Monday, June 28, 2010

Cooper 4 Months- a few weeks late...

I can’t believe that I missed putting Cooper’s 4 month stats on here! And as a form of a ‘baby book’ and a helpful tool to look back on I like having it posted!

Cooper had his 4 month check up on June 10th. He weighed in at 19.13 pounds, which I said, let me feed him because it’s time to eat, then he’ll weight 20 pounds! His weight was off the charts! He was 25 inches long, 75th percentile and I didn’t catch how big his head was but it is in the 75th percentile. Dr. Heilman said that he has never seen an overweight breastfed baby and to not let anyone tell me that he’s too fat. We look at it as a super sports star in the making! He is very strong and likes to stand up and is getting really close at sitting up on his own. He is working on some teeth right now, I can see the bottom front two teeth working their way up, I’m sure they will pop within the next two weeks. He has his hands all figured out and likes reaching for toys and chewing on them. He’s full of smiles and on the verge of laughing. He’s the perfect addition to our little family.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Here are some pictures from Memorial weekend, thanks to Auntie Janna.

I took Miley tubing, she thought it was great! Cooper hung back at the camper with Nana. It was a very fun day!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Love and Hate

The word "Mommy"

Love: When your baby says it looking into your eyes “Mommy, I love you”

Hate: When your 2 year old starts every single sentence with it “Mommy, my shoe is falling off” “Mommy, what’s that” “Mommy, where’s the moon” “Mommy, I’m hungry” (mind you, all of these questions going back to back to back in less than 2 minutes)

Love: Getting a great deal on something you really like

Hate: That I’m buying something I really didn’t HAVE to have but since it’s on sale, I better get it now!

Being at home alone

Love: Peace and Quiet and time to get stuff done

Hate: Instead of relaxing and enjoying the quiet I run around like a crazy person cleaning and doing laundry and everything else on my check list because if I do just sit and enjoy the peace and quiet I then find myself missing my babies and not wanting to be home alone


Love: When your child gets old enough to get their own snack, their own glass of water, walk by themselves

Hate: When your child gets old enough to get their own snack, their own glass of water, walk by themselves


Love: It’s the start to the weekend

Hate: That I’m usually tired and can’t stay up late anymore like I use to. Friday nights are usually early to bed nights!


Love: When my songs on

Hate: When a bad song is on

Being a Mom

Love: I have the two most beautiful babies that I am a Mom too

Hate: Finding the right balance of Mom and Dad time and Husband and Wife time alone and with friends

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Little Loves

  • Squishy Cheeks- OUR squishy cheeks- you know, instead of Butterfly kisses, I do squishy cheeks with my babies, simply rub their soft squishy cheeks up against mine.
  • Bright Blue Eyes
  • Morning Smiles with tired eyes
  • Good night hugs that linger
  • New pictures hanging in my cube thanks to a great friend K.G.
  • Looking up from a busy spreadsheet to see pictures of my babies smiling back at me
  • Twins Tickets for me and the hubby, especially when it’s time for a much needed date
  • Cooking a good dinner and having plenty leftover for lunch the next day
  • Opening the freezer and realizing you aren’t out of bread/hamburger/pizza
  • Good Bye kisses in the morning before taking off for work
  • New Water Bottles
  • A good hair day
  • Free lunch at work
  • Waking up in the middle of the night to spend 5 minutes snuggled with my baby and taking in the special quiet moment

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miley's at School Again

As part of their tradition, Miley went with Taylor to school today. Here are some fun photos Taylor updated me with all day long.

Matching Outfits!

Mommy packed yummy snacks!

Playing catch in the hallway

They had ice cream sundaes for the students- Lucky girl!

Totally cashed out!

Tired Girl

As you can see, if we only lived in Hastings I think we would have quite the babysitter list we could call!

Signing Yearbooks!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Family of Four??

Are we really done having kids?

This is a question I SERIOUSLY ask myself EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I think for the fact that having a child is something that I can 100% control and it is sort of like playing “God” by choosing to bring another life into this world or not. Just to know that you have all the control on whether or not you want to, for me, is what makes this question so hard to answer. I’m good at having kids. My body carries babies well, I deliver well, I bounce back fast, I have lots and lots of milk, and if I may say, Taylor and I make pretty cute babies!  These are the reasons that run through my head when I lean towards having another.


It seems as if this world is made for a family of four. If we had a third kid we would be forced to get new cars that could fit three car seats, vacations would cost that much more, we are out numbered, I’d have to wait until the third kid gets a little older to do some of the fun family things I want to do, we couldn’t think about moving until the third kid started school, then on a selfish note, what if I don’t bounce back as quickly, what if I end up with post partum?

As you can see my ‘stick with two kids’ list seems to be larger than my ‘have another’ list. Taylor and I talk about it all the time and we feel that since we were so blessed to have one of each that it is a blessing in disguise telling us that we are suited for being a family of four. I told Taylor that I have 4 years left of my child bearing years and I refuse to have a child after I turn 30 so whatever we decide we have 4 years to make that decision. Some would say, you have 4 years so why are you stressing about it now? Well, I feel that I have to make a conscious effort to make sure I remember and cherish all of the baby moments I have with Cooper as it is more than likely the last time I’ll experience these moments.

With that said I have registered myself to be apart of the From Yours to Mine consignment sale on September 25. I will be spending my summer preparing all of the kids fall and winter clothes to be sold at this giant consignment sale. Then, I will put their spring and summer clothes in the spring sale next April. I have been going to this sale for the past two years getting stuff for Miley and I always SCORE on tons of great stuff and I am now looking forward to being a consigner and getting to take advantage of the Pre-Sale shopping all consigners get to participate in on Friday evening. Not only will I be cleaning out the 7 large tubs and 10 grocery bags of clothes we have piled up downstairs but I also have found a creative way to earn money for Christmas shopping, and then both of the kids birthday’s which all happen to be back to back to back.

We decided that I will at least sell the clothes as if we have another kid I’ll just get new stuff as our stuff will probably be out dated, but at this point I’m thinking that if we have another baby it will be a complete accident and defy the medical theory of this IUD being 99.99% effective. I keep going back on forth on whether or not I’ll start to sell the baby gear as those items are rather expensive to replace, if we ever needed to. Guess I’ll just have to make that call when the time is right.

The Pagel Family…. Family of Four…. I think that has a good ring to it.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Memorial Weekend

We had a fantastic Memorial weekend!!! Saturday I took the kids to Zumbro Falls where my parents were camping and I brought Miley down by the river were we first made sand castles and a sand turtle and then I grabbed her little tube and put her in it and I took her down the river! I swam behind her while I rested my head on the back side of her tube and she sat with her legs hanging over the top of it, just like a big girl. She thought it was great! I took her first for about 20 minutes and then later in the day my dad joined us and we did the full route, which was only about 40 minutes. This time I had my own tube, she ended up sitting in my lap towards the end. I’ll have to wait for pictures from Auntie Janna on the tubing adventure!

Taylor couldn’t come with us on Saturday as his team, which he coaches, had their first play off game. His team only won 3 games all season and on Saturday they won the first play off game which then they had a game on Monday morning and they won again! They have now made it to the double elimination round and are scheduled to play on Thursday and Saturday. Go Raiders!

Sunday we had the Bears game- Taylor got a HOME RUN!! Miley loves cheering on her daddy and running the bases afterwards.

Monday we watched the Memorial Day parade as it goes right by our house, Miley was SOO excited to see the Marching Band. She is really into marching bands right now. She can name all the instruments, thanks to her most favorite show, right now, Calliou. She even asked to watch the Marching Band episode as she ate breakfast that morning. Silly girl. Then it was off to the Bears game. Miley and I spent most of the game at the playground, 1 hour exactly on the swing. Then it was off to Brendon and Shelly’s house for a little BBQ.

It was a great weekend! As much as I LOVE my little baby I am really looking forward to being able to do things with both my kids. Right now it has been nice being able to spend special alone time with Miley as I do pay a lot of attention to Cooper but I am looking forward to the day where I can run around and play with them both. I’m sure once he becomes mobile I’m going to wish for him to be a baby again as I’m sure I’ll be running back and forth in different directions, but hey, when your baby is 20+ pounds I do look forward to him being able to walk! Mommy sure gets a workout!

I need to get more photos off my camera, but here are a few to hold you over. HEHE

Miley and I playing on the beach at the river

Cooper enjoying a nice long snooze in the shade