Tuesday, December 29, 2009

32 Weeks

Only 8 weeks left… ONLY… HA… How come the last 8 weeks seem longer than the previous 32?
Could it be any of these

Top 8 reasons why the last 8 weeks seem so long:

  1. My clothes really don’t fit anymore, for example, I have three pairs of dress pants to wear to work, well, now only two, my low rise maternity pants no longer button and hardly zip because this little guy is so darn low! Sorry people at work- I now only have two pairs and one I don’t really like so get use to seeing one of two maternity dresses which I will now have to wear weekly…. So happy leggings are in style, they are SOOO comfy to wear pregnant!

  2. I have a Hobbit inside of my stomach- I swear this kid is going to come out ready to hit the slopes! He pushes straight out when he kicks and you can feel his giant feet and OH MY does it hurt, feels like he is about to kick through and my skin is going to split open!

  3. My hips are definitely getting ready to push this baby out, the Pregnancy wobble has officially begun.

  4. SSSNNOORRINGG… Sorry Taylor- I know my snoring has become officially Out of Control! I feel like my lungs are being squished when I go to bed at night, hence the monster snores that come out of me!

  5. Sleepless nights- Not only am I up all the time to pee but I just can’t sleep, except, oddly I don’t want to wake up when I have to go to work but when it’s the weekend and I am allowed to sleep in I wake up at 4am and watch the minutes tick by until Miley wakes up around 8am.

  6. HEARTBURN…. Enough said

  7. Beached Whale- that’s what I feel like when I try to roll over in bed at night.

  8. 32 weeks pregnant and a Toddler at home… talk about exhausting! Just giving her a bath takes every ounce of energy!
Now- I’m not complaining because being a second time mom I know that this is all totally worth it and I’ll forget all about this as soon as I am looking Baby Bear eye to eye, but sometimes you just have to tell the truth!

So, if you look at me and say to yourself- Wow, you still have 8 weeks left, don’t feel bad for thinking that because I’ll say it out loud, yes, I look as big as a house already!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

31 Weeks!

Well, I am 31 weeks and feel like I should be going on 38! Things are going well besides the increase in heart burn, sleepless nights and it is getting hard to move around like I used to. Last night I went to get something out of the bathroom and caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror and it stopped me dead in my tracks… I was like HOLY COW- did I Pop even more in a blink of an eye!

Here are my 31 week shots and the third is a comparison from my pregnancy with Miley. And of course, Miley wanted a picture of her baby too!

Monday I scored 4 free tickets to a suite at the Wild game. We invited Nick and Kathryn with us as we had something very important to ask them. They have accepted the honor of being Baby Bear’s Godparents!! We are so excited, and so are they!

Well, Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope everyone has safe travels, wonderful company, plenty to eat, excitement and joy and most importantly a Blessed Christmas Day!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Miley playing Wii and Santa Pictures!

Miley decided that she wanted to play the Wii with her daddy! Daddy is playing a wii fit game where you ski down the big hill and jump. Miley enjoyed watching this so much that she decided to get up on her stool and pretend that she was playing!

Here are some pictures of Miley from ECFE last Thursday night. Santa made a surprise visit and Miley wasn't too sure about him. She did eventually let daddy bring her over and then she sat on Santa's lap. She was silent but she did not cry!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Cookies

Today Mom, Miley and I decorated our traditional fat white sugar cookies. I have a cookie exchange at work and chose to make these cookies and then we had to make some extra to have at home too because they are my favorite. Miley sure enjoyed decorating her cookies but would rather have eaten the ones mommy was making. It was a fun morning!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

29 Weeks

Well, things at 29 weeks are still going well. I find that I get tired more quickly and get short of breath doing certain tasks but all in all things are going well. The nice thing with him being so low is that he's not squishing my lungs or my stomach so I am enjoying the feeling of being hungry while it lasts. I got the first hard jab to my ribs the other day while driving, it took my breath away he kicked so hard!

As my tummy grows Miley will randomly come up and rub my tummy. It is very cute. We were getting some photos taken and asked her to kiss my belly and she decided she wanted to lick it instead, or in her words 'I tounge it'. Funny girl!

I feel as big as a house and it is hard to believe that I still have 11 weeks left and how can I get any bigger, but I know I will continue to grow... somehow...