Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daddy Cam

Miley and Joey playing in the backyard this morning.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Doctor Appointments

Yesterday's doctor appointments went really well, and Miley was very happy and good through both of them. First was the appointment for the baby, it was just the initial appointment going over all the details and a little exam. She checked to see if my uterus felt enlarged at all and she said right now it feels normal but it was towards the back so she said we will see what things are looking like in 4 weeks at my next appointment, and at that appointment we will be able to hear the heart. It's funny going through this a second time, they are brief with the stuff they go over and treat you like you are an old pro at it, which I am, but it's just funny to me. Now, I am just waiting to get all my results back from all the blood they took and then we wait another 4 weeks. And a little side note/question, if my uterus is towards the back then why the heck do I look like I am 4-5 months pregnant when I am only 2, I know you pop sooner the second time around, but man- this was really soon!

Miley's appointment also went well. She is 29.2 pounds (95%) 2 ft 8.5 in tall (75%) and she has lots of brains as her head measurment was 98%, I believe they said 49.5cm!! She did REALLY well with Dr. Heilman this time, she actually smiled when he listened to her heart and looked in her ears, although she wasn't a fan of him looking down her throat, but who is, those little wooden stick things make me gag just looking at them. She got 2 shots but the best news is that now she is all done with shots, besides flu shots, until she goes to kindergarden!! WOO HOO!!!

After the appointments we went to Taco John's and Nana was in Red Wing so she met up with us and Miley got very excited to see her there. It was a fun little treat for being so good at the doctors.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Picking Veggies

Just some fun shots of Miley's PONY TAIL!!! I love that I can do her hair now... now, it's just getting her to not mess with it once it's all done, she LOVES to play with hair so she always is grabbing for her hair, especially when she is tired.

Sunday we went out to my Grandpa's and picked some yummy veggies! Miley liked looking at LaVonne's pretty flower gardens, running around, and watching us pick veggies. Summer is so fun!

8 Weeks

I just hit week 8 on Tuesday and as promised- here is a belly shot... don't I look much further along than I really am?!?

8 Weeks with baby #2...

Comparison- 8 weeks with Miley...

We finally got our AC fixed which is amazing! It's so nice to see a new system outside instead of our OLD one. We all slept wonderfully last night- I soo didn't want to get up when the alarm went off! Miley was still sound asleep in her bed when I left and Taylor called at 8:30am and had said they had just woke up... I'm totally jealous! Gotta love some cool, non-humid air in the house! Yeah!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Week 7

So- the saying of Every pregnancy is different is totally true! I feel totally different with this one, could partly be because I'm experienced so I do things differently, and because my body has been through it before and knows what to do. I still haven't gotten sick with this baby- yet- but I also basically eat something every hour! And peanut butter is not far from me as I know that soothes my stomach. However, I feel like I look like I am 17 weeks pregnant already! (but have only gained 2 pounds) Again, I need to get a belly shot... I feel bad for not even taking one yet with this baby, they do say you never can keep up with all you did with the first... And my chest doesn't hurt AT ALL still! I certainly don't miss that feeling!

So- needless to say that since I look further along then I actually am- I am heading to the mall this weekend. Unfortunately, when I was pregnant with Miley I was able to dress casually so I didn't have to buy too much as I could get away with my t-shirts and comfy pants a lot of the time, well, now I have to dress up for work so I have nothing to wear! None of my pants fit me anymore, ALREADY! I can get them on but I cannot button them AT ALL- so I am off to get another tummy tube that is black so it matches my dress pants and a few tops to get me through this 'fat' part of pregnancy. I say it like that because we all know that at the beginning you look like you've put on the pounds versus having this cute round baby tummy.

Jackie and I are heading out together, she is due the week before me, it is SO fun to have a friend to go through every single week together. I NEVER imagined that one of my good friends would be due THIS close to me, I always dreamed of it but never thought it would happen and ours was a total accident-- so it must have been meant to be! And Kelsey is due 6 weeks ahead of me so it is fun talking baby talk to the both of them.

Our AC went out this week but I hope that it is getting fixed today- thankfully I'm not 8 months pregnant, but still even 7 weeks along and I don't like the heat. Miley and I are having a sleep over at Nana and Bumpa's tonight and possibly Saturday as it is the annual Bears golf tournament this weekend- so we like to stay far away as possible from those crazy Bears!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

4th of July

We had a busy but fun 4th of July this year, I think it will continue to get better each year as Miley grows; it just keeps getting more exciting seeing her experience things. We started our festivites on Friday evening at the fair where she was slightly shy towards the rides until Landon showed up. She got so excited to see him that I asked them both if they wanted to go on a ride and they each grabbed one of my hands and we headed towards the rides.
This is Miley on the Merry-go-round, I think she got bored with it...

On the Dora ride with Landon, she looked nervous when it started but soon settled into her seat and enjoyed it.

Driving the Semi-Trucks with Landon.

Ok- against my wishes at first, Miley insisted on riding the Tilt-a-whirl. She saw Landon go on it and she got upset that she wasn't included and kept pointing at the ride and pulling us towards it. Taylor and my Dad said to just let her go and they would take her along with Landon. I couldn't believe I was actually letting this happen. She was all SMILES during her ride! In fact, when the ride ended she wouldn't let Taylor lift the bar up and she cried and cried and cried when they took her off, she was SO upset that I said- FINE- we will go again, this time I went with my Dad, Landon and Jenae. With a full car we really got spinning and I think that last time was good for her, she got upset when we got off but nearly as upset as the first time. Bumpa had to walk away from with ride with her to get her interested in something else.

Then it was on to the Pony rides! Miley didn't want to go on them at first, especially the white one, she wanted to ride a black one, so they switched pony's and as soon as they got going she eventually settled in, and by the end she was hanging on all by herself and riding like a pro. She got upset when it was time to get off this ride too. But was soon distracted by the Sheep in the sheep barn.

Then onto Saturday morning we headed to the park to have breakfast with Ken and Pam. Miley was a good girl and enjoyed Grandpa's hashbrowns.

We were also dog sitting over the 4th and we brought Lexi with us to the park and Miley loved walking her.

I didn't get any pictures at the parade but we came back down to the park for a picnic and the parade. Miley sat on my lap for most of it snuggled under a blanket. Dylan, Nana and Bumpa walked by and gave her some tootsie rolls and she LOVED them, after a little big of sugar she livened up a bit and got more into the parade, she liked the tractors and horses the most. Then it was back to Nana and Bumpa's camper to take a nap, we enjoyed a nice two hour nap before we headed up to Brendon and Shelly's for dinner, then back home to get ready for fireworks. We met up with Ken, Pam, Jenae and Landon for fireworks at the fairgrounds. Miley enjoyed the fireworks she kept reaching up to grab at them. But she only lasted through half of the show as she then snuggled into my arms and fell asleep and didn't wake up until morning, even when I took her jeans, coat and shoes off at home. She was a tired girl!

It was a great 4th and when I think about next year I get even more exhausted- a 2 1/2 year old and an infant... It's going to be an even crazier one!

Monday, July 06, 2009

End of week 6

Well- here I am coming to the end of week 6 and most of all the symptoms have set in. Extreme tiredness, wishy/washy stomach, crazy vivid dreams, up 3-4 times to go to the bathroom at night, cravings, it all came back. Although, knock on wood, I haven’t gotten sick like I was with Miley, so far. We laid low this long weekend- we really didn’t do much on Friday at all, laid around the house, laid in bed and finally decided to take showers around 3:00 as we were going to the fair at 5:30 and had a few errands to run. My pregnant tummy certainly enjoyed the fair food, I indulged on a couple corn dogs and baskets of cheese curds over the whole weekend, they totally hit the spot. Saturday was a very busy day and I was planning on dropping Miley off with my parents to nap and heading up to watch the game but I was so exhausted from hauling all of our picnic stuff up to my car after the parade that I had nothing left of me so I enjoyed a nice two hour nap with her.

Pam informed me that she had another dream that we had twins! I am anxious to go to my appointment on the 20th just to see if they think my uterus feels enlarged or not. A part of me thinks it would be fun to have twins, and the other part thinks of how exhausting that would be. I’ll be happy with whatever is in my tummy, and if it is more than one we know that we were one of the lucky ones that were blessed by God and he knew we could handle them. I just don’t know how Miley will do with that one, that would be quite an adjustment- more than one baby in the house! So- we will just have to wait and see. The 20th will be here before we know it, and I don’t really want to wish away the summer.

Taylor and I were sort of talking about names this weekend and we are ‘pretty sure’ of what we would name a boy, I say ‘pretty sure’ because we were ‘pretty sure’ with Miley’s name being Lily and I totally changed my mind two weeks before she was due. And I asked Taylor what he thought about for a girl’s name and he said we aren’t even going to discuss it because he just knows that this is a boy. 

Well- Here’s to week 7……..
4th of July post to come soon... Just have to find time to do it. :) A busy toddler keeps my hands full!