Wednesday, July 25, 2007

16 Weeks

Everything is still about the same. I've been craving healthy food-- it's about time! FRUIT I just can't get enough of! And I think either its the not so healthy food or my Crohn's kind of acting up because I haven't been feeling the greatest on that end of things and food isn't staying with me long enough- but now that I've been trying to eat lots of healthy food every day it seems to be helping. With my Crohn's my body has a hard enough time absorbing enough nutrients as it is and that's not good for the baby- so I decided that I better eat as healthy as I can so that what does get absorbed is at least good healthy vitamins.

I learned this week that the baby is now 5 inches long!! And between the baby, placenta and amniotic fluid it all weighs 3 pounds- and so far- I've only gained those 3 pounds- I'm not complaining now though because I guess I'd rather it be that way then saying I've already gained 10+ pounds.... I've got 4 more weeks to put on a few more pounds or my doctors might start nagging me- but I honestly eat ALL DAY LONG- so I'm trying- I really am!

We go to the doctor again next Wednesday, August 1st- and at that appointment we get to schedule our next ultrasound- so I'll update again next Thursday with what happened at the appointment and when our ultrasound is going to be.

I saw this really amazing photo online this week and thought I'd share.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

15 Weeks

Still just hanging in there at 15 weeks...

Morning Sickness: still present but VERY sporadic

Cravings: its different every day and some days I don't really "crave" anything but others I just HAVE to have what I want- still the same key items: grilled cheese (now I like a little meat on it too), peanut butter toast, tator tots from a resturant- Dairy Inn ones are my favorite, cooked carrots, and every now and again I just HAVE to have a fountain pop.

Weight Gain: well- with all my sickness I had gone down three pounds, according to the doctor's scale but I think- according to my scale at home- I am now back up to my pre-pregnancy weight. My doctor told me she isn't going to start bugging me about my weight until 20 weeks- but at least I've put back on the three that I had lost so hopefully I'm on the road to weight gain-- but only 25-30 pounds please.....

Belly growth: well- you can tell I'm pregnant now..... don't you think.....

Baby Shower: well- I have my first baby shower planned! My Auntie Michelle is throwing me one in September- she's having a baby shower weekend- with Katie Sjoblom also expecting- we are 4 weeks apart- she's throwing her one that same weekend. SO- baby showers mean we have to start our registry. I've got it a little bit started online at Target and Wal-Mart but within the next month here we'll be going to the store and really getting to it. SOOO--- all those experienced moms out there- Please give me advice on some baby items that you got that worked well for you and what didn't work for you-- I can take all the advice I can get!

House: Still waiting on the basement carpet-- you'd think this was summer time and EVERYONE is getting new carpet (oh wait- that's true)-- it better be in by next week or they'll be dealing with a hormonal pregnant woman!

Monday, July 16, 2007

And Taylor too.....

OK-- So I've fallen guilty of making everything about me-- opps--- YES- Taylor is very much apart of all of this too! We had a nice weekend up at the Haggstrom Cabin for Kelsey's wedding... lots of games, a pretty wedding, amazing food, and relaxation! This is Taylor and I at Kelsey's wedding.

I forgot to get a belly shot over the weekend-- I'll post one for ya this week though-- its getting bigger! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

14 Weeks

Well, not a whole lot has changed at 14 weeks. I wanted to get a belly shot but we've been really busy trying to get ready for a weekend up north- so I'll get one over the weekend for sure.

I think my morning sickness is coming to an end- I still feel a bit queasy in the morning but if I eat my peanut butter toast first thing then I'm just fine. My appetite has changed- I use to eat ALL DAY LONG but now I don't eat quiet as often as I had been but I feel like I crave more "meal" food rather then just the crackers, granola bars and other snack items as before.

My energy is coming back- I do get tired every once in awhile and need to take a nap but I have enough energy to actually get things done now.

I have noticed that some of my veins on my lower stomach and hips are starting to show more- they say that its because more blood is being flowed through this area to help the growing uterus. I have already begun my fight against stretch marks and got this lotion that helps with that from Mary Kay-- obviously- so far I haven't gotten any- but I wanted to start now with keeping my skin moisturized and help it stay firm so hopefully I won't be one big stretch mark by the time I'm done with all of this.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Doctor's Appointment

The doctor's appointment went well. My weight is holding steady- I'm still down 2 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight- but I had been down 3 so I at least put back on one pound. She said with me dealing with this sickness that as long as my weight is holding steady she isn't going to worry about it until 20 weeks- then she said I better start putting some on.

I've been dealing with headaches and neck and shoulder tension- she said me being so tight in my neck and shoulder's is a bit different as usually your muscles loosen up when you're pregnant but I told her I've been seeing a physical therapist to loosen my jaw muscles and now that my jaw is better we still had sessions left so she is now working on my muscle tension and trying to help me get rid of these headaches. I told my doctor that when my physical therapist pushes on certain points in my shoulders or neck that I can feel it all the way up my neck and into my head-- she had some medical term for that- but she was glad to hear that hopefully that's the cause of my headaches and that they hopefully aren't hormonal ones- as there really isn't much you can do about those. I get to see my physical therapist now every other week until the end of summer so hopefully things will be better by that time.

Other then that- it was a real quick appointment- she said things are sounding great with the baby and they'll see me in four weeks!

I've now see Dr. DeLuca, Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Gruenwald (my normal doctor) and now the only two I have left to see are Dr. Nelson and Dr. Saul-- the only male. I know many women say they love their male doctor's- but I've never had one for my female stuff-- so I'm kind of nervous to meet him for the first time- so we are seeing him next- I wanted to meet with every doctor at least once because whoever is on call when I go into labor is who I get- so I wanted to be familar with all of them. So far- my favorites are Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Gruenwald. Next appointment- August 1st.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Baby Pagel's Heartbeat

13 Weeks

I usually update this every Wednesday- but it being the holiday I'm a bit behind- BUT we are going to the doctor today and Taylor gets to hear the heartbeat for the first time and we plan on getting some footage of the heartbeat to share with all of you- so check back later tonight or tomorrow so you can hear Baby Pagel's little heartbeat!!

As for everything else in the 13th week- everything is still about the same- morning sickness is now sporatic but still present- so hopefully in the next week here it gets better. I had my first tummy pop on Sunday- its obviously not very big but it was a big change for me right now- I looked down on Sunday morning at my stomach and I was like- HEY- you weren't this big yesterday morning-- and it's starting to firm up a little more now. So it's all starting to feel more real to me!

On the house front-- we are still waiting on the basement carpet- I'm sure the holiday here is holding things up so hopefully it will be in by next week. Our last summer project is going to be putting in the new laminate in my bathroom- its just to help it "look" better until we can afford to do what we really want with it- we got a whole bunch of laminate tiles from Dean Taylor so it won't cost us a thing and anything looks better then avocado laminate! THEN we'll be continuing to working on putting more things away in our house- we have one room downstairs full of stuff that we just need to go through and put somewhere- and- the nursery might look nice- but you don't even want to see the closets in that room right now-- full of mine and Taylor's clothes- like sweatshirts and jackets and stuff- so we still have that to work on-- its all coming together- eventually.