Monday, September 22, 2008

Walking around the camper

The 3 Day

The 3 day was this past weekend and what a beautiful weekend it was!! The DuBar Dolls rocked all 60 miles and with less blisters then last year!! Me, my Dad and Miley went to all the cheering stations again and cheered them on and gave them hugs to keep them going. We camped at Bunker Hills campground in Anoka and then spent the days driving to all the cheering stations and just all around. We got to drive over the 35W bridge- which was historical- as last year we drove by it and took pictures of the collapse. We went out to eat at a Vietnamese resturant called Hoa Bien off of Lexington Avenue, I ate there for a lunch meeting before and wanted my Dad to try the eggrolls, they have the BEST eggrolls you'll ever eat!! It was a fun weekend spending time with Dad and Miley and we look forward to our time together again next year to cheer the Dolls on again!

We took more pictures on my parents camera and they are now relaxing up north so I'll have to post those pictures when they get home. But here are some cute ones of Miley...

Here we are at one of the cheering stations. We sat across the road in a grassy shady spot and Miley played toys

I wanted to get a picture of all her teeth but the top ones are hard to get a shot of. But here are her 4 bottom teeth-- YES-- she is 8 months old and has 8 teeth!!!! Four on top and four on bottom!!

Bumpa showing Miley how to climb a ladder

Walking around the camper

In the mornings we would wake up and get ready and take off to find them at the first cheering stations and then we went to Panera Bread on Saturday morning and Caribou on Sunday morning to feed Miley her breakfast and enjoy a refreshment.

Miley was SOOO well behaved the whole weekend. For 8 months old I couldn't have asked her to be any better. She was a trooper! She might even be famous... on Sunday my Mom got us some 3-day t-shirts and they didn't have anything for babies so she decided to get her a multi-use wrap thing-- apparently you can wear it as a headband, a bandana, a neck wrap, a leg wrap, a sweat band, etc. So I put a white onsie on Miley and then put the wrap on her like a tube top and then topped it off with her string of pearls that a walker gave her-- she was a HUGE HIT!! All of the walkers LOVED her-- they remembered her all weekend and seeing her in some 3-day gear on Sunday really topped it off for them! Then at one of the cheering stations on Sunday some of the 3-Day crew took some photos of Miley, we had to sign a release form and everyhing so we are keeping our eyes peeled to see if she'll be in a brochure for next year.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Well, it's been 2 years now and we are still happily married! We've done a lot in two years time.... sold the condo, bought our first home, did some minor updates to our home, and the biggest of all- had a baby!! Boy how time sure does fly by fast!

So- to my loving husband- I love you until ever Taylor James!

OK- and for a funny story--- Miley is totally her daddy's daughter- last night I could hear her moving around in her crib so I went to check on her to see what she was doing- she had pulled herself up and was hanging onto her lullaby turtle that hangs on the side- so I went in to lay her back down, I got up to her and she looked at me and I put her paci back in her mouth and before I could even get her laid down she was totally out cold! I think she was standing up in her sleep! It was so weird!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Is walking just around the corner...

Go Vikings!!

Football Face

Cheerleader Face

Saturday, September 06, 2008

8 Months Old- Already!

Boy- the time sure seems to be flying faster and faster. Miley just turned 8 months on Friday! She is becoming such a little person! At eight months Miley now has 2 full teeth on the bottom 1 on top that is half way in and 1 on top that is poking through right now and I can see both the top and bottom second tooth to the left just under the gum-- no wonder she was such a cranky pants a month ago- she was working on 4 teeth! We are starting to see her favor her right hand- so I think she is going to be a righty-- she would prefer to grab and hold things in that hand.

We have noticed that Miley likes FLAVOR!! We tried giving her just some noodles with a little bit of butter and salt on them one night for dinner- hey- I liked it-- but she DID NOT-- it didn't have enough flavor for her! We've noticed that her favorite dishes are a bit spicy- she's following in her Daddy's footsteps- and I like spicy flavor now too- just not SUPER hot stuff, wonder if Miley will.

Miley is really starting to move all over- her 'crawling' is getting better and better every day, she still loves to walk around with assistance, she pulls up on everything, she walks around tables and she is already switching from the coffee table to the couch and back, sometimes she gets pretty brave and tries to switch to quickly or reach for something that is just a little bit too far and ends up on her tummy on the floor, but we haven't had any dings or bruises yet (knock on wood), she actually finds it funny when she ends up on her tummy. :)

Labor Day weekend was a busy, but fun weekend, my Uncle Randy came up from Arizona and we all camped out at my Grandpa's because it was also his birthday. It was fun to see the whole Bodette clan and to just relax and eat good food. My aunt Lisa has some horses out there and Miley LOVED them! Everytime they would come up to the fence she would get all excited and want to go over to them, she even got to sit on the horse with Kaiti and Carissa.

The very few pictures I have-- a couple I will take credit for, the others I have to thank Uncle Randy for sending them to me..

I haven't been very good with taking a lot of pictures lately, my memory card only has 20 pictures left and everything on this card is all of Miley, starting with me in the hospital having her. I'm undecided on what I want to do, I can't print them all because there are 690 photos! (YES- I'm just a little bit obsessed with my baby!) And I'm too afraid to just delete my card because they are all on my computer, what happens if my computer crashes and they all get deleted, I'm thinking maybe I just need to get a new memory card and label this one as Miley- but that would mean me actually getting around to ordering a new one or going shopping to find the right one- the one I have is a refurbished (sp?) one from Olympus online and it was $10 cheaper... I like that! What do you do with all your pictures on a full memory card? I guess I could just put them all on a CD...