Monday, June 26, 2006

Engagement Pictures

So, I told you I would post some of my favorite here they are. I'm very happy with them and I can't wait to make my autograph frame and then hang them in my house!!! FUN FUN!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006


OK, So I don't know why I do this to myself, I watch that silly show on the WE network, Bridezillas, I'm sure you all have heard about it. Well, every time I watch it I get so nervous and anxious for my wedding and then I start to freak out thinking that I won't get everything done, or its going to be a disaster!! And when I am watching it I get on the phone with mom and tell her that we need to get all of our lists together and I need to get this done and that done, and she is quick to remind me that I am VERY organized and I have a lot done. I am right on track, heck probably early on getting most everything done and I just need to calm down and relax.

This weekend, on Friday to be exact, it was exactly 3 months until the wedding, that means its almost time to send out the invitations and almost time to do my final fitting on my wedding dress (lucky me- only needs it hemmed up a little bit) and almost time to get our marriage license!!! Its coming all so fast but at the same time not fast enough. So, if any of you already been brides out there have suggestions on things that you left until the last minute and wished you wouldn't have, or can think of anything that you almost forgot let me know......I could use the thoughts. :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

1st Shower!!!

My Aunties threw me my first bridal shower on Sunday, June 11. What a great family I have to do such a nice thing for me.

We had some baby play time before the party got started. We had Landon- 5 months, Rowan- 8 months, Kalee- 11 months, and Grace- 11 months (the girls are three days apart from each other). They all seemed to really enjoy seeing other babies and playing with each other.

Here is me and my Mom and Mom-in-law opening the wonderful gifts that I received.

And more gifts. One thing I noticed is that I got some really neat cards, either home-made or really neat bridal ones, and of course almost all in pink too!

And this is my AWESOME Pink Kitchen Aid Blender that my mom got me to match the Pink stand mixer that she gave to me after Taylor and I got engaged. I LOVE all of my cool Pink kitchen things!

I had a wonderful time and I want to Thank everyone for being able to be there. It really means a lot to me. And now I just have to find room for all of the new fun things I received. I need to get a house so I have a bigger kitchen! But for right now my living room looks like and extension of my kitchen with everything sitting out for me to look at and admire until I can fit it all in my cabinets.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Engagement Photos

If you want to take a look at mine and Taylor's engagement photos go to this web address...

Then click on My Albums and you'll see our name as a link on the right side.

I will be getting my hard copies sometime this week so I'll post my favorites once I get those. I am really happy with the pictures, I just wish the baseball ones were more zoomed in on us, but I will be getting a CD with my pictures so maybe I will be able to edit them a bit. And we did learn one thing, Taylor and I can't smile without showing our teeth.....its just not natural for either of us. So just disregard those funny looking pictures. And the funny stances were are in by the river..... not a natural pose for us either. But I do really like at least 10 of them and I really only need 6 to put in two signing frames for the wedding. So at least I got enough that I liked to do that.

Besides that everything is coming together, we have a great start on the invitations and we have all of the small stuff done and bought....or so we hope. Now its just the count down till the big day: 3 months and 10 days!!!!! Exciting!