Wednesday, June 27, 2007

12 Weeks and the Nursery

Well-- I know it may be a bit premature but we just couldn't help ourselves...we have the nursery set up! When we moved in we knew that the first thing that room was going to be was a nursery so I painted it accordingly and ironically the Monday of the week I found out I was pregnant (Friday that week) I was just looking to see if I could find the bedding I had pictured having in that room- THE POND - and I found it so I bought it- I figured I knew we were trying and its better to spread out the cost of all the baby stuff-- and lucky for me that I did buy it! Then my mom found the changing table at a garage sale and the crib is from the Lorentz family- so we figured- we might as well get it all set up so the nursery actually looks organized!

Here is a closer image of the crib

Here is a close up shot of the bedding-- THE POND- if its a girl we'll jazz up the walls and other things with Fairies, Flowers and Butterflies and if its a boy we'll jazz it up with more Blue Dragonflies, Frogs and Turtles.

I also finally got around to taking my 12 week belly shot-- this is me at really 12.5 weeks along-

And here is a new photo of our babies Tigger and Joey....

For 12 weeks-- I'm slowly doing better-- I have more better days then bad days so that's a good thing and I'm easing into my 2nd trimester- hopefully within the next two weeks I'll find myself being able to keep everything down, feeling more energized and hopefully getting that pregnancy glow. But for now- I have made it to the "safe Zone" they say usually by 12 weeks if everything is still going well for the baby it should stay that way! So that's exciting! Baby Pagel has now started its reflexes- sucking, swallowing, going to the bathroom and moving all around- I just wish I had a little microscope so I could peak in and see what is going on in there- I just can't wait until the first time I feel it move! I'm really looking forward to that!

As far as being pregnant in general-- Totally excited for the fair- A footlong corn dog is calling my name- and so are cheese curds, dippin dots and a freshly squeezed lemonade! You know- all the healthy stuff!!! But I have been craving fruit- watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries! YUM! Peanut Butter is still my best friend but my cravings are starting to branch out a bit more then just PB&J and grilled cheese- and I do find myself having to eat about 10 times a day- very small meals of course- but I can't eat very much at one time- I'll be starving and when I sit down to eat I can't even get half of it down- so I just eat small meals and snacks basically all day long- good thing my job allows for that!

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Carpet!!

Well, we finally got new carpet in!!! So far only the two bedrooms upstairs have been completed- the downstairs should be coming in a week or two.

Let me just take you back to the carpet before..... these pictures don't really show how old the carpet was but you can get the idea...

So- obviously in order to take out the old stuff and put in new stuff we had to move everything out of the rooms-- we had a camp out in the living room for 2 nights-- and boy was it a mess out there!!!

This is our bedroom with the nasty carpet all torn out! YEAH!!

And here is our finished bedrooms!!! It is such a GREAT feeling to have fresh new carpet down- it's so much more comfortable in there, smells fresh and just changes the whole feeling of the room!

We are hoping- we'll see how life is this time next year with the baby- but we are hoping that with Taylor's next coaching paycheck we'll be able to finish off the house with new carpet and replace the carpet in the upstairs living room and hallway and the stairs. Updating a house takes time and we are fine with taking baby steps.

And just because I've seen this on a commercial where a person walks into their living room and it looks like a bomb went off and really the dog just destroyed his favorite toy... I couldn't believe how big of a mess he made in such a short amount of time! I just had to laugh! But Joey is getting much better- he is learning to behave now and has mellowed out a bit and the best thing- he finally can control his bladder and goes to the door like a good boy when he needs to go out!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

11 Weeks

Well- I thought 11 weeks would bring me a sign of relief but- I had a few hurdles to still pass. I was very sick on Friday- I even went to bed at 6:30!! Saturday I was just a bit queezy but other then that I was Ok but ended up coming down with a headache- then Sunday woke up with the same headache which made me a little sick. Monday morning I woke up with still the same headache and was very faint when I was trying to make myself some toast. I emailed a nurse at the hospital just to see if it was something to be concerned about or not. She called me shortly after and wanted to see me right away.

I was slightly dehydrated- but not enough to put me on an IV- she thought I could fix it on my own, and she changed my anti-nausea medication to Phenergan (sp?) that one makes me feel better but pretty tired- so I only take it when I really need to.

BUT- the best part of my unexpected doctor appointment was that I got to hear the heartbeat!!! She wanted to make sure things were sounding fine in there and she pulled out her doppler and I got very excited- so I laid back and she moved it around for a minute and then finally found it-- a HUGE smile came across my face and she kind of looked at me like- What, it's just the heartbeat-- so I said- This is the first time I've heard this- and she said OOO really- and turned it up so I could hear it more clearly. The heartbeat was between 155-160, so nice and strong. I was bummed Taylor couldn't hear it- but he is coming with me on July 5 to our next scheduled appointment so he'll get to hear it then- and I plan on bringing my camera with to record some video of her checking the heartbeat so you all can hear it on here too!!

This is just another neat photo of a baby at 11 weeks..... just something fun to look at!

On the house front-- I need to take some photos tonight and post them for you- you can't even imagine what my living room looks like right now! We are actually sleeping on our mattress in the middle of the living room and you can't hardly get to the couches- its madness! Our new carpet is getting put in in our bedroom and the nursery on Thursday- and we are getting a deal on some really great carpet for the basement but we have to wait 2 more weeks for it to come in- so as long as the upstairs gets put back together here soon we'll be fine waiting for the basement for a little longer. Hopefully pictures of our mess to come tomorrow.

And stay tuned for next week and my 12 week belly shot!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

10 Weeks

Well- not much has changed from week 9 to week 10 besides I think I'm slowly but surely beginning to get over my morning sickness-- Monday's seem to be a bad day at work- the past two I was sick for most of the day- but then come Tuesday I'm only sick once and now it's Wednesday and so far so good- so hopefully over the next 2 1/2 weeks now I'll notice things starting to get better.

I have felt more motivated this week- I made some homemade salsa and tacos so far this week- and before this week cooking like that was the LAST thing on my list!

Just another cool photo of a baby at 10 weeks- they say its the size of a plum now and weighs 5 grams! And the baby has started to move all around in there- of course I can't feel anything yet.... probably not for another 4-6 weeks until I experience that.

I have started water aerobics which is every Tuesday and Thursday night- I'm doing it with my mom, friend Megan and her mom-- its a lot of fun! I don't necessarily work my butt off to try to loose weight like everyone else in the class but it does feel good to just work my muscles, move around and play in the pool. I'm taking it at my own pace and its nice to be able to do that.

We are in the process of getting new carpet in parts of the house- Taylor finally got that nasty red stuff pulled out in the basement and we are hoping we'll be able to do the nursery and our bedroom as well- we are just waiting for the carpet guy to come over and give us an estimate.

Joey is growing bigger and bigger every day- we got him a shock collar to help train and we've only had to shock him a few times- he sure has learned quickly and it makes for a better house hold when he behaves himself. Tigger is turning 2 on Thursday, the 14th!! He is getting a nice helping of his favorite wet food for dessert!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

9 Weeks

Well- here we are, half way through 9 weeks and its not treating me any better. I spent all of Sunday in bed- it was nice to get the rest and anytime I got out of bed to try to do something I got sick- so in bed I stayed. Then Monday came and getting through a full day of work was a chore- but then out of no where at 8:00pm I got a burst of energy- picked up the whole house, cleaned out my closet of clothes I don't wear anymore- and felt like grocery shopping at 9pm- so I went and got all the things I have been craving- a big pickle, pop tarts, beef jerkey, Fruity Pebbles, Orange Juice, Kiwi's, Nectarines, Oranges, and yogurt. Almost all of which I brought with me to work today so that whenever I get hungry I'll know I will have everything that my tastebuds desire.

One other thing I bought was popsicles- This morning I started not feeling well, again, and went to the freezer for a popsicle and TA DA- I felt better!! Sugar Free Grape Popsicle seemed to do the trick- that and sitting in a chair when I got ready in front of the mirror. I think, and I hope I have found a trick for getting through my mornings! So- hopefully things will start to look up from here-- I hear that weeks 10-12 you start feeling better and better each day and I'm looking forward to that.

Here is just another cool photo I found online- the baby has grown its fingers and toes this week and is about the size of an olive.