Wednesday, August 25, 2010

6 Month Photos

Here are a handful of my favorite photos of Cooper at 6 months

Friday, August 13, 2010

Follow Up Appointment

We will be seeing Dr. Schukla on September 23. (that is the soonest we could get in!) I'm anxious to see what he has to say.

6 Months with Cooper

Cooper had his 6 month check up and here are the stats:

23.7 pounds which is off the chart
26 ¼ inches tall which is in the 50th percentile

So- just like Miley was, short and fat!

Developmentally he is doing great! Very strong and everything looks wonderful.

The only issue we are continuing to have is his left teste still hasn’t descended completely. At birth it was nonexistent and within two weeks it dropped to his groin area and it’s been sitting there ever since. Dr. Heilman is thinking that it must be stuck. I did some research on what that means and it said that his canal could be too short or blocked. A very minor surgery is done to correct those issues. They say that this is more common than you might think, especially with early babies. Cooper was two weeks early and it took two weeks for it to drop out of his abdomen. We are waiting to hear back from the scheduling office to see a specialist from the U of M. With further reading they say that some doctors like to wait until 1 year to see if it will drop further but in my mind it’s been sitting in the exact same spot for 6 months and it doesn’t appear to want to move any further and I’d like to get this taken care of as soon as possible before he gets mobile. I can’t imagine having to keep a 1 year old from grabbing at it and making him sit still for two days. Many parents have posted their experiences with this surgery and they say that their little guys hardly made a peep during the entire process and healed very quickly and very well and it was 100 times harder on the parents then it ever was on their son.

Dr. Heilman highly recommends the doctor we are going to see, Dr. Schukla (I believe is what he said or something like that). He said he is really good at explaining things and answering questions and has really good bed side manner. I said, then that is the doctor for me! We will first go in and meet with him and they will do a full exam on his testicle to see if they can see what the hold up is and from there we will determine the best plan of action. It is important to get this taken care of as soon as possible because the longer it sits up in his groin the chance of infertility and/or cancer will increase. I’ll keep you posted.

He's such a happy boy! He didn't even cry after the first shot and bascially just got mad for 30 seconds after the next two. So strong! And those chubby thighs help too!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wednesday Update

Just a fun little update for a Wednesday morning.

Cooper officially has 2 teeth now! (exact age was 5.5 months) They pooped three days apart. He is falling in the exact line as Miley did. So, if he stays on track he’ll have 8 teeth by 8 months like she did. I kind of hope that he does because he is SO interested in eating- I know he can’t wait until he can chomp down on what we are eating. Speaking of eating, we’ve introduced fruits and veggies to him and he LOVES them! He would get MAD at us during dinner time because he wasn’t eating too so we gave it a try and he just can’t get enough. He does very well with it all. He doesn’t like peas, but we’ll have to give it a try again sometime. His favorite is carrots, after his first taste he gummed at it and then smiled and laughed at me and held his mouth open wide for more. There are times when we just can’t feed it to him quick enough! And I’ve learned my lesson, I can’t pause to take a bite of my dinner while I’m feeding him, he screams at me like ‘Mom, feed me now!’. Guess that is just a sacrifice us Mommy’s have to deal with, a luke-warm meal versus a hot one. We’ve also been introducing the sippy cup when he has his supper with cold breastmilk. He didn’t like it at first but now he does enjoy the cold breastmilk and is getting use to sucking on the sippy cup. I like to do this with his meal so he can wash it down and it prepares him for when we do switch over to regular milk 6 months from now. But, until then, I just make sure I pump enough extra milk every day to put in his cup at dinner time. Cooper is at such a fun age now, he can sit up and play with his toys, he loves his jumperoo, he’s starting to ‘talk’, and he’s so smiley. I love him.

Miley amazes me weekly. It’s so crazy how much a toddler can really change before your eyes. Her vocabulary is what truly amazes me for her age. The other day we were sitting at the table and she was making funny faces into our hutch as she could see her reflection in the glass and I said to her as I was laughing at her, “Miley, what are you doing silly girl?” And she asks, “Mom, what’s that thing called?” and I said “It’s called a hutch” she follows up with (after a pause to think out her sentence) “I’m making funny faces into that hutch”. I was very proud to see her ask a question and then use it in a sentence! And very clearly enunciated as well. She is sure a mini me- she’s got the excitedness about life as I do, her SASSY moments, her loveable moments and her crabby moments and I see myself in all of her emotions. I love my big girl. “Mommy, where are you going?” “I have to go to work but I’ll pick you up today” “No mom, I don’t want you to go to work, I want you to stay here and hold me” AAHHH It’s so hard to leave after you hear that!