Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quick Update

It's been three nights in a row now that Miley has slept through the night! YEAH!! I honestly don't think we could have asked for an easier baby- I mean- she just knew the week that both of us went back to work that it was time for her to sleep all night long. She always does what her mommy tells her to do!

AND-- great news-- I found a sling that works! YEAH!!! Heidi so graciously is letting me borrow her wrap sling- I tried it out last night and Miley actually enjoyed it! And I even worked out with her in it- I walked on the treadmill for a little bit and did some squats and lunges with her- they say to use the weight of the baby in replace of hand weights- works for me! I'll get some pictures of Miley enjoying her sling in the next couple days here.

And- it is Miley's (soon-to-be) cousin's due date tomorrow-- she is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Little Pagel (Brendon and Shelly's) we are so curious to see if LP is a boy or girl...We can't wait to meet him or her!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our Mature Little Miley

Well- can you believe it- our little Miley- not quiet 8 weeks yet is starting to sleep through the night already!!!! She goes to bed between 9 and 9:30 and is totally asleep by 10 and for the past two nights hasn't woken up for a night feeding! Monday night she woke up at 4 and I went and tried to give her her paci to try to get her to go back to sleep until 5 but she was WIDE awake and just looked at me like- Yeah right mom- this paci isn't cutting it. But this morning she woke up when our alarm clock went off! It was GREAT! I hope that these past two nights weren't a fluke and that this is really a start to getting more sleep at night! She has been a good sleeper since the beginning so I think this is going to be her new thing now.

And- Miley is following her mom's footsteps and is a morning person- she loves to give you smiles in the morning! It leaves both Taylor and I with happy thoughts in our minds to tide us over during the work day.

And- if you haven't read the book Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? you need to! It was Landon's favorite book and Miley got it for a shower gift and I've been reading it to her every night and now she gets super excited when I get it out and while I'm reading it she smiles and coos and looks at the pictures and kicks her legs and her arms fling around- it's great! It's so much fun to play with her now that she can interact with us!

Monday, February 25, 2008

First Day of Daycare...Grandma Daycare

Well, This morning was our first day of getting to daycare and we did it! Miley was asleep by 10 last night and so was I! She woke up at 1:15am for just a little snack and we were both asleep again by 1:45am and like clock work- my alarm went off at 5am and she started waking up. She had a mini-breakfast (normally she hogs down, but she wasn't that hungry this morning that early I guess) and she got dressed and took a cat nap with Daddy as I got myself ready and we were out of the house by 6:10am! I had my 5 bags and Miley in her carseat so it was a Good Morning! I couldn't have done it without my lists and organization- I spent 45 minutes last night getting everything ready for this morning! But hey- I got out of there on time and didn't forget anything!

We got to Grandma's and when we got there Grandpa had the day off so he got to help Grandma adjust to having both Miley and Landon and Miley is SUCH a morning person, like her Momma, and she was full of smiles for them! And it seems to be Landon's new thing- he says- Where did Mindi go? all the time now- so he came upstairs right after I had left and asked them- Where did Mindi go? because he saw me driving away...maybe tomorrow he'll be awake and I can give him a hug in the morning too! :) I'm sure he's having a fun day playing with Miley- OR is super jealous of her taking their attention. HAHA! I'm so excited to have them grow up together and be the best of friends! He'll take good care of her! Watch out boys...Miley might not have an older brother to protect her but she's got her cousin Landon who will!

Friday, February 22, 2008

More from the Daddy Cam

Look- Daddy Dressed Me!!!

OK- I've got to hand it to Taylor-- this is really cute! He did this all by himself! What a good Daddy! And she just looks so darn CUTE!

I'm going to miss not having him next week to take pictures on his phone all day long and send them to me! Grandma Pam will have to take pictures and post them on her blog often so I can see my little girl!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Daddy Cam

Just so I wouldn't go through major withdrawl symptoms- Taylor took a picture of Miley and sent it to me. She takes to her bottle very well- we are truly blessed that she will eat great off of her bottle and adjusts great when I get home to nurse. She was stuck to me for most of the night last night- but that was fine with me. I love that bonding time- and she did give me enough of a break so we could do our family work out. - Miley in her swing, me on the treadmill and Taylor lifting weights- it's great family bonding time. :) Joey and Tigger even join in on the fun- Joey lays on the couch in our workout room and Tigger watches all the action from the hallway.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back at Work

Yes- I am now officially back at work. Today is my first day back and let me tell you- it was not easy leaving the house this morning. I couldn't stop kissing her and holding her- but she was sound asleep so I knew I had to just leave- but I didn't get out of the house without shedding a few tears.

Yesterday I took some time to make myself a checklist-- WHAT- Mindi made a list!?!?! Does it surprise you! LOL! So anyway, I made one of my famous lists of things I have to do each evening and things I do in the morning- and at the end of my list I wrote- 5 bags + Miley in her carseat by 6:15am = Good Morning! I also wrote myself some encouraging thoughts- Happy, Healthy and Terrific and POSITIVE THOUGHTS! That way I can keep myself going! There is so much to do to get myself ready for work and to get Miley's stuff ready that I don't think I could do it without my list.

Well- Miley's been at home with Daddy all day and will be for the rest of the week- I've talked to Taylor- what- 5 times already and its not even Noon. Things are going well for him and she is napping right now.

Being at work really gives me something to look forward to at the end of each day- I can't WAIT to get home and hold my little baby girl! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another Blow Out

Ok- this blow out just had to be shared! We were visiting with Dean Taylor the other night and we each had taken our turns holding her- Dean held her- she got hungry- I feed her and then gave her to Daddy- then as Dean was leaving Taylor handed her to me to walk Dean to the door and as we did the hand off my hand got all gooey wet- then Taylor looked down to see this.....

It got on his sweatshirt and everything! The weirdest part is that we have NO IDEA when she let it go because we always can hear when she poops like this!

Luckily it was bath night anyway!

Miley's Last full night in our room....

This was a picture we took of Miley's last full night of sleeping in her bassinet in our room. The following night she slept half the night in there and now I have weened myself and she is sleeping all night in her crib in her room. She really likes her space and those bassinets are just too narrow- she couldn't stretch out completly so I knew it was time. But I am comforted by our monitor- it picks up every little noise so the sound of her breathing puts me to sleep soundly.

A visit to Mommy's Work

We went to visit Mommy's work on Tuesday- all of my co-workers were so excited to see us! It is so hard to believe that it has already been 6 weeks! That went WAY to fast! I go back to work on Wednesday the 20th.... I am going to miss her SO MUCH! Luckily Taylor will be taking her for the rest of that week so I can ease into not being with her all day long. It will be nice to know that she is just at home with Daddy- which is going to be interesting for him! I wonder how many phone calls I will get.... So- I think the hardest thing when I go back I will be having to adjust to my pump being my best friend.... fun! - Not! I will miss all the times her and I get to bond when I feed her-- lucky for me- she likes to cluster feed at night so I will get my fix then.


Alright- I didn't think Miley would fall asleep for me to get this done this afternoon but low and behold she is out!

Miley Kay was baptised on February 10 at Spring Garden Church. Of course the COLDEST day ever- but we bundled her up good and made our way to church. We want to thank our family for venturing out in that cold weather to share such a special day with us. Miley's Godparents are Ben and Bekki Bakken.

Miley was a perfect angel! She slept through everything! She loves her bath time so I knew that the water on her head wouldn't be a problem- she did open her eyes long enough to know what was going on but fell right back asleep.

Miley's gown is a family gown. My brother, sister and myself all wore it along with a few of my mom's cousins children. It will now stay safe at my house for our next child.

The bonnet that Miley is wearing is from Grandma Nana- it is a bonnet for the day of her baptism and then you remove a few stiches from the back and it turns into a hankie for the day of her wedding. So special!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Sending Love, Hugs and Kisses your way!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Blow Out

Here are the pictures of Miley's Blow Out! Of course I had just put her in a cute new outfit and had just laid her down to take a nap and she was wide awake so I went in to check on her again and she just let out a good one, which is why she hadn't fallen asleep- her tummy was gurgling- so I had to change her before she fell asleep and this is what I found! So- she had to take a bath to get it all cleaned off- but she LOVES her baths so it ended up being a fun and enjoyable thing for her! She is always keeping Mommy on her toes!

OH-- and I know this isn't THAT bad- Maddox had a pretty nasty one if I remember correctly- but it was still gross!

Miley's New Trick

Our baby is 1 month old already!!!

I can't believe that our little baby is already 1 month old! When they say that kids grow up so quickly I now understand!!

Miley is one smart cookie! Our chiropractor told us that she is already advanced for her age- one of the things she did on Miley she said she can't do anymore because she has such good control of her neck that she will over-ride the procedure on her own. -- So Miley can now do the following- hold her head up when you have her on your shoulder pretty good, she can REALLY follow things with her eyes and head, she is starting to coo at us and she is smiling! She doesn't do it all the time but if you catch her in the right mood and make good eye contact with her she will give you a smile. We make time every night to work on these things and she loves it! We have noticed that she likes her space. Since the day we came home from the hospital we noticed she HATED having her feet bound up tight in a blanket- which means she HATES my sling, so sad, so we have come to find out that she likes to have her space sometimes and lay flat on the floor to stretch out and look at the world around her. Of course she does like to have her cuddle time too- but I think we are blessed to have a baby that doesn't HAVE to be held ALL THE TIME! That would drive me crazy I think- Mommy needs a little space once in awhile too- like, to go to the bathroom! :)

Miley had her first shopping trip to the mall with Mommy and Nana- she LOVED it! Well- I should say she LOVED her stroller- it put her right to sleep the whole time- but when she did wake up she loved to gaze at all the bright lights. And I want to give a shout out to Macy's- I LOVE the lounge they have in the women's bathroom- such a nice place to sit to nurse a baby.

And Miley went to visit her Daddy at work too! She was a hit! And she loved looking around in Daddy's classroom and laying on the table to check things out.

Well- I was going to add more pictures but Blogger has some errors right now- so I'll have to try again later- she had a blow out yesterday and I got some shots of the mess I had to clean up that went all the way up her back... So- until then...