Monday, October 29, 2007

30 Weeks

OK- I don't know what the heck she was doing in there last night but for an hour and a half-- seriously-- she was going nuts! It started off when I got into bed and player her some music and read her a book- and it just gor crazier from there. She must have been doing some crazy back flips or something because my stomach was all over the place. At one point it must have been her butt or her head that slide across my stomach real slow and it happened to be right in the palm of Taylor's hand-- it felt really weird to me and he couldn't believe what he was feeling. She was super hyper!

I can tell my organs are getting all squished around in there too- ok- I know this will be too much info- but who cares-- when things pass through my intestines I use to be able to feel it where intestines normally would be- now I feel it digesting through off onto my side and almost up in my rib cage-- it's really weird!

I guess I would say overall- 30 weeks has just been weird! I can really tell now when she gets the hiccups- it almost kind of tickles inside. Her movements feel weird now because they are so strong. And it is just weird to think that in all honesty here- I could have this baby anywhere between 5-11 weeks from now. Personally- 5 sounds too early and I REALLY hope I don't go over! My brother was 3 weeks early- so I could follow in my mom's footsteps! She MIGHT actually get to have her first Christmas at just a few days old-- you never know!

On the growth chart- she should weigh in up to or over 3 pounds now and measure about 17 inches long!

Jamie and Michelle Stay had their baby over the weekend- 2 weeks early- Catherine Olivia (not sure on how they spell her first name) 6lbs 14oz and 19.5 inches long. Congrats to them! Michelle, Katie Sjoblom and myself were all 4 weeks apart- so Katie- you are next in line!

Here is me at 30 weeks from the front and side--- I've got a basketball tummy that's for sure!

Well- Happy Halloween to everyone on Wednesday! Taylor and I are so excited- this will be the first year that we get to hand out candy!! OH- and news on the house front- we put in a fence in our backyard for Joey to play in... I'll have to post some pictures of it this week, Joey just LOVES it!

Friday, October 26, 2007

ONLY 10 Weeks left!!!

OK-- I just had to say-- I'm SOO excited that I'm 30 weeks right now!! That's a pretty good accomplishment!!

A full report to come on Monday along with a new belly shot-- I'm really feeling big right now!

Monday, October 22, 2007

29 Weeks

I can't believe that I'm 29 weeks right now! April seems like a century ago- but yet at the same time- just like it was yesterday!

I've officially started going to the doctor every other week now, I went on Friday and she is still growing and her heart is strong. Heart rate was 145 as usual and she either had a MAJOR growth spurt over the past two weeks or my stomach muscles finally let loose allowing for her to fit a little better because when I went at 27 weeks I measured 25.5 and now at 29 weeks she is measuring 29 weeks exactly! That's a pretty big tummy growth spurt for only two weeks. I'm really starting to feel the pulling and stretching.

Her movements have kind of slowed down over the past week- I guessing things are a little tight in there right now. And I'm almost positive I got my first kick in the rib-- it kind of hurt a little. I also learned from the doctor that my sciatic nerve is swollen, I've been having some sharp pains in my butt cheek when I stand up and sometimes they shoot all the way up my back- pretty painful- and the doctor basically said it's from sitting all day and there really isn't anything I can do, I can heat it to make it feel better, or get up and walk around as much as possible throughout the day, but I'll just have to live with it for the next 10 weeks or so.

Well- something exciting- my friend Kelly, expectant mother as well, came over this weekend and took some pregnancy photos of me, I always see women with photos like this and thought it would be a fun memory to have. Here are a few of my favorites-

Me at 29 weeks...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

28 Weeks

Well- 28 weeks brought on BIG MOVEMENTS! As you can see in that video her movements aren't little anymore- it seems like every time she moves around now my whole stomach jolts around, it's pretty crazy. Taylor asked me if it hurt when she did that and really- those big kicks are so hard to describe- it doesn't hurt- it just feels really weird. On Sunday she either kicked my bladder or bumped up against it because all of a sudden I felt this weird feeling in there and had to go to the bathroom like RIGHT THEN! It just amazes me what is going on in there.

My birthday was yesterday and it was a nice relaxing day- I got to eat my favorite meal- Lasagna made by Pam- Taylor brought me home my FAVORITE food right now- GUMMY BEARS- and he had to be me for the night-- so, clean up the kitchen- make our lunches- feed the dog- take him out to the bathroom every time he had to go-- it was nice just to sit back and relax. Wednesday mom is taking me shopping for my present-- I NEVER thought I'd be asking for this for a birthday present- but I honestly want Nursing PJ's and tank tops and stuff that I'll need once the baby comes-- funny how things change as you grow older.

Some changes in me at 28 weeks- even Taylor has noticed this one- I just can't stay awake in the evenings- I crash on the couch almost every single night by 7:30 or 8:00, I try watching my shows and I can't even make it through them, it's like someone hit a light switch- I can be up watching the show and talking to Taylor one minute and he could blink his eyes and I'd be completely out the next. But other then that I'm feeling good, starting to get those back aches and having a hard time getting comfortable and also starting to need help getting out of our BIG chair or couch if I get snuggled too deep into them.

I can't believe that it's 7 months already! Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means- so is Thanksgiving and Christmas-- then it's BABY TIME!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baby Pagel Moving

Ok- first off- ignore whatever the heck TV show was on TV- as you can see I was reading a magazine and not paying attention to the silly show that you can hear in the back ground. But anyway- here if you look closely you can see my tummy moving and you can see little kicks from this little girl-- its hard to get on tape- it took me 3 days to get something- and its way more noticeable in person then on tape- but here it is anyway-- I'll keep trying to get something better.

Gestational Diabetes- I PASSED

I passed the 3 hour test with flying colors! YEAH!!! I knew I would--- I think it was those darn potatoes! SO- note to all pregnant women- don't eat potatoes the night before and the day of your 1 hour test! I think I had potatoes every day that week-- opps! :)

The test wasn't too bad- they had a little bed in a room that I could lay down if I didn't feel well or got tired and after my 1st draw after I drank the juice I couldn't keep my eyes open and my stomach wasn't very calm so I went and took a 1 hour nap and it was great! I felt much better after that. And I wasn't allowed to bring the laptop from work they decided last minute- liability issues I guess- so I brought my portable DVD player and watched The Devil Wears Prada!

The nurses are so nice-- about 5 minutes before I had to go and do a draw- I was laying in the room and was having a little bit of heartburn or something and some of the juice started coming back up and I sat up quickly and started coughing and a nurse came running in there making sure I was OK and wasn't getting sick. She said I looked very flush and gave me a cold towel to put on my neck to cool me down before she drew my blood. I thought that was very kind of her to take the time to keep an eye on me even though they were super busy in there with other patients.

Well-- I'm offically 28 weeks tomorrow- so I'll write about that next week- Hey- and it's my Birthday on Monday- October 15! YEAH! 23 sounds SO much older then 22.

Monday, October 08, 2007

27 Weeks

Well- I had a doctor appointment- first the good stuff- I've gained 15 pounds so far- which is GREAT! And although I am 27 weeks my belly is measuring 25.5 weeks- the doctor said 2 weeks either way is perfectly normal.

Now- the blah part- I had my gestational diabetes test- it was the 1 hour test- and I failed-- they want you under 135 and I was at 145.... I had eaten healthy the night before and that day- but I had potatoes and it might possibly be the culprit- something about a complex sugar maybe-- but either way- 145 is not bad at all and it just means I have to do the 3 hour diagnostic test on Thursday-- luckily I get to bring my works extra lap top with me and get some work done during those 3 hours to help the time pass a little faster, so it probably won't be that bad since I'll just be working. Hopefully I'll pass that test just fine.

I went and bought my first package of diapers- I just hated the fact that we didn't have ANY in the house and I just feel better at least having some- and I really wanted to put them in our diaper holder that is hanging on the crib- it's just fun! :)

27 weeks also means doctor appointments now start every other week! That is going to make these last 13 weeks FLY BY! I just hope we are totally prepared by the time she comes! It will be here before we know it!

I had Megan Otto's wedding over the weekend and she chose a GREAT dress for a pregnant Mindi-- it was very flattering and comfortable!

And as requested- 27 week belly shot... and its so sad I couldn't take it in my pink polka dot pants..... :( I'll have to find a different outfit for the 3rd trimester belly shots.....

Monday, October 01, 2007

26 Weeks

Well- for 26 weeks the major things I have noticed are
1) I have been SOO tired, I'm glad that when I was super motivated to do things around the house a few weeks ago that I worked by butt off because lately I just want to go home and go to bed, she must be growing like crazy in there.

2) She is a kicker! She moves around almost all day long- she already has her own routine- she sleeps in the early morning- she'll wake up with me but goes back to sleep, I think the warm shower is calming to her, and then starts moving around again at about 8ish- then she moves and moves until around 11 and sleeps until after I eat lunch- moves around for a few more hours and is back to sleep from 2-4ish and then is off and on then all night long- its just funny seeing her routine all ready. Oh- and she likes my right side of my stomach better then the left-- if you want to feel her moving- reach for my right side and you might just feel her kick.

3) Ab muscles HURT when they start to really stretch out! Friday night I didn't sleep very well- I had a dull ache on my right side with occasional sharp pains, I woke up with it and when I got out of bed and starting moving around it just ached really bad. I called the doctor and she said that the location I was telling her where it was is just my muscles stretching out- that one in particular- right side in line with my hip bone- she said is normally 2 inches long- throughout your pregnancy it stretches to 6-7 inches long-- I said no wonder it hurts so bad! Now, today, Monday, its getting better just the occasional sharp pinch but it doesn't ache as bad as it did Saturday morning.

One thing they told us is now the baby can really hear what is going on outside the womb and you can read to her or play her music that is calming, so last night I put my headphones on my belly and played her a lullabye CD and she was moving around a little bit- I hope she liked it and wasn't moving around saying- STOP this music... they said calming music played while in the womb can comfort the baby once they are born as it is something familar to them, so I think I'm going to continue to do that for her. They also said that by now her heartbeat should be strong enough that if you put your ear to my stomach in the right spot you could hear her heart beating. So- Taylor gave that a try last night and he said he could hear things- he wasn't sure if it was her heart beating- but he could hear something going on in there-- AND- with her good aim- she kicked him right in the face- hard- three times- it was pretty funny! :) And- Taylor got to see my stomach REALLY buldge out last night too for the first time- I was trying to show him something on my stomach and lifted up my shirt and she kicked hard and he was like- whoa- what was that-- She is starting her late night shows for us, it is so exciting! I can't believe how fast time is flying-- it's already October!