Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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Monday, May 24, 2010

My Babies are Doing Impressive Things!

Just a quick update on my babies and their new milestones:

Miley is doing SO well with this whole Potty “Learning” thing! She didn’t have a single accident all weekend! Most of the time I just bring her into the bathroom when I think it is time for her to go and she goes but a few times yesterday she actually stopped playing to tell me she had to go, even #2!! I was VERY excited for her that she has figured that out now! She is very proud of herself too. She says “I’m a big girl and go on the potty chair and get M&M’s and Cooper a baby and he wears diapers.”

Cooper is growing up so fast, he has found his hands and knows how to use them. He loves sitting in his exersaucer’s and both Grandma and Nana’s houses and his jumperoo at our house. He reaches for toys and brings them to his mouth as well as sucking on his own fingers. We think he is starting to teethe as he is a drooling machine and just chomps on his fingers. I’m sure teeth are right around the corner.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mulch Is In

A little more progress on the backyard.

Taylor got the mulch put down around the deck. Eventually we will be getting a couple stepping stones to insert off of the deck to the yard and from the gate to the deck.

To Do List:
  • Prep dirt for seeding
  • Seed
  • Stain Deck
  • Box in swing set and fill with sand

This project is taking a little longer than we originally hoped, we hoped to have grass grown in by June 1st but life does get in the way sometimes of house projects. With Miley running two times a week for dance and swimming and Taylor coaching baseball and playing Bears baseball our time to complete this project is cut short. Plus, finding the right tools to get the job done and someone to either help do the work or help watch the kids so I can help with the work adds to the challenge. But we are slowly but surely getting there.


Potty "Learning"

Well, we are back at it, FINALLY!

Miley has decided she wants to learn how to use the potty! Friday night I thought I would pull out her panties, not the thick training panties but the regular panties, Elmo and Princess ones. She got VERY VERY excited to see the Elmo ones and quickly pulled off her pull up and wanted the Elmo ones on and also her Elmo shirt. Since then, she refuses to want to wear a pull up! YEAH! To me, that means she is ready!!

She had four accidents on Saturday morning but then on Sunday only one accident, which happened to be number 2. I took her to Target to pick out more panties (the ones we had at home were a bit snug since they are the ones from back in October when we first tried). She picked out Elmo, Minnie Mouse, Princess and the Frog and Super Why panties. She also got to pick out a potty present and more potty treats. She was very excited that this shopping trip was all about her!

I let her walk up and down all of the toy isles and she decided on a Dora adventure backpack with treasure hunting accessories, very good for the imagination! And Nana was so proud of her too she said she wanted to get Miley a potty present too so Miley then picked out a pink baseball glove, baseball and baseball bat! Super cute!

Today is the first day of learning to use the potty (all over again) at Grandma's house. Grandma Pam said she was going to make Potty Time super exciting and fun, so everytime that Landon goes potty Miley has to go potty too. Miley was very excited to show Landon that she has big girl panties on so I hope it goes well today again!

There is no going back this time- she is going to figure this out and if I have to do a lot of laundry in the mean time, so be it! Here's to Potty 'Learning'!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Taylor's Graduation

Taylor graduated from St. Mary’s University with his Masters in Education this weekend. We are all very proud of him!

We camped down in Winona and went out and celebrated on Saturday night, and it was a celebration indeed! Our Dad’s were the life of the party, everyone kept telling Taylor that he had the coolest Dad and Dad-in-law ever and they were jealous at how much fun they were! Let’s just say that I love my Daddy and I know my Dad likes to have a good time and he certainly knows how to embarrass his daughter! HAHA, It’s all good though. I like that people are jealous at how fun my Dad is, it makes me proud! And Thanks to Nana for hanging out with our babies so we could celebrate Taylor’s big accomplishment!

This picture sums up our two year accomplishments- two beautiful babies and a Master's degree!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Backyard Project Continues...

New addition to the backyard project

Taylor’s Aunt Jodi had one that she wanted to get rid of so we moved it to our backyard! It is just perfect! Miley’s been asking for one since last summer and since we had the yard tore up we decided now was the best time to go for it!

Miley is in her glory! She has her PINK swing or as she says- ‘Wing” and a super fast slide! She Loves it!Now, we just need to get the grass seed planted so we can fully enjoy our new backyard!

**Pictures complimentary of Grandma Pam**

To Do List:
  • Box in Swing set and fill with sand
  • Smooth out the dirt
  • Prep dirt for Seed
  • Seed and Fertilize
  • Stain Deck


Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Deck is IN!

In just a few hours today Taylor, with some help from some buddies, got the deck complete! We already love, love, love it! We need to stain it, but the hard part is done!

During the process I ran to the store to get some food for dinner and when I came back apparently Cooper had fallen asleep so the guys set up the pack and play and went back to work and he slept through the whole process.

Miley had a hay day playing outside all day too, our backyard is the biggest sandbox she has ever seen, yes, a bath was much needed tonight!

And because I was taking pictures of her she said she needed to take a picture of me too. She really does take good pictures. No cropping or editing was done, she fills the frame nicely. :)

Doesn't the deck look pretty!

It was Ken's birthday today, Miley and Grandma went and got him an ice cream cake. She was very excited to sing to him and have him blow out his candles. This was the best candle I could find. :) But hey, it worked!

Up next for our backyard remodel:

  • Edging and mulch around the deck
  • Smooth out the dirt and prep for grass seed
  • Plant grass seed
  • Stain deck
  • Watch the grass grow
More updates to come as we check off our next item!

Miley's Dance performance