Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rough times for Miley

Poor Miss Miley not only is cutting her canines right now but has gotten a cold, and fell and bit her lip yesterday, of course on the side that I can actually see the tooth just under the gum. The poor thing really hasn't slept much since last Thursday night. Friday night we were up from 1-4 and Saturday she looked like a walking Zombie but wouldn't relax enough to take a good long nap. Total for the day I think we got in an hour and a half's worth of naps from her. Her eyes were watery and half open, her nose was runny and her gums were quite swollen. Saturday night- tossing and turning and screaming out in the night in pain- VERY crabby on Sunday- not all day but she had her moments, which seemed like most of the day- woke up from a nap screaming and didn't stop for a good half hour and didn't want a THING to do with me- arched her back and everything- only wanted her Nana. Sunday night- sleepless- we only got 5 hours- she got close to 8 hours but very interrupted by screams of pain from her mouth. We've been giving her pain reliever and it wasn't until I remembered to pull out the Orajel at 3am on Monday morning did we all sleep well, well, until I had to get up at 5 to get ready for work.

Last night she slept pretty good, I ended up bringing her to our bed at 1:30 because she was just awake and I was too exhausted to sit and rock with her to get her back to sleep. But today the cold came on, coughing, really runny nose, no appetite. But when we got home I let her choose a snack and she chose applesauce and ate a cup of that all by herself, then she actually, finally, ate a good dinner, good meaning a good amount, not so much on the healthy side, but who wants to eat healthy when they are super sick, she enjoyed some of Schwan's new fried green beans (which we bake to not add extra grease) she LOVES to dip those in ranch! Then she ate a chicken nugget and a Jo-Jo. Yummy convenient food we call that! Fresh from the toaster oven in 15 minutes! Then it was bath time and I KNOW she wasn't feeling well when she just sat still for her whole bath, normally she is all over the tub and acting like a crazy woman and tonight, she just sat and relaxed. Then fifteen minutes later she was out like a light at 7:10. I'm just praying that she'll sleep well through the night, she can't get better if she continues to be sleep deprived.

So, needless to say, with not feeling well pictures haven't been something we've been able to do. But do enjoy this cute video we got of her tonight in the 10 minutes she was feeling good after her yummy dinner. She learned a new dance move! :)

Miley Dancin'

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cowgirl and Hula Dancer

Miley loves to play dress up and pretend!

Here she is being a Cowgirl riding her Pony saying Yee Haw!!

And here she is being a Hula Dancer with her Hula outfit from her Great Grandma and Grandpa Duden!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Miley's Music Video at the Museum

Children's Museum

We took Miley to the Children's Museum today, for President's Day, and she had a blast! She wasn't so sure what to think right away, but it didn't take her too long to warm up to the place and run all around. She had fun watching a turtle and snack eat, sliding down some slides, she learned how to walk up and down a ramp, who would have thought that that was such a hard task to accomplish, but she figured it out, and we had a nice little family picnic on a park bench and she ate very well just sitting between us with a cloth for a plate on her lap! There was even a room that kids could pretend they were making a music video- that was Miley's favorite, she didn't want to leave that room.

Here are some fun shots from the day.....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Miley in February

Miley is 13.5 months old now. It seems the months fly by faster and faster, but I think it is because we are having so much fun with her! She still amazes us daily. She is learning so much so fast. Her vocabulary grows daily. Who would have thought, for a 1 year old. She will repeat much of what you ask her to say. Some new words over the last couple weeks include: sock, toes, present, yellow, purple, blue,Thank You and What. Her colors, she doesn't 'know' them, but I tell her something is blue she will say it back. Now- keep in mind that it's not 'clear' words, but more so the sounds the word makes. But we can still understand her.

Miley's hair has finally grown long enough for me to put pigtails in it!! I was home with her on Friday and we gave it a try. I LOVED them!!! She looks so cute in them!

Miley's new 'trendy' outfit...

Having a snack in her princess chair...

Stacking- she is an amazing stacker!

Happy Valentine's Day

Getting a ride from Nana

Tomorrow is President's Day and we both have the day off so we are taking Miley to the Children's Museum to play in the Habitot area. We are really excited to see how she will like that. It will be a fun day!

Bar Updates

The bar is sure coming along, a lot faster then the two of us thought. We aren't setting a deadline and just do stuff when we feel like it and I guess we've, or Taylor I should say, has been pretty ambitious because we are almost done already!

We painted last weekend, we totally didn't think we would, and I said we better just buy the paint so if we feel like painting one night we'll have it, well, we ended up staying up until 11 last Saturday night, put the first coat on, Sunday morning sent Miley to Nana and Bumpa's while we did the second coat, both went our ways to run some errands, came back did the last coat of red and we were done!!! Granted now we have to re-paint the living room, we already have the red in the living room from before but we need to re-do the brown, I'm thinking that might be our project possibly tonight..... we'll see.

Really, the only thing he has left to do is put the floor trim back on and finish staining and install the trim around the bar. The back wall of the bar will be a work in progress over time, we are going to put up a mirror and install built ins, but that will be Taylor's on-going project for when he is bored. And then decorating it with 'Bar' stuff. I got Taylor a pretty cool Pub clock for Valentine's Day that matches perfectly in there!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Daily Fun with Miss Miley

The other night Taylor and I were working in the kitchen and Miley was running back and forth from her room to us and the last time we noticed that she went to her room but never came back so we snuck back to her room to see what she was doing- and to our surprise we found Miley's Big Mess... with her sitting in the corner with a guily look on her face!!

Miley enjoying some pudding with whip cream, maybe a little too much! And her new expression--the OOOOO expression-- like, OH WOW this is soo good!

I was cleaning out Miley's drawers and came across her Bikini that now fits her, we had to put it on before bathtime to get a good laugh! She looks so darn cute in it! And look at that belly!!

Here is Cowgirl Miley! She just all of a sudden has taken interest in her Cowgirl hat. She loves to put it on herself and walk around. (Thanks Great Uncle Peter and Aunt Janna)

Miley with her baby. She LOVES babies now. She can say Baby pretty clearly and she loves to hug and kiss them, feed them and rock them. This baby comes with a baby carrier, Miley decided she likes it better when she is sitting on the carrier!

Bath Time with Miley Kay

Miley LOVES taking baths! I just have to say, 'Who wants to take a bath!?!' and she smiles and says BATH.. well, it's more like 'baaa' but we know that means bath. She runs to the bathroom and can't wait to get undressed. The other night I was getting the tub ready and she was running around and I had turned around to get her towels out and the next thing I knew she had grabbed two blankets and a burp cloth from her room and threw them in the tub and when I said- MILEY what are you doing- she was already grabbing for more things to toss in the tub. I couldn't help but laugh!!

Her new favorite thing to do in the bath is pour water out of her glass onto her face. She thinks she is pretty funny!

Miley's hair is starting to get some wave to it. Here are some post-bath curls...