Wednesday, August 26, 2009

14 Weeks and the 3-Day

This weekend was the 3-Day and me and Miley went with my Dad all weekend camping and to cheer on the DuBar Dolls. Miley did as good as you would expect a 1 1/2 year old to do. Saturday she was a little crabby but by Sunday she had it all figured out. Not to mention she is also getting her 2 year molars in full force, which didn't help the situation. Last Wednesday only one molar was 1/4 of the way in and as of last night, not quiet a full week later that molar is 1/2 way in the other bottom molar is 1/4 of the way in and I can see a white bud on the top. She had a busy mouth this weekend, and painful. She was on Motrin the whole weekend and she certainly needed it. Ouch!

Here are some photos of Miley during the weekend. She sure got excited to see Nana walking down the sidewalk at all the cheering stations- she would run down towards her and jump into her arms.

I am 14 weeks now- nothing really new to report, the appetite has slowed down, some things still make me gag and changing a poopy diaper is the hardest thing for me right now, I literally have to tie something around my mouth and nose to not gag when I am changing it. If anyone else is around when she poops- it's their duty!

For fun- a comparison 14 weeks with Baby #2

And actually 15 weeks with Miley

Thursday, August 20, 2009

13 Weeks and the Heart Beat!

Yesterday we got to hear the babies heartbeat! It was very exciting. As we waited for Dr. Saul to come in we were explaining to Miley that the baby was going to talk to her and she would lift up my shirt and put her ear to my belly and listen. She is very aware that there is a baby in Mommy’s tummy. We talk about it daily and she always has to lift up my shirt and hug it or kiss it and sometimes she goes, SHH Quiet, so I ask her if the baby is sleeping and she says Yeah. It is very cute.

So, when Dr. Saul came in I laid down on the table and Miley sat in Taylor’s lap and was very interested in what he was doing to Mommy and was very quiet and enjoyed it. When he got done she lifted up her shirt as if she wanted us to listen to her belly but as soon as we paid attention to it she quickly pulled her shirt down. Funny girl. I thought Taylor and I were just going to pick her up from Grandma’s after our appointment but he was adamant that she come along and I am glad that he made that decision, it is much more fun sharing all of this as a family and I think it helps her understand more of what is going on. I am thinking it might be fun to have her come along to the ultrasound too so she can see the baby, I think she would get a kick out of it.

Well- the big news, the babies heart rate was 155, I pulled out my info card from my pregnancy with Miley and that was exactly what Miley’s heart rate was the first time we heard her. It will be interesting to see if it changes as Miley’s then went down to 147 and then 145 and stayed there the rest of the pregnancy. Again, it was a VERY quick appointment, been here done that kind of thing. Only gained 2 pounds in 4 weeks- WOO HOO! Totally thrilled about that. I only gained 27 with Miley and hope I am on track this time around as well. We go back now in 3 weeks to do some more blood work and then after that 4 weeks to do an ultrasound! I can’t wait. It always makes it more real.

This weekend is the 3-Day so we are heading out camping tonight, Thursday, and myself, Miley and my Dad will be cheering on the DuBar Dolls all weekend. My Dad and I are curious to see how things go with Miley this year, the first year I was pregnant with her so we were dealing with my morning sickness and keeping food in my stomach at all times, last year Miley was with but she wasn’t walking so we could at least keep her in one spot, now this year she is running all over the place so it will be interesting to see how exhausted we are come the end of the weekend. We do a lot of sitting and waiting at cheering stations for the Dolls to walk by, so we have a bag full of toys, a basket full of snacks and some places have a park so hopefully all of that will keep her occupied. Then Tuesday my parents, Taylor, myself and Miley are all heading to Underwater World, it should be exciting. :)

Here is Miley making the baby talk on the phone last night.

Friday, August 14, 2009

12 Weeks

12 weeks- well, I should report has been better then week 11. I haven’t ‘gotten sick’ since Tuesday! Yeah! And my patience is SLOWLY but surely coming back. It was so good to see Miley and Taylor when I got up from the cabin, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. But I do have to say I didn’t really miss them while I was gone, the longest I have been away from Miley since she was born is 18 hours… yes- not even a full 24 hours have I been away from her! So it was VERY needed.
The Girls Up North

Me and Jackie- only 1 week apart. We are in our 'fat looking stage' So don't judge! HAHA

So- on the baby front- I swear I can feel the baby move, but they do say that you can feel it earlier the second time around as you know what it feels like. And what I felt, there is no way that was a gas bubble- one, it was too close to the surface as compared to a gas bubble and a gas bubble moves- this was in the same central area and over and over again. It was when I was laying down in bed at night, when Miley would really start to move so that is why I am convinced it was the baby. My lower back is still an issue, I went to the Chiro on Monday but it was so swollen she was having a hard time adjusting it. I think the trauma of my fall and my hips also spreading to make room for baby are working against each other and it’s just not helping. It doesn’t hurt all day but it gets sore by the end of the day, but nothing the heating pad can’t help relax for the time being.

I am looking forward to sleeping in and taking naps with Miley this weekend, I’m still pretty tired and come Friday- I’m totally checked out! Thankfully my next two weeks are short! Leaving early two days next week for the Dr. and hopefully to close on our house to refinance, and then the 3-day is this weekend so we leave town on Thursday night and aren’t coming back until Monday and then Tuesday my parents are taking us to Underwater World!! I am so excited to bring Miley and it is something my parents have always wanted to do. It should be a fun day. This Saturday I am thinking of bringing Miley to the Zoo as Taylor has Masters school and I don’t want to sit at home all day and do nothing. She gets a little stir crazy.

Miley news—the little dare devil she is- we went to the pool on Wednesday night and she so badly wanted to go down the water slide, luckily they had a life jacket that fit her and she happily put it on and went down the water slide, I was at the bottom to assist in the catch. When she got down I asked her if she had fun, she said Yep, and I asked if she wanted to do it again and I got a ‘Nope’ haha. Funny girl. But then she walked right over to the diving board- I let her be adventurous but I wasn’t going to attempt to catch her when she is jumping from above my head. Maybe that will be something her and daddy experience.  She is getting really good at putting words together, two-word phrases are a normal thing now and we are working on some three word ones. She’s going to be a chatter box! Her FAVORITE thing right now – at least to me- is HUG Momma- HUG! It is SOOOO cute! She then gives me a big hug and then a kiss, I Love it! And she is bumping up her own bedtime! She likes to make those big decisions herself. Last night at 7:50, we were downstairs, and she comes over to me and says Momma and points upstairs and I asked her if she wanted to go upstairs and get ready for bed and she answered Yes, nigh nigh. So she marched upstairs went to her room to get in her PJ’s and then sat in my bed for her chill time and watched Rocket as I got ready for bed, and she was out cold by 8:30. Normally she’s been up until 9 or 10. I love that she knows how to make decisions and can tell me what she wants now, it’s like we have a totally different relationship all of a sudden, more understanding. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More from the Daddy Cam

Taylor pulled out the pool on this hot August day so Miley could swim and go down her water slide and play in the backyard. Here she is in her new 3T!! bathing suit! She has a long torso and the 2T suits cut her off at the chest. This suit reminds me of my white and multi-colored polka-dot suit I had when I was little. Looks like she is watering the plants in this picture.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Miley and her Guitar!!

Miley LOVES rockin' out on her Guitar!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

11 Weeks

11 weeks brought on a cold and a twisted back. No fun at all! Saturday I had to sit on a heating pad the entire day and could barely walk as my lower back hurt so much. It was a really rough day with pregnancy melt down after pregnancy melt down, I was able to get into a chiropractor on Monday, a different one as mine was on vacation, and he said my lower back was completely twisted. He fixed it but I need to go again as carrying Miley when she is kicking and screaming because it was time to go home while walking in grass in heals seemed to knock it right back out of position! URGH! Darn loose joints- sometimes pregnancy can just be no fun at all! On top of all of that I got a cold, and I never get sick, I maybe get 1 bad cold a year and it seems like this year my body is just worn out, the flu twice, bad sinus infection which caused a crohn's flare and now another cold. I think I need to go away to a warm beach for a month and just sit and sleep and relax and get my immune system back to where it use to be.

I am going away for the weekend with just the girls and I think I really need it! Just some time to myself, time to relax and time to sleep. I'm hoping after a weekend of fun I'll come back a New mommy, hopefully feeling better and completely refreshed and ready to get back into my Mommy role. I'm sure Mom's hate to admit it but I need to get it out- have you ever felt like you are almost getting to the point where you just don't want to care if your child is throwing a fit for no reason and just want to go away and let someone else deal with it because if you have to you might just completely freak out? Well- that is the point I am beginning to reach right now and this weekend away couldn't come at a better time. I feel like I am just crabby with everything. I get upset with Taylor for no reason, I get upset with Miley when she gets crabby, I get upset with myself for not having the self control to stay calm and deal with things like I normally do. It's just a rough time right now and I am ready to be start feeling good and having energy again. Throwing up is now just in the mornings when I wake up, although during the day I sometimes feel nauseous. Eating crackers and things before I get out of bed doesn't help because my mouth is dry which trying to eat makes me sick, and trying to drink something before I eat something makes me sick as well. For me, it's just easier to get it out of my system and then I feel better.

I'm just ready for fall, I'll be feeling better, it's my most favorite time of year, and Taylor will be back to school so we all will be back on a schedule. I hate to wish away the summer, but it is flying by and I am not looking forward to 90 degrees and humid this weekend, thankfully we will be on the lake, might have to take a swim to cool down or go for a boat ride. AAHHH That sounds amazing right now!

11 Weeks

Just because it is fun to compare- this is 12 weeks with Miley

On the Miley front- she is now majorly into Little Einstein's. She calls it Rocky-- which stands for Rocket as that is the Rocket ship that the Little Einstein's ride on as they travel the world. She has a Little Einstein's coloring book and loves to look at the pictures as she watches the show. She goes up to the TV and points and says ROCKY, ROCKY!! It's really rather cute. It's a really fun show, they ask you to help get Rocket started by patting on your lap, then on your tummy, and then raise your arms and shake your body- she loves doing this. We only have 3 episodes recorded right now and she has watched all 3 probably 20 times each! One episode is about a baby Goose and the Little Einstein's teach it to fly fast and Miley starts flapping her arms and flying with him. And her language is advancing every day, she says something new all the time and is really starting to get good at repeating a word that you ask her to repeat. And she really wants to start talking in sentences. The other night she was eating a piece of summer sausage- she just calls it MEAT! And I asked her to say Meat is Good- and she said Meat and then just made the sound of 'is good' like she really was trying to say it. She does this often, starts rambling and a couple words come out clear as day and then she just makes sounds to fill in her sentence. It's quite funny to listen to. And she is starting to become interested in the potty again, however, she doesn't want to sit on her little potty, she wants to use the big potty, which I have a double seated toilet seat, the first seat has a small hole for kids and the second seat is a regular one, it's the neatest toilet seat ever! Last night she wanted to sit on there and then all of a sudden Mommy had to go really bad but she wouldn't let me sit down to go, I tried setting her on her potty and she jumped up and said NO and then pottied on the floor. Which, wasn't her fault, but after sitting with her for 5 minutes trying to make her go, sometimes a pregnant bladder can't hold it either. We will keep trying as she continues to be interested in it. And Taylor is really good at working with her to go too, it's funny to listen to him in there trying to talk her into it and telling her to push!

Well- here's to hoping for a better week next week!

Monday, August 03, 2009