Saturday, February 24, 2007


Taylor and I decided to make and addition to our family...... we just got a puppy!! He is a lab husky mix from the Miller boys. His name is Joey!!

As a puppy- 7 1/2 weeks old- he sleeps most of the day.... his favorite place is right next to me on the couch---- so cute!

And while Joey sleeps- Tigger can finally relax and take a nap too! Actually, I'm pretty surprised how Tigger is handling everything- we let them meet slowly and kept Joey upstairs while Tigger just kind of watched from a distance and followed Joey around for the first night. Today being home all day with both of them its been funny seeing Joey trying to get Tigger to play with him and Tigger just kind of shrugging him off. Some day I know they will be BEST buds!

Here is Joey playing around and Tigger keeping a safe distance from behind the microwave box... He is just a little guy now- but we are projecting him to be around 50-70 pounds when he is all grown up.

Life sure will be different- but we've already made our special bond and love him to pieces-- how could you resist this cute face!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

3-Peat 3-Peat 3-Peat

YES!! We did it again! We captured that State Championship Blue Medal! The girls did outstanding on Friday at both prelims and finals and they peaked at the PERFECT time and nailed their dance and took home what was rightfully theirs!

State Champions for the third year in a row baby!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

National Anthem

Cannon Falls has just been given the honor of singing the National Anthem at the State Tournament on Friday at Noon.

Our singers include:
Bradi Smith- my cousin
Sam Stiehl
Lauren Stiehl
Andrea Schiebe
Dana Banitt
Tess Pfohl

Only 4 teams were chosen to allow singers to sing the anthem and we were one of them! Congratulations girls!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Section 1A Champions!!!!

Ok- first off-- I'll explain the outfits-- every year for Sections and State the coaches get a cute matching outfit--- this year we tricked the girls- we showed up in the morning with matching red fleece pants and sweatshirts (kind of looked like PJ's)-- and they honestly thought that that was our outfit for Sections and State-- WELL-- after we got done marking our dance we ran to the bathroom and put on these Sassy outfits!! So- we are all decked out for Sections and State!!!

So-- sections was this past weekend and we are the now 4x Defending Section Champions!!! And it was by a landslide!2nd place- Plainview was 48 points behind us! We really rocked the floor! BUT- the girls said that they didn't feel like they peaked AT ALL- they said they could have kicked higher or done something better-- which I was happy to hear that- I didn't want them to peak at sections-- So- now we are headed to the Xcel Energy Center on Friday, February 16 to STATE!!!! The girls are planning to hit their PEAK of the season at State and that is what I KNOW they can do!!! Our top competitors- in my mind- will be- New Ulm Cathedral, Montevideo, and Yellow Medicine East- probably with us included will be the top four teams in Class A in the state.

Our qualifier round starts right at Noon- and finalists are announced at 1:45- then we have a break while AA and AAA teams dance and Finals will be at 5:45 where the top 6 from qualifiers will dance again. Come and cheer us on to our Three-Peat!!! Doors open at 11:15!!

** The Task Ahead of you is Never as Great as the Power Behind You! **

Come and be the POWER behind the Cannon Falls Bomber Dance Team!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

5K Run

Well- Since my mom, aunt, and cousins are working hard to be healthy and stay in shape- I've been asked to take part in another adventure. My friend Megan has always wanted to run a 5K marathon- and she has decided this is the year to do it as she is getting married this October and there is no better time to get in shape! She needed a running and training partner and she has asked me to join her. Running a marathon I guess wasn't something that I had on my list of things to do in my lifetime- but now that I have been asked it has now become something that I would really like to accomplish as well.

We haven't finalized our decision quite yet on which race we want to run- but we do know it will be sometime in May or June- so we have begun our training! I was in track for 3 years so running isn't that big of a deal for me-- granted I'm pretty out of shape but I've done it before- Megan wasn't a runner in high school but she enjoys getting in a good workout- which makes us a really good team. She motivates me to keep up on our training and to make sure we actually follow through with it- and I motivate her to keep up a good pace and to push herself. Together we make the perfect match!

I'll keep you posted on our adventure! Wish us luck!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Support my Mommy

My Mom is part of the team Dubar Dolls for the Walk Against Breast Cancer. My Aunt Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer in August and 2 months after that my Gramps- their dad- passed away from lung cancer and then 3 months after that my Grams- their mom- passed away suddenly from a stroke. So my mom, Kris, and Michelle along with my cousins Heidi and Angie have decided to do the 3-day 60 mile walk for breast cancer to help others out and to empower themselves as women and all of us as a family.

Please support them in their journey-- I've nominated myself as their #1 Cheerleader and will do whatever it takes for them to reach their goals to make their walk possible. They each need to raise $2,200 in donations in order to participate in the walk- they have already begun training and have stocked their closets with the appropriate shoes, socks, and walking materials. So please help them out in helping out other women around the world.

Click the link Dubar Dolls on my page and it will direct you to their blog of their adventure and you will find their donation links on there as well.

Our family thanks you greatly for your donations, support and prayers.

God's Peace!

-Mindi Kay