t eaten anything and was about to go to lunch and it got better after I ate lunch. So- what is up with that?

The next appointment is in 4 weeks, I call today to schedule it and will be scheduling our ultrasound!!! I am so excited to finally see this baby!! It’s so weird not having an early ultrasound like I did with Miley.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

We had an exciting Labor Day weekend… the Bears are 3rd in State!!! Everyone is VERY excited as it has been since 1952 since the Bears have made it to the final rounds in the State tournament. Friday was their first game of the weekend, which they won! Miley and I made the trek to Gaylord and Arlington when I got home from work which didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped. Normally she is a pretty good traveler but that day she decided she wasn’t feeling the road trip. We started off really well, I had her tray, which fit perfectly over her car seat, she had color books, books to read and was also watching a movie on my portable DVD player.

Well, this all was fun until about Stanton! Then she threw a fit all the way to Northfield!! I was planning on stopping to get dinner in Northfield and she wanted to go to Mickey’s, as she calls it, so that was exciting but then threw a fit when I poured her milk into a sippy cup versus letting her drink out of the bottle, sorry hunny but I’m not letting a toddler drink chocolate milk in a car without some sort of non-spill lid! Thankfully, there was a train that we had to wait for and that was VERY exciting to see. She kept saying CHOO CHOO and doing the arm motion and talking about it as it passed, then she was happy to eat her dinner and she ate very well. But, once dinner was over the movie decided to skip and ended about 30 minutes early and I couldn’t get it going again- so then it was on and off tantrums until we got to Gaylord to the hotel.

I will say that that is a long drive in a car without someone else to help entertain her and I guess I can’t expect her to just sit there and not make a peep for that long of a car ride. We got to the hotel and checked in and she was very excited to be in a hotel. We got all changed into warmer clothes and then headed for the ball field. Grandma and Grandpa Pagel wanted to take her for a little bit at the game, so Mommy got a break to chill out and cool down and enjoy some of the game. After the big win we went back to the hotel and popped pop corn and watch a movie on TV and she was one happy, excited girl. She slept GREAT all night and had fun going down to the Continental breakfast and just hanging out with Mommy and Daddy all day. We went over to the Bar and Grille next door and had lunch and she had fun playing Buck Hunter with Daddy and then back to the hotel for a solid 2.5 hour nap!

Saturday night Miley went home with Grandma and Grandpa Pagel so I could go out with Taylor and some of the other team so we could enjoy some time together and I guess Miley talked their ear off the entire drive home! We all thought she would fall asleep for sure, but she just wanted to chit-chat and talk about the big beautiful moon that was out.

Sunday was their last game that placed them 3rd so it was then time to go home. I told Taylor they could have their celebratory party at our house and me and Miley would go to my parents house, even though they weren’t home, and would just sleep there. We had a fun little slumber party and I made pancakes in the morning and then we went home and got Taylor and went out to Uncle Theron’s to pick up Joey and see the chickens and pigs. Miley LOVED the chickens and we fed the pigs apples, well, I did, she wasn’t too keen on giving up the apples that we collected from the apple tree. After some yummy tacos at Grandma and Grandpa Pagel’s we then headed to Cabela’s to get Taylor a new bow for the up and coming hunting season.

It was a great weekend and it seemed like it went on forever, which is a good thing. We did a lot in three days and I declared that every weekend should be a three day weekend! Humm… could I swing only working 32 hours…

I go on Wednesday for my 16 week check up. My mom and Miley will be coming to that appointment so Nana can hear the heartbeat. I’ll update with stats after the appointment.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Mindi Theory

Here is Mindi’s Theory for what gender this baby is:

With Miley- I craved sugary cereals, pasta, chicken, grilled cheese, sweets, candies, chocolate: In my book those are considered girly foods- I mean, how often do you see a guy devouring the above mentioned food? At least in my family these foods were what the girls craved and wanted. And Miley was obviously a GIRL.

With Baby #2- I crave PROTEIN! I would kill for a big juicy steak or prime rib right now, ahem.. Hint.. Taylor… and every morning the only thing that settles well with my stomach is a hot breakfast ham and cheese sandwich. I like hearty meals, even though I can’t eat much of it at one sitting, but anything MAN related- SIGN ME UP! Give me a big juicy burger, a Brat a Hot Dog and especially the weirdest thing a glass of milk- since I’m lactose intolerant (but I have a small glass anyway, it’s always good to clean out)— but any of those things- Man, sign me up! I have found I cannot have any more sweets, first off, right now the thought makes me gag, but it just doesn’t settle well at all. A cookie I’ll take any day but the thought of eating a chocolate bar or cake or something rich- NO THANK YOU. A Rice Krispy bar or some Twizzlers is about all I can handle. So- in my mind these are all foods that Taylor would eat- the BOY foods… so- in my mind- if I had to guess- I would say BOY.

Good theory- huh!

And my question for the day:
We get our annual flu shot when they do the Free shot clinic at St. Pius, since Miley had her first flu shot last year, the two part one, can she now just get her flu shot at the Free shot clinic or is a toddlers dose smaller than an adult dose, meaning I better take her to her Doctor’s office to get one?