Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apple Orchard

Since the weather was finally acting like Fall weather we decided to make a quick trip to the Hastings Afton Apple Orchard. It was a great Orchard! When we arrived we hopped on a hay ride which took us to the pumpkin patch. Miley ran straight out into the patch as if she had spotted the perfect pumpkin a mile away! We each got a pumpkin and carried it to the other side of the patch where we could pick some apples. Miley was very excited about her little pumpkin she so proudly discovered, she wouldn’t let go of it for the life of her.

Then Taylor took her to an apple tree and showed her how to pick good ones off of the tree branches, she figured that out quickly and was dropping them into the apple bag. Since we came up to the row of trees in the middle we had no idea what kind of apples we had picked so I grabbed one off the tree to try a sample and tried to see if Miley wanted a bite as eating apple slices is a new thing for her and I didn’t think she’d be able to eat the apple off the core, well, to our surprise, she went over and picked her own apple and started chowing! She did really well eating the apple, she munched on it on our entire ride back to the store on the hay wagon. Then she wanted another one once we got in the car and started to head home! I’m glad we had this adventure because now we have a new snack for her, and she asks for them by name and loves apples! I knew she would once she would finally try them.

I am very excited for Sunday as we will be carving our pumpkins! It will be interesting to see how she does this year, she wasn’t too enthused last year but I have a feeling it will be a BIG hit this year!

The other night I was folding her laundry and we have a stock of big girl panties now as we are thinking we are going to have potty training/learning weekend in two weeks. So, she had on her Elmo jammies, as she calls them, and she saw the Elmo panties that I was folding and she got so excited and couldn’t believe she Elmo panties AND Elmo jammies and of course then she had to have them on. Silly girl! She was dancing around the whole living room and kitchen so proud of her Elmo’s, it was hard to get a picture of her as she was too excited to stand still and say Cheese!

As for her Baby Brother- things are still going well, he’s still really low! I don’t ever feel any movements up high, they are all down by my pelvic bone and hips. Miley now gets excited when we talk about her baby brother and her being a big sister. I had gotten some clothes for him the other day and she was looking at them and I explained to her that they were for her baby brother and she ran around carrying them saying Baby Brother Baby Brother Baby Brother, so hopefully that is a good sign that she will be excited to have a new baby in the house! And when we ask her where her Baby Brother is she rubs my tummy like it’s some magic crystal ball, it is so cute!

22 Week Belly Shot

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pictures of Baby Boy

I'm finally getting around to getting the pictures uploaded. Here is a shot of his Profile Here is his left arm waving Hi to us Here is his super LONG foot!! Long and Skinny feet is what she said! Here is a video of him being shy. He covers his face and then peeks out and then hides again. Very cool to see video, this is more advanced then we got to see with Miley and that was only two years ago!

Monday, October 12, 2009

We're Having a BOY!

Well, we are having a BOY!! Taylor and I went into the appointment thinking boy and even after the appointment when she went out of the room to write down on a piece of paper what it was and put it in our envelope we both looked at each other and still said boy! And we were right!!! This boy is falling under all the stereotypical sayings- 1) this pregnancy is different from Miley’s, 2) My cravings were different, 3) my morning sickness wasn’t as bad, 4) I’m carrying him VERY low, 5) he has LONG feet!

As we were doing the ultrasound she was slightly surprised but said it was very normal on how low he is actually sitting, he is already head down, but is small enough that he’ll more than likely float around for a few more weeks. When we first started my bladder was pretty full, it helped her check my cervix which is perfectly healthy and looking just right, but it was pushing him up against my placenta so much that we could hardly see him, so I had to go and empty it and then there was a lot more room in there for him to move around. We got to see him blink and move his eyes around and open and shut his mouth, both were really cool to see. Even though I’ve been through this before it’s still amazing every time. And now that I was able to see him move and feel it at the same time I am now feeling him move around more and more, I guess it just helped verify that what I was feeling was really him. It feels different from Miley as I carried Miley high at this point and he is just so darn low that it was a little hard to tell if it was a baby movement or gas but now I know it’s him.

When she looked at his feet she goes, WOW, this baby has got some long skinny feet! Which was the complete opposite from Miley’s short chubby feet. That to me gave it away, normally boys have the long feet. At Red Wing they now give you a CD of pictures and video of the baby! I just need to spend some time on the computer at home and get them uploaded so you can see them. The videos are very cool!

After the ultrasound it was off to my OB appointment, she went to check the heartbeat and she started way up high and I said the baby is very low, she went lower, and I said, no, it’s REALLY low, she was almost down by my pelvic bone before she picked up the heartbeat, I wasn’t nervous as I obviously just saw the baby, but I did say this one already is a pain as when we would check Miley’s heartbeat the doctors found her on the first try and every time we’ve tried to find his we have to search for it. Things have been going so well and with me being a second time mom it’s just so laid back at my appointments, I actually don’t go back for 6 weeks now as they don’t see a need to see me any sooner, so at that point I will do my diabetes testing and go from there.

I did go out and buy something Blue this weekend! I picked out a coming home outfit! And I am so thankful I did buy some things at the city wide sales, I got them all washed up and hung up in the closet so I could get them out of the bags and just have things put away. I talked to Miley a lot about her baby brother this weekend and as we were putting his clothes away I’d explain to her that they weren’t her clothes they were for her baby brother, she would then point at her belly and say brother. Well, at least she understands the concept but I’m sure it won’t be until we bring him home that it will sink in for her.

Oh- and Yes- Taylor is beyond excited- he already did the math- he’ll be 45 when our son will be 19, old enough to play for the Bears, and yes, Taylor’s dream is to be able to play at least one year on the Bears, together, with his son. And Keith and Taylor have it all planned out, their youngest son Tyler will be a pitcher like his dad and our son will be a catcher like Taylor and they will keep the Meyers/Pagel legacy going! Wow… is all I have to say!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Miley Playing T-Ball

Last night while Miley and I were visiting my parents she decided to take out her baseball bat and ball and my mom got the idea to pull out the coin jar to use as a T- she LOVED this game, she would hit and by the end of the night my dad got her standing on the left side- she’s totally going to be left handed- and she would do the correct stance and everything. She even liked playing in the outfield when I’d hit the ball. I went on Ebay and found this adorable pink and purple T-ball set, so I had to order it right away! Oh- and yes- Taylor is VERY excited to see her interested in softball! He says he’s got himself a little slugger! He even showed this video to all the football coaches he coaches with and the Hastings Athletic Director telling him he’ll be bringing quite the slugger to the Hastings softball team! He’s a proud Daddy!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

20 Weeks

We are half way there! This pregnancy is flying by, I guess because with Miley it was all I could think about and now I sometimes forget that I’m pregnant as I’m too preoccupied with our little lady! I’m really feeling the baby move now, mostly in the morning when I get to work and a lot of movement when I lay down in bed at night. The movements aren’t quite strong enough for an outsider to feel but I’m sure within the next week or two Miley and Taylor will be able to feel it. I’m really excited to see Miley’s reactions to seeing and feeling the baby move. As for how I’m feeling, I did end up coming down with the stomach flu last week, I stayed positive and told Taylor that I’ve been used to throwing up with morning sickness so my body didn’t get as weak and ache as bad as everyone else because I’ve been throwing up on and off for the last 20 weeks. Joey even got sick- he got an ear infection! But our house seems to be in better spirits this week, minus the fact that the rest of Miley’s 2 year molars are now coming through. Never a dull moment!

Wednesday is the BIG day! I can’t believe it is here already! We have our ultrasound at 2:45!!! We decided we are going to do what we did with Miley, we are going to ask the tech to turn off the TV when she checks the gender and take a picture of it and put it in an envelope for us. We then have our OB check at 3:45 and then we’re going to head to the new southern food restaurant in Red Wing to have a nice dinner just the two of us and open the envelope!!! It was just so fun when we did that with Miley, kept us in suspense for a little while and it was a nice moment to share together holding hands and sitting right next to each other and then calling our parents right away!

Little update on Miss Miley- she is finally getting to be very independent, for a little while there it was hard to get anything done at home because she wanted to constantly be entertained and played with, which was fine, but my house fell apart pretty quickly. Now that she has her cool toy bin in her room she will actually go to her own room and play toys by herself, we peek in at her and it’s so cute to see her using her imagination. The one night she pulled out her Handy Manny and was ‘fixing’ things in her room with the tools, then she came running out to the kitchen and decided that the light switches needed ‘fixing’ too! Since we now have the smaller queen bed in the guest room downstairs we also made that a play room for Miley. She has toys and games in there and we hooked up a TV so she could have some noise back there and she LOVES it! She’ll run out to the living room and do a little dance or be silly then dart back to her play room and will just entertain herself. The one night we went to peek at her and she had climbed up on the bed and was sitting and watching Mickey Mouse. I think having a room like that makes her feel like a big girl. Speaking of being a big girl, I think we are definitely going to aim for potty training/learning in November. She is now telling us when she is going in her diaper and will run up to us and say Potty Chair and hold her diaper and smile, which means she just went. So I think having a weekend to be in underwear will get her to understand to tell us before she goes. Her vocabulary advances daily, I swear she learns at least 3-5 new words a day! No joke! I think November will be the Perfect time to really get working on it. I will take her shopping and let her pick out which panties she wants and then we will head home for a weekend at home!

Here is Miley in her play room downstairs.

Of course I will update after our big appointment… And because I’m sure you are wondering—if I had to guess… Boy… just because I feel so different and partly because that’s what we want it to be, but on the flip side I could say girl too just because we want a boy. We will be very happy with either, Boy just because who wouldn’t want one of each at least and Girl because I would really like Miley to have a sister to grow up with and have that sisterly support. If it’s a girl, yes, you can count on there being a 3rd- we just better keep paying stuff off because I don’t want to have any more kids after I’m 30… so 5 years to get it done Taylor! If it is a boy we haven’t decided yet if we will keep going or not, we will see what life brings us.