Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wedding Day Makeover

Well, Heidi, Angie, Rowan, and Michelle invited me and mom to get a makeover at Nordstoms to create a wedding day look at the Laura Mercier counter. I had a BLAST!!!! Our makeup artist, Patrick, did such a great job I hired him to come do my look for the wedding, and he's going to do mom's too, isn't she beautiful! I'm so excited!!!!

I shouldn't really tell you my secret, but I will....I'm wearing fake eyelashes just to make my eyes look a little bit more dramatic and they will look AWESOME in pictures. This is Patrick trimming my lashes so they are the perfect length. This was a little scary, he told me to stare towards the ground and not to move an inch!

Here is Patrick putting on the finishing touches to my gorgeous wedding day look! Didn't he do a great job!

Here is me and mom admiring our beautiful looks for my big day! What a fun mother daughter moment!

AHH aren't we beautiful, all pretty now! Wasn't it fun mom??

This is Patrick, my WONDERFUL makeup artist!! Can I hire him to do my makeup everyday?

Here is my finished product! I LOVE IT!!! My wedding is still over 3 months away....come on, I can't WAIT until I can look this good again!! HEHE! Did I mention how AWESOME Patrick is! Mom, PPPLLLEEAASSSEEE can I hire him for good, he can come over every morning and make me beautiful! my dreams! :) LOL

OK, here is the funny thing about mom, she doesn't normally wear any makeup because it made her eyes as Patrick was doing her eyeliner she blinked and made him mess up.....on each eye, she did it was pretty fun!!!

Mom getting her lips pretty!

Mom's final product!!!! Love your makeup mom! :)

Now the question is, to wear glasses or contacts....HUMMMM both look pretty....guess we'll just have to wait and see......

What a pretty mom I have! Gotta love her! We were really excited about this wondeful makeup line by Laura Mercier, it doesn't itch or irratate mom's face or eyes at all! She finally found a mascara that she can wear!! YEAH!

So we had a BLAST that day! I would totally recommend all brides to be to do that with their mom's its a great bonding experience! And a lot of fun!

OH and as far as other wedding stuff goes, I got all my invitations all printed and cut up, we just need to get the actual invite scored so its easier to fold them, then we will do our artsy magic to them and get them all stuffed and ready to go. I'm hoping to have them all done and sitting in a box way before its time to send them off, so then all I'll have to do is drop them in the mail. And we have our engagement photos on Thursday, so that will be fun to do those. We are going down on the baseball field to get some shots, of course, and then since we are from town and we love being in town we thought why not take pictures in the prettiest place, the falls and the new bridge, it will be so pretty with the river and all the green trees and flowers. I can't wait!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Let the Home Search Begin

Well, we placed our bid on Taylor's Grandma's house and we weren't the highest bidder, and they decided to give it to that person, obviously, which happened to be Taylor's brother, Theron. SO we have now started our home search. In the next few weeks we will be busy looking at homes in town. Which we were both thinking probably is better for us anyway, its just that much closer for my work, and possibly Taylor's work too and we are both so busy with dance and baseball that it will probably be better that we can have a little less work on the house to worry about. Obviously whatever house we get we will have to do a little work to it but not as much work as Grandma's house would need, we would have loved to restore that house and make it be the best it could be, but someone was watching out for us and it must have not been our time for that. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers, now we just need to get the condo sold so we can get into the buyers market, instead of being in both.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Spa Day!!

I had a bridal spa on Saturday with my wedding party and some girlfriends! We had a blast catching up and having a fun girls night.

This is the girls hanging out at the hot spot, the counter! We have this big kitchen table and even a living room full of comfy chairs and where do we all crowd around, the counter! Always have and I guess always will. I can remember all of us going over to my mom and dad's during our lunch hour in high school and sitting at this counter just like this. Oh the memories!

Here is Jenae doing a sea salt scrub on her hands to get them all nice and smooth.

Me, Bekki, and Jenae with our beautiful eye patches, its suppose to reduce redness and puffiness, I guess....

Here is me, Bekki, Jenae and Jackie and Brittney relaxing and picturing ourselves on a warm beach with our feet in the sand and listening to the waves hit the shore. It was a fun experience! Great bonding time!

Thanks for the fun time girls! Bekki, Jenae, Kelly, Brittney, Megan, Holly, and Jackie, I love you all so much!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


OK, so I am kind of back tracking here, but hey, that's ok, its all apart of the whole process anyway. Well, Kelsey, Mom and I went down to David's Bridal to pick out the perfect dress.

I, of course, had a print out of like 10 dresses that I wanted to try on; HATED them all, I was getting really disappointed because I had my heart set on getting a dress that day.

So I said to the sales lady, OK, I want strapless, sparkle beading, none of this pearl business, I want a train but not too long, I want the bustle to look pretty, and I want it to be unique, so off she went into the rows of dresses.......

At this point in time I didn't think I'd ever find what I REALLY wanted, I was perfectly fine with just wearing the undergarments......LOL

BUT in 10 minutes my consultant came back with only one gown in her hands, I put it on and my eyes just sparkled, she found everything I was looking for in a dress! It's perfect!!! BUT, you can't see it until the big day....... But trust me.....its TOTALLY a Mindi dress! And no, it doesn't have any pink on it, the one that did looked too much like a prom dress, but you can be sure that my toes will be a pretty pink! :)