Monday, October 30, 2006

Honeymoon...finally planned....

Carnival Cruise Line- Eastern Caribbean-

Well- we've finally made up our mind... we are going on a Honeymoon!!!! We are going on a cruise- Cruise ShipVictory.... this is a picture of our boat!!!

We are leaving out of Miami, Florida and porting at San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the St. Thomas and St. Maarten Islands- It's a seven day cruise. - Heading out March 4 (after Dance is over) and returning March 11.

Here are some of the sites we can take in at our port in San Juan- Great place to site see I've been told....

Here is lovely St. Thomas- we are thinking of doing a little snorkling at our port here... I can't wait to see that pretty blue water....

This is sunny St. Maarten... we are for sure going to be taking in some good beach time at this port.

We are really excited about our cruise- everyone we've talked to that has been on one has said it was the best vacation they have ever gone on.... so we are hoping that is true for us too. Any cruising tips are gladly welcome.... We'll be sure to post pictures when we get back... until then.... the count down to the days of sun and sand couldn't go fast enough.. at least I have dance to keep me busy- it will be a great treat after I have won a state championship!! :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Member of the Family....

My cousin Heidi had a baby boy on Tuesday.... Perfect timing for a new member of the family to arrive.... check out her blog to see pictures.....

Welcome to the family Maddox!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


For those that don't know- my Gramps passed away Tuesday afternoon from a sever case of lung cancer. We are so glad to know that he is now in peace and without pain- but we will all miss him very much. He was such a good man with a good heart for helping those in need. He was a wonderful father and the best Grandpa in the world!!!

We would like all of those that have had their lives touched by Duwey to come to his wake and funeral.

The wake will be held at First English Lutheran Church on Friday the 20 from 4-7
The funeral will be held at First English Lutheran Church on Saturday at 11- there will be a lunch after the service and the burial will follow.

My Gramps was the best Gramps in the whole world and he will be greatly missed- for those Saturday morning coffee stops, the great big hugs and kisses he always gave, all of our nicknames that only he called us, his help whenever we needed it, and his love that he had for his entire family.

We love you Gramps- always and forever

Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me....

I am offically 22 now!! Happy Birthday to me!!! I didn't do a whole lot for my 22nd birthday.... Guess when you get older birthday's aren't as big as they use to be. I'm now past all the exciting birthdays a person has in their lifetime- 16, 18, 21.... now what is there to look forward to.... 40 and over the hill!!! I think I'll just stay 22 forever then.... :)

Well- I did get to have a nice dinner with Taylor and my parents- my choice- so we had Bar-B-Que ribs, bisquits, cheesy potatoes, green beans and chocolate cake- which I decorated myself with cute little pink and purple sugar candies- which by the way- aren't very good- but they looked so darn cute!!!

So Happy Birthday To Me!!!
And Heidi- I was hoping I was going to get to share my birthday with your little buddle of joy.... When is that baby coming out!?!??! !

Friday, October 06, 2006

Married Life

Well, So far married life is just what I was hoping it would be. Just perfect, just the right amount of arguements that we laugh at 5 minutes after we have them because we realized how stupid the arguement was, and the perfect amount of love, happiness and laughs. Its just wonderful. Although it hasn't been a lot of newlywed time spent together because we are so busy, Taylor has work and all the extra stuff he ends up doing throughout the week and I have dance every night so we don't get to spend a lot of time together during the week, but that just makes the time we do get to be together that much better.

We ARE planning our honeymoon- the plans are in the works- we are thinking a trip to Cancun to stay in an All-inclusive resort. We are hoping to take off on March 4 and be gone for a week. We have to wait until March because dance has already started and we have our state tournament at the end of February, then I have the banquet for dance on March 3- so we'll be taking off right after that......perfect time to take off- it will be cold and icky here and sunny and 80 down there! We'll keep you updated on what we finally decide.

Married Life is Great................