Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have some VERY exciting news to share!!!! Miley pulled herself up today!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I was just shocked when I watched her do it! I had set her in her crib so I could pack up her swimming bag and the next thing I knew she was pulling herself up- of course I was home alone as Taylor is in Lanesboro with his brothers playing softball- so I didn't have anyone to share that moment with except for Joey-- I was jumping up and down and screaming with excitment and Joey was howling and Miley was laughing!! I was SOO proud of her!! I had my phone sitting right there so I used that to snap the picture! I then had to sit her down to see if she would do it again and sure enough- she did!!! Guess now I will be putting up the side of her crib so she doesn't decide to do this in the middle of the night!

To celebrate such an exciting achievement Nana and I took her to the pool! She LOVES swimming!!! And I am taking the day off tomorrow to spend the day with Miley and take her to get her 6 month photos done! Then we are going camping at the lake with my parents.

Miley has learned some other new tricks-- Taylor has been working with her all week on waving Hi and Bye- and she sure has it down now!! And today she really figured out how to say her 'D's so it has been dadadada all day long, it made Taylor feel good to hear her say Dada before he left.

It's a little bit sad to think that my baby is growing up so fast but I get so excited for her when she learns new things!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Miley at the Beaver Show

Watch the video below- Miley was very excited to watch the Beavers get fed at the aquarium- she wanted everyone to know how excited she was. Listen closely for her towards the end of the video...

Miley at the Beaver Show

Miley's favorite noise to make!

Miley Clapping

Friday, July 25, 2008

Miley's First Vacation

We had a WONDERFUL Vacation! Miley was sooo good! She adjusted well to the motorhome and had fun spending a full week with Mommy! Our trip started out on Friday night and we drove up to Hinkley, on the way we ran into a storm and had to pull off the road and park behind a gas station to get out of the winds, it was a little scary as it was really blowing but it didn't last too long and afterwards we got to see a rainbow from end to end. We stayed at the Grand Casino campground and one of the ends of the rainbow ended right at the casino- I told my dad we should have gone in and played the slots so that could be our 'Grand Casino Story!'

Saturday we drove up to the North Shore- 45 minutes north of Grand Marais, across the lake from our campsite was Canada- so we were way up there! It was a very beautiful campground but since it has been so rainy up there the bugs were thick!

Sunday I went and got a massage- which was wonderful then we headed into Grand Marais to walk around to the shops and touch Lake Superior, Miley thought it was pretty cold but she liked playing with the rocks.

Monday we rented a pontoon for 4 hours and went around the Gunflint Lake- half of the lake was Canada and the other half was the US- we of course has to cross the line just to say that Miley has been in Canada!

Tuesday we decided to leave the North Shore a day early due to the bugs and head into Duluth. We stopped in Lutsen to take a Gondola ride up the mountain- that was beautiful!! And a lot of fun to ride!

Wednesday we went to the Duluth Aquarium- which Miley really enjoyed! She especially liked the seahorses and the Beaver show. We then walked on the board walk and ate at Grandma's Sports Bar. Then drove over to the Rose Garden's which was beautiful!!

Thursday Taylor was able to join us (he missed us terribly) and we went to Fitger's thinking we were going to get a brewery tour but they weren't running one that day but we were able to try their home brewed beer and root beer. We walked out to the lighthouse, got a horse and carriage ride and ate at the originals Grandma's.

Friday we headed out of Duluth but first stopped at the Duluth Zoo- which was disappointing because all the animals were asleep. Then we headed to a campground near Moose Lake where we finally got to have a fire and made homemade pizza and pie over the fire! SOO yummy!

Saturday we met up with Tammy and Jim in Moose Lake to garage sale- it rained most of the day so it was a pretty low-key day. Then Sunday we headed home. It was a great time, very relaxing and fun to experience things with Miley. Thank you Mom and Dad for taking us with you! We love you!!!!

Here are a TON of pictures--- we documented Miley's first trip completely! Didn't want to miss a minute of it!