Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Up North

We got the pleasure of joining my Aunt Michelle and Uncle Robby up north at their cabin this past weekend. Friday, my parents, Taylor and Miley picked me up from work early and we headed up. Miley did a really good job in the car for such a long ride- I was impressed! We had such a relaxing weekend.

Friday night we went to the Old Milwaukee Club and had the Friday Fish Fry-- YUMMY! And everyone else enjoyed a nice camp fire- Miley, however, wanted Mommy all to herself and didn't want to go to bed. Finally at 11:00 she gave in- with some help from Nana- then she was up from 2:30-3:45 and finally fell back asleep on the floor with me. Miley and I laid low on Saturday and just relaxed- the guys got up early and went fishing and then golfing. Saturday late afternoon we did go into Nisswa to the shops and got Miley some Robeez shoes-- she has the typical chubby baby chubby feet so those shoes actually fit her! She thought it was pretty fun when we put them on her and she could walk around outside!

Saturday night was a much better night for Miley- she got her bath and was asleep by 8:30- I made a bed on the floor for her instead of her pack-n-play and she seemed to like it much better. She slept until 4am!! WOO HOO for me! So Taylor and I headed over to the Haggstrom cabin and played some cards and had some laughs- I really needed that! Then Sunday the guys had a fishing tournament between cabins- Our cabin WON! They hit a nice little crappie hole and got a bucket full! We had a FRESH fish fry for lunch on Sunday! And Taylor caught a nice Bass-- he said this was the best fishing he has ever had!

The ride home on Sunday started off good. My dad thought it would be fun to see how his new GPS would bring us home- out of curiosity- to see which route was faster and so the GPS took us on 94 and we got stuck in some stop and go traffic. Let's just say we decided to get off of 94 and we were thinking we were going to get home at 5:30 and I believe it was 6:45 when we pulled into my driveway! And to top it off there was an accident on 52 that had traffic backed up for miles! We were all ready to get out of the car by the time we got home!

And as we were unpacking Robin, Emilee and Grace Lorentz stopped by to drop off some clothes for Miley that should fit her next fall- which will be REALLY nice! And in the big bag of clothes was this cute litte outfit! I LOVE IT!!! My little ballerina!

We had a WONDERFUL time Up North and would love to go back again! They have such a beautiful cabin and are so fun to hang out with!! We Love You Auntie Shell and Uncle Robby!! THANK YOU!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Miley the Inch Worm

Just another day with Miley

Things with Miley are still going great- she finally got over the hard part of teething and isn't as crabby anymore, now if we could just get this 'going to bed' thing down a little better we would be all good!

Miley is getting better each day at all her new things. First off she is now eating fruit with some oatmeal mixed in for breakfast and a bottle (or nurses on the weekends with me)- or at least half of one, a bottle for a late lunch and then she nurses shortly after I get home, then she has dinner which consists of usually whatever we are eating or mac & cheese with some meat all grinded up and a veggie and my milk in a sippy cup. I LOVE my little grinder that I got at Target- it cost me all of $10 and it works GREAT! So far I have grinded up lasagna, hash browns with ham chunks and Mac & Cheese (actually its Easy Mac) with a little bit of chicken. She LOVES to be able to feed herself. We put the main course on her tray for her to dig in and then we feed her the veggies as they are pretty messy still. Then she nurses around 7 or so and then one more time right before, and of course- the over night feeding as well.

Miley can also drink from a straw! She has a sippy cup that has a straw and she really enjoys drinking water from it, especially after we've been outside on a hot day.

She is getting really good at pulling herself up now, she has some pretty strong arms, she can pull up on all our coffee tables and at first I thought they would all be a little high for her but she surprised us and used her super strength and pulled right up. It's funny to watch her get a good grip and pull, pull, pull and to see her little arms shake towards the end and then she finally stands up and smiles really big as she is so proud of herself!

She is moving all around now too- she doesn't really crawl but she does the inch worm really well as you can see in the video above. :)

And now with all these new little tricks of being able to pull up and squirm around- it sure has made bath time quiet the adventure. She doesn't really like when I wash her hair- but we get it done and she thinks it's funny to try to pull up on the side of the tub- the first time she tried that I freaked out as she almost slipped so the next day I headed to the store and got a cute little Mermaid Dora bath mat so she doesn't slip and fall.

She has also finally popped another tooth!! The tip of the left top one has made its way through! And I can see the right top one and also a third one on the bottom now. So I'm guessing in the next 2-3 weeks she will have officially 5 teeth! I just think that is crazy!!

Here's just a cute picture of Miley with Daddy.

We are headed up north this weekend- it will be Miley's longest ride in a car- the motorhome was fine because she could look out the front window- but in the car- it's a little more packed, but mom and I will be in the back seat with her so hopefully we can entertain her for 3.5 hours. :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Miley is Mobile

Well-- she is finally there- she is MOBILE!!! She doesn't totally crawl but she gets around. She can either sit on her butt and bounce/scoot her way to something she wants or she can roll around and inch worm her way around. We were downstairs and she was sitting and playing and then she all of a sudden rolled down to her belly and usually she whines and wants help sitting back up but Taylor and I just waited to see what she would do and we 'pretended' to not pay attention to her because that's when she seems to whine so we were both watching her out of the corner of our eyes and she worked herself all the way around the living room- we were having so much fun watching her!

She can also pull up very easily now if what she is pulling up on is low enough so she can reach it. We were at Brendon and Shelly's the other night and they have a low couch in the basement and she pulled herself up at least 10 times and each time got easier and easier for her. It is just so weird to me that not even an year ago she was still inside me and this tiny little fetus and now she's a little person and moving all around! Guess we better get our baby gate now!

Here are just some phone time fun photos:
Standing up in the bathtub

Here she is eating lasagna- which she LOVED!

Eating a strawberry out on the patio

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

7 Months Old!!!

Today is Miley's 7 month birthday! I can't believe she is already 7 months old! The months seem to fly by faster and faster! So, at 7 months Miley can:

Roll over and now likes to roll over in her bed now so she can sleep on her tummy

Sit up all by herself and then reaches for what she wants and most of the time ends up on her tummy to get it

Feed herself little puffs and any toy she can get in her mouth

Chatters all the time- she has said MAMAMA but lately she likes to say DADADIE-- thats what it sounds like anyway

Knows how to ask for help by doing this little whine-- actually- I would like to break that habit so we are trying to show her how to do the sign for help instead (also the sign for more and milk)

Can clap perfectly and do SOO BIG

Wave HI and BYE BYE when asked

She can pull herself up (sometimes) and stand by things if we help her alittle

Can walk with assistance

And she is getting better each day at using her imagination and playing by herself for longer periods of time

Miley likes:

To try foods we are eating

Eating her dinner at night and drinking mommy's milk from a sippy cup to wash down her dinner- I'm thinking about starting to offer her breakfast each day too, we'll try it out this weekend

Baby Einstein- she knows when we put in her DVD's and knows when Little Einsteins comes on TV

Jumping in her Jumperoo

Walking around the house

Performing her tricks

And playing the piano

She is growing and changing with every passing day. Like this whole walking thing- she learned that in a weekend! And waving Bye Bye and Hi- Taylor taught her that last week! It's just so much fun to see her do new things. And I don't want it make it sound like every moment is fun and full of joy because she sure does have her fussy times. Like the past two weeks- her teeth must really be bothering her because she goes from super happy to super crabby in a blink of an eye. Today, Taylor had her and it was a rough day. She didn't feel like napping and then got over-tired and it made matters worse. He tried everything he could think of to make her happy and finally after 2 hours of trying he put her in the car and drove around until I got home. And lately going to sleep has become a little issue- we can't just lay her down and have her fall asleep- she won't sleep and she cries and cries until we come in and 'lay by her' (that's us putting our head in the crib next to her so she can feel our hair and then she'll drift off to sleep) I know- it's not the best habit to start but sometimes you just do what you have to do in order to get some sleep. I'm sure it is just a phase and next month she'll do something different. So we are all hanging in there and learning as we go.

Monday, August 04, 2008