Friday, May 29, 2009

It's a BOY!!!!

*Photo compliments of Grandma Bakken*

Miley's Godparents- Ben and Bekki Bakken welcomed a BABY BOY to our world last night!!

Griffin Benjamin Bakken
7lbs 6oz 19 inches long
Birthday: May 28

She was contracting all day- got to the hospital at 10pm, started pushing at 10:40pm and had him by 11pm- all natural! He was due on June 5- so a week early.


All are doing well!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Miley and I had a WONDERFUL time camping with Nana and Bumpa over Memorial Weekend. The weather was crazy beautiful! We spent pretty much every second we could outside. Every day we went on a nice walk around the campground, Sunday we took Miley to the new playground they had so she could go down the slides and of course, swing! After her nap each day we got out her little pool so she could play. At first she didn't really know what to think and by the second day she was really diggin it! I think she thought it was fun to have Mommy's feet in her pool. :) It sure felt refreshing!

We had a campfire each night and Miley just enjoyed running around and getting dirty. We sure did miss Daddy though- we called him often and sent him pictures of our adventures. When we got home Miley and Daddy played for a good 20 minutes straight- she didn't want him to leave the living room she kept giving him toys to play with, this is especially funny because he was still in his Bears uniform and nut cup!

We had one boo-boo this weekend- Miley and I were having so much fun making faces at each other and laughing and she threw her head back to laugh and came forward really fast and hit her mouth on the edge of the table bench seat and bit her lip and got carpet burn on her chin. It drew blood and she had a fat lip but she healed up quickly, that was Saturday, Sunday morning her lip was still fat but by Monday her lip was all healed and her chin was just about, and now today it pretty much is all gone. Babies heal so quickly!!

I took way too many pictures- but I figure you can never have enough- so enjoy checking out our weekend... These first few are compliments of Auntie Janna

She had to be like Mommy and have a glass of 'wine' aka Water...

This weekend Miley gets to go camping again at the Lake, Taylor and I are heading to Joe and Tessa's wedding on Friday night and staying overnight in the hotel in Mendota Heights so Miley gets to stay with Nana and Bumpa- and then Nana has to work on Saturday so it's up to Bumpa to take care of Miley at the campground, good thing Auntie Janna offered to help with the poopy dipers!! HAHAHA

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Girl Bed

It is official- Miley now is in her Big Girl Bed!!!

She has been sleeping GREAT in it since Saturday night so- now that it is working I felt like I could share the news! Our monitor has a sensor on it so we put it on the ground and it will beep if she were to get out of bed or fall off or something. But, so far so good, she doesn't even get out when she wakes up, she sits there and says MA until I come and get her.

As you can see we have her big stuffed dog there for a cushy landing pad in case there was an accident, she has her vanity stool she uses to climb into bed, this was her idea and she brought it there, and her radio to play music at night and her basket of books. It's a cozy little set up and she really seems to like it and is sleeping much better.

I found this awesome 3-wheeler at a garage sale, brand new and still in the box. It has this handle bar on the back so we can push her until she masters the peddles. She really likes it!

Reading Books

Miley and I are heading camping this weekend with Nana and Bumpa, Taylor is too busy with baseball to join us but he has said that there will be some pretty landscaping surprises done when we get home, which I am very excited to see! And he is excited to have some time to do it. He told me and Miley to go camping as he really will only be home 1 day and that 1 day will be spent working on the yard and he knows we will have a lot more fun camping. And I wasn't going to argue, I enjoy camping and I can't wait until we can afford a camper of our own, and Nana and Bumpa are really excited to see how Miley takes to camping this year, now that she is more active and knows more of what is going on. Nana even bought a rubbermaid tub that will fit in the shower that we can fill with water to give Miley her baths as she won't fit in the kitchen camper sink anymore. Check back next week for photos of our adventure!

A New Blog

I just created a blog of my new hobby- Cooking! It is called Mindi's Magnificent Meals. It is a blog where I will post recipes and photos of all the new meals I come up with. I hope you enjoy it and try a recipe or two.


* You will find a link to my meal blog along my side bar in my blog list.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.

We had a good weekend, Miley and I still have been fighting our colds, she has a bad cold and I have a sinus infection. So Friday we went to visit my parents as Taylor has a baseball game, we were going to go to it until it started to rain, so we stayed and hung out there. Saturday we were all up early as Taylor went over to the Miller's to fix the entire front end of his car, well, he didn't fix it, Luke, the best mechanic EVER, fixed it while Taylor handed him parts and watched and cleaned up. So Miley and I planted flowers in the morning, flowers I got for Mother's day and then we brought lunch out to the boys and got a 4-wheeler ride with Daddy, surprisingly she wasn't as afraid of it as we thought she would be. She had fun watching Luke and seeing 4 dogs running around. (Joey had a reunion with his Mommy and then their two other dogs) Then we went home and we both took a LONG nap, we both needed some recuperating time. :)

Sunday I got Fruity Pebbles in bed, since we were going to brunch Taylor didn't think we needed to eat too big of a breakfast, so that was just right. Then we all got up and got ready and played outside until it was time to leave for Brunch at Welch with the Pagel family. It was very yummy! Then it was back home for Miley's nap and then down to the Bears game. We got there in the 6th inning, Miley was sleepy! Taylor was so excited to have Miley come down to the field after the game, he couldn't wait to have her run the bases... but Miley wasn't interested in running the bases at all! She rather just pick up the dirt and give it to Daddy. It was pretty comical to watch from the stands. Then it was over to my parents for pizza and then to Dairy Inn for our free Sundaes!

Here are some photos from last week and the weekend. Miley likes to act like Joey and look out the window and play peek-a-boo with the curtain. And like one of my fellow bloggers-- the two of them also like to look out the window to watch Daddy mow the lawn.

I just LOVE how good Joey is with her. He is really like her big brother, it is so cute. He cleans up after her (if she drops food), protects her, lets her beat up on him, and of course loves to cuddle with her. Although, sometimes I get worried when she is around other dogs because she has a lot of trust in Joey and thinks all dogs will be that nice to her, so we have to watch that closely.

Miley's Ouchie... she is showing you her band-aid here...

Here is Miley's UH OH... Taylor and I were in back in our room and her room putting away laundry and she ran out into the living room and all of a sudden we heard UH OH and ran out to the living to see that someone got a hold of the marshmellow bag and dumped it all over the floor!

Miley loves phones! I should have my mom send me the photo we took of her the one day we were at the park. She was swinging in the swing and wanted to talk to Bumpa, so we called Bumpa and she grabbed the phone and talked to him while she swung so I grabbed my moms phone to take a picture. It was pretty cute. And she loves my pink old fashion phone I have hanging in the kitchen. She went to say hello and then realized no one was on the other end.

I'm very excited- Thursday I will be attending my VERY FIRST CONCERT EVER!!!! I'm going with some gals I use to work with to the Keith Urban concert. I'm pumped! The closest thing I've ever come to a concert was when I went to Herberger's in college and saw Jessica Simpson sing 1 song and then got her autograph, although, that was still pretty cool- it wasn't really a concert, so I can't wait. Then, thankfully, Friday I get to sleep in a bit as we have Community Service day at work so I don't have to be there until 8 and then we are basically having fun all day and doing some things for the community as well.

Taylor has school this weekend so we won't get to see him very much but we are looking to have a low-key weekend... I can't believe how fast May is flying by...