Friday, May 30, 2008


Alright- I think we really have offically started the teething process. This week has been a little tough on Miley- at times. Wednesday I guess at Grandma's she just started screaming out of no where and no bouncing, rocking or even laying on the changing table would make her happy- it wasn't until Pam stuck her finger in her mouth and massaged her gums that she finally settled down. Nana picked Miley up that day and her and Miley went to the store and got some Tylenol and gum numb stuff to have at Grandma's house. Then on Thursday out of the blue she started up again so Grandma gave her the Tylenol and put the gel on her gums and she was happy.

Last night we went out for tacos and Miley was having an interesting evening- when we tried to pass her around so everyone could get a squeeze from her she cried, she never does that, then all of a sudden she'd be happy again and smiling and laughing then the next minute she didn't want anything to do with anyone but her mommy. So that pain must just come and go in waves for her.

I also noticed that her whole right side of her face will get all flushed and warm out of no where and the left side will be normal- she hasn't had a fever with this, its just warm to the touch. Just to make sure everything was OK and to make sure if I should be watching for something more I called the triage line and spoke to a nurse and she said her own children had that happen to them- she said that it seemed like the side that the tooth was coming on would be the side that her cheeks would get all flushed- so it must be the bottom right front tooth she is working on- that's my guess.

Poor little lamb! I feel so bad when I know she is hurting. Sometimes she'll cry and just hold her mouth but thank goodness for the gum numb because that seems to give her some good relief. Did your children experience these same symptoms?? How long after they started having symptoms like this did the tooth finally pop through?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Miley gives Daddy a High Five

Miley's Rolling

Memorial Weekend

All kinds of things went on over this three day weekend. First off for the Miley stuff- she was rolling all over the place, although, she didn't want to show off for everyone when we were at Bob's house on Monday- if you lay her down and pretend you aren't looking that's when she'll roll right over. Here are some cute photos of Miley. I love these little overalls!

Here she is sucking on her toes- apparently they taste good! :)

Sitting at the counter with Daddy like a big girl!

I was just playing around with some features on my camera...

Here she is right after she rolled over, so proud of herself!

Here is Miley in her 'Bears Uniform' she kind of looks like a boy but I hope the ruffles give it away that she's a girl! And just in case people couldn't tell I had her wearing her pink shades at the game!! It was so nice that it was actually warm on Sunday- it was Miley's first time being in shorts! :) And yes- that's Daddy's number- 10- on her butt! :)

Since the Memorial parade went right past our house we went outside to watch it- Miley really liked the band when they went by, she must have known her cousin Dylan was playing the snare! :)

Then it was off to Hampton for another baseball game. After Nana got her Miley fix (she went a whole three days with no Miley, the longest since she has been born!) she decided to share her with Emilee and Grace Lorentz.

Miley got a Rody from Nana and Bumpa!!! She tired out Lauren's (Tasha and Joe's little girl) at Kaiti's graduation party and she loved it so Nana ordered her a pink one! It's so goofy looking but she loves it! :)

Our biggest accomplishment this weekend was putting in our laminate wood floor in our kitchen and dining room. Our kitchen had linoleum and our dining room had carpet (can you just imagine the messes Miley could make on that carpet!) Friday night Taylor pulled it all out and then Saturday he put it all in himself. He started around 10:30 and was done b 3:30! One of the many things I love about him- he's such a handy man! :)

Here are some before pictures...

And some after shots...

We LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It makes it look so much richer and warmer in there and it matches our other woods so well. Our next project is putting in newer carpet in the whole upstairs- we have a call in to the install guy...

Friday, May 23, 2008

We're Rolling!!!

Miley rolled over yesterday- THREE TIMES!!! YEAH!! Taylor was working with her on her activity mat and then he left her alone so she could figure it out herself- the smart cookied grabbed a hold of the little bar things that hold the toys over her head and pulled herself right over! The second time I was having a picnic on the floor next to her and she rolled right over to me to see what I was eating! Then the third time I laid her on the floor in her room while I put her clothes away and she was working on rolling for a good 5-10 minutes and finally she got it- but she was so worn out from trying that she could hardly hold her head up once she got over on her tummy- she'd look up at me as I was clapping for her and then she'd lay her head right down and sigh like- BOY- THAT WAS HARD WORK! :)

I'll try to get some video of her over the weekend.

And yes- Pam- I heard she rolled over at your house last week-- but Landon was the only one who saw her do it- so now this time it's really offical!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


OK-- so I know this is totally a personal choice and that everyone has a different opinion and that times have changed and the experts give different advice from when we were babies but I'm just having a hard time trying to decide what to do.

I'm trying to decide when I should give Miley her first taste of rice cereal. I know I'm breastfeeding and she doesn't need it as my milk has plenty of nutrients and calories but here is the thing- Miley has taken quite an interest in eating lately- she stares at us when we eat and watches how we use our utensils and always tries grabbing and what we are eating. I have given her little tiny tastes of things here and there on her tounge for the fun of it (what parent doesn't) and she seems to really like being able to taste different things. I let her play with her own spoon when we are eating and she knows how to use it- she knows which end to use and she sucks on it and I sometimes pretend feed her with her spoon to see what she does and she acts like she knows how it all works.

My initial plan was to wait until 6 months but with her taking so much interest I'm almost kind of thinking maybe 5 months (2 weeks from now) I might try some cereal at least once a day and let her experience what she seems to be so interested in. If she doesn't like it and it doesn't go well I obviously wouldn't push it- but it's just a hard decision for me to make for some reason. I know my doctor said it would be just fine and I know many people who have started on cereal by 5 months but would just like some opinions.

Phone Fun

Miley thinks its the greatest thing when I take pictures of her with my phone- she gets all excited! :) And it's a great entertainer when we are driving in the car and she starts to get a little fussy!

**NEW TRICK** I taught Miley how to give High Fives this morning-- well- she just puts her hand up to your hand, the whole concept of slapping hands is a little hard to get, but the idea of giving a high five she has down! It was so fun to see her smile and laugh when we would say YEAH MILEY! after she would give us a high five.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Finally, a Warm weekend!

This weekend was so beautiful out! A little windy- but finally warm and sunny! I even wore capris on Friday and Saturday!! This weekend Taylor was supposed to go to a buddies cabin but it turned out that he had a fundraiser for Hastings baseball on Saturday morning so he couldn't go, so he decided to still miss his Friday night baseball game and have a family night with me and Miley. We went for a nice family walk around town and we were all in bed early- I think the fresh air and warm sun all day knocked us all out. Miley slept for 9 hours straight through! I couldn't believe it!!

Saturday morning when Taylor left for Hastings me and Miley walked over to my mom and dad's and spent the day with them. We went to my cousin Kaiti's High School and College graduation party- YES- She did post secondary so she graduated from high school and college at the same time! Amazing!! Congrats again Kaiti! :) When we got home Bekki came over to visit and Ben joined us shortly after and we all sat out on my parents driveway and had some snacks and smelled the beautiful trees that were in full bloom. Saturday night was my 5 year reunion and Bekki convinced me to go-- I just am shy when it comes to social situations- YES- I am shy when it comes to those type of things- so I said I would go and picked up Kelsey and we headed down while mom and dad watched Miley and we stayed for about an hour and a half. Then me and Miley had her first slumber party at Nana and Grandpa's. Taylor was up visiting a college buddy and taste testing all the home brewed beer he had been brewing, Taylor helped with a batch and he was excited that it was finally ready to try- he said that was the best batch out of the 3, of course!

Sunday morning my mom woke up to me and Miley cuddling on my air mattress in the living room- it was so cozy! Miley had woken up about 4:30 and I was very 'full' so I got up and fed her and we were so cozy so I didn't dare move her when she was done. Then it was off to the Bears game- Taylor got close to getting another home run for Miley but it landed right at the fence and he got a double. The Bears won over Hastings so it was a good game.

Sunday night was an awful night for me- I had two nightmares right in a row- I haven't had nightmares in a long time! I heard Miss Miley moving around in her bed around 3am and I got up to check on her and she was wide awake- so I fed her and slept with her in her room hoping my nightmares would stop if I was cuddling with her- I slept good until my alarm clock went off.

Miley slept like CRAZY this weekend- I think she is going through a growth spurt as she has been sleeping like crazy today too. I picked her up from Pam's and she fell asleep in the car at 4:15- woke up at 5 to eat and fell back asleep at 7 and she won't wake up for anything right now!

Here are just some fun pictures of Miley from this past week.... enjoy... and we are looking forward to a three day weekend! YEAH! The weather looks like it is supposed to be beautiful! I can't wait! Keep your fingers crossed for really warm on Monday so Miley can wear her 'Bears Uniform' to the game!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

Well, this weekend was my first Mother's Day weekend and it was a good weekend. Miley was so happy all weekend and I had a blast hanging out with her (not that I don't every other day) :) Friday night we went to visit my mom and dad out at the lake at their camper. It was a bit chilly so I dressed her up in her little poodle coat and slippers- she looked so cute!! And she thought it was fun to look out the camper windows.

Saturday morning I thought it would be fun to have Miley just play with a bowl and a spoon, I think I want her to just get familiar with them over the next two months before we start eating- she thought it was pretty fun to bang the spoon on the bowl and toss the bowl around- I tried to pretend like I was feeding her- she didn't want anything to do with it- she thought I was crazy putting a spoon in her mouth, so that just confirms that we aren't quite ready for that step yet which is perfectly fine with me- it will come with time.

Then we all took Joey to get his shots, he did a very good job, and then me and Miley headed up to Forest Lake with Jackie and her new puppy Bella to see Brittney. Here is Miley holding Bella- I think she needs a puppy this size! Bella is only going to get between 4-6 pounds! Isn't that crazy!! Joey weighed 74 pounds!

Sunday she gave me the best present of all- she slept through the night and then woke up at 5 so her and I went downstairs so I could catch up on my DVR'd shows while I fed her and then we fell asleep at 6 and slept until 9- it was AWESOME!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ME!!! Then I opened up my cards- she was busy again at Daycare this week and made me a card with her hand and foot traced on it- it was very cute. Taylor told me that I get to go and get a massage for all that I do... so that will be nice. :) Then we went to Henry's baptism and Taylor had a ball game so we couldn't go to the party- so we went back home so Taylor could get to the game to warm up and in the mean time I went to see my mom and give her her present- a pretty bird feeder and cardinal food- a pair has been hanging out in their tree out their living room window- Cardinals are my mom's favorite! Then me and Miley went to the Bears game- as I was putting Miley in the car I told her that we have to go and see Daddy play because she is his good luck charm and he hits home runs when she is there- and what do you know- we got there and the first at bat we saw he got a home run! This was Miley's second game and Taylor's second homer of the season! We better go to more games!! Here are the gals hanging out in our shades!

And of course we had to go to Dairy Inn for their annual Sundae on Mother's Day- I had a turtle one and it was VERY yummy! Well, it was a good weekend and I'm sad that it went so quickly- back to work tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there. As I told my mom today- you never truly appreciate the love your mother has for you until you have a child of your own and I truly believe that, I didn't know you could love someone so much until I held Miley in my arms for the first time and my love grows for her more and more each day. She is my world!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

4 Months

Miley turned 4 months on Monday and she went to the doctor today- here's what they said:
Weight- 16 pounds- she doubled her birth weight which is what they want by this age
Height- 25 inches- she's in the 90th percentile
Health- as healthy as can be! Perfect little angel!
Shots- she didn't cry as much this time with the shots- this time they laid her on the table and I got to hold her hands and give her a million kisses and talk to her while it was happening- she stopped crying a little bit in between the shots- then I kicked the nurse out and fed her and that made it all better. Here it is 9:45pm and we are still awake- she's been sleeping since 6:30 in my arms- but that's ok- I would too if I had 3 shots today so we are hanging out a little bit before we go to bed- she is loving looking at me type and watching the computer screen!
Food- he said by her 6 month appointment he'd like her to be eating rice cereal so maybe next month we'll start working on that a teaspoon at a time and work our way up to 1-3 tablespoons twice a day

Miley is getting close to rolling- she will be on her back and roll to her side and almost get over but that darn arm still gets in the way- so we will keep working on it. She LOVES to sit up and look around. She talks all the time, smiles, laughs, and we discovered she has ticklish feet! She is just getting to be so much fun!

We had quite the eventful weekend last weekend- Saturday morning we went to the ECFE Baby Shower- they asked our opinion on whether we'd like to start a class once a month for young infants- I sure hope they do as I think it would be a lot of fun. There was practically all girls there and only 3 boys- but only one around Miley's age- he was 5 months old.

Here are the troops hanging out in the pool- Peyton, Miley, Sophie, Chole (standing) and Trent.

Here is a close up of P.M.S. :)

Then it was off to Kelly and Peyton's baby shower- there we got to meet Kelly's nephew Gus- he is 1 week older then Miley- don't they look similar!

Sunday was my cousin Ashley's wedding- Miley's first wedding! My camera died so I didn't get any pictures of her in her pretty dress :( I'll have to have her wear it again.

Then this week we found out that Miley was in the Beacon again! What a little star we have on our hands! :)

Our weekends seem to be filling up rather quickly- This weekend we are going up to Brittney's house with Kelly, Peyton, Jackie and her new little puppy and Sunday is Mother's Day, Henry's Baptism and Taylor's Bears baseball game- so it will be another full weekend- with lots of picture opts!

Friday, May 02, 2008

May Day

Over the past week Miley and Landon have been busy at daycare making May Day baskets so yesterday me and Miley, Jenae and Landon and Grandma Pagel ventured out to deliver them. Here is Miley bringing a basket to Nana and Grandpa- she was very excited to see them! :) It looks like we will be bringing the tradition back to life and making this our tradition- like Pam said yesterday- once Miley and Landon get a little bit older we'll have to do it like the old tradition said to- hang the basket on the door and ring the bell and run and hide!