Monday, October 25, 2010


If you haven't heard- Taylor made a bet with me... he told me that if he got a Buck in WI on Friday or Saturday I could get the new camera I have been drowling over. This bet was a big deal because he was leaving me along with the kiddos for 3 days, one of which included a work day... so... I was just very busy all weekend.

So- if you know me... my motto is POSITIVE THOUGHTS LEAD TO POSITIVE OUTCOMES.... well... on Friday Taylor had no phone service where he was but I was just getting this vibe that he was going to get a nice buck... so I ordered my camera without him knowing, at that time. HEHEHE I just KNEW he would get one... and with having already gotten my camera I was sending every positive vibe I had back at him.

Well... Just to paint a picture... Bob has been out hunting in WI for DAYS and HOURS on end... Taylor goes out and sits Friday morning, Friday evening, Saturday morning (in the rain) and Saturday evening and BAM- GOT ONE!!!!!!! HECK YES!!!! I knew my positive vibes would work!!!

My new camera will be here TOMORROW!!!! Expect MANY photos from me- as soon as I figure it out! It's a Samsung HZ50W- Middle of the line camera- better than a point and shoot but not as fancy as a professional one. I'm PUMPED! Tomorrow can't come soon enough!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010


She knows how she feels- if I tell her she can’t do something she stomps her foot and crosses her arms and puts her head down and say “I am SO mad” – After she cools off she then says “Mom, I’m not mad anymore” Well- at least she knows how she feels- and makes it clear to me!

She came to visit me at work and says as she was playing with the little toys I have sitting on my desk “Your work is so Fun, Mom!”

As I was walking her down to Taylor’s car she asked if I was going with them and I told her no, I had to go back into work and she says “But it’s dangerous” HAHAHHAH

Last night- Miley and I were having popcorn as a snack and Taylor hadn’t eaten dinner so we made him a sandwich. We were going to have a picnic in the living room so Miley says to me “You carry that plate with a sandwich for daddy and the water cup for Mommy and Me and I carry the popcorn bowl for Mommy and Me, Thanks mom for carrying the water!” I just laughed! So detailed in what we were doing! I was impressed by her thought process.

Last night as she was giving Taylor a hug and kiss good bye before he left I told her to tell him Good Luck and to get a deer she says “Good Luck get a BIG deer like this” as she puts her hands up over her head and wiggles her fingers.

She is a very polite little girl- if she does something that I told her not to- like spilling, on herself; she immediately says “I’m sorry mom, I spilled a little” – at least she is polite and honest about it.

Discussion about her paci’s- I tell her all the time that the paci’s are going away on her birthday.

She holds on to her paci, in her mouth and shakes her head no. I then explain to her that the paci fairy is going to come and take her paci box and all of her paci’s and leave her a big present. She runs into her room and grabs her paci box and says- “But I don’t want the paci fairy to come and take my paci’s away, I need them” in a sad little voice. OH BROTHER…. This may be a difficult thing. Especially when she starts crying about something, she says “I need my paci” I will tell her no, she doesn’t. She follows up with “Yes I do, I’m crying, see” What did we get ourselves into!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cooper Sits Up

He was crawling a bit, of course, before I got my camera out- but he shows off his other new skill of sitting up. I'll continue to try to get him moving on film.

Photo Gallery

I'm sure it's no surprise- but Cooper LOVES his food! He eats very well and I think we are about to pass the baby food stage. He would rather eat what we are eating. If I break it up into tiny pieces he feeds himself really well and does a good job, but he also is a typical boy, and would sometimes rather be lazy and have me spoon feed him. We try new foods all the time and the only thing I have found that he really really hates are brussel sprouts! (Taylor and I love them!)

My happy boy! He has four teeth and he's been working on the other four for some time now, I am surprised they haven't popped through yet. Miley had 8 teeth by 8 months, so he has fallen slightly behind her in that category.

This was taken a few weeks ago- he is MOVING all over the place now! He just pulled up for the first time this weekend and he crawls a few paces and then is down but he rolls and scoots and gets what he wants.

Coop and his best bud Grayson! We have frequent play dates. Cooper is kind of a bully, that, or he really loves Grayson, every time they sit by each other Cooper reaches over and just grabs a hold of him. Best Buds for Life!

My pretty Miley! One night when Taylor was gone teaching night school and Cooper was already in bed she let me play with my camera and take funny pictures of her. She never lets me do that! So I was excited to actually get a good shot where she wasn't moving around.

My new hair-do is curly, so one night I asked Miley if she would let me curl her hair, I have NEVER curled her hair before and she was surprisingly VERY excited. When I got done she stared at herself in the mirror for a half hour, dancing around and making faces and admiring how pretty her hair was. She LOVES getting her hair curled now! It's a lot of fun for Mommy too!!!

Sibling Love! They play so well together! Miley just lets Cooper beat up on her, he loves to pull her hair and she rolls around with him and they honestly get along very good. We love seeing them interact more and more.

One night as Taylor and I were working with Cooper in the living room trying to get him to walk holding our hands, crawl and pull up (we practice every night!) Miley was in the dining room using water colors. She told me she was staying on the paper and when I went in there to check on her- this is what I found. Right to the tub after this picture!

I think he was almost 6 months old in this photo- I really need to get better at taking more pictures, I think half of my problem is that I hate my camera. A nice digital semi-professional camera is the only thing on my Christmas List this year!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cooper's Getting Better...

It's amazing what a small dose of steriods and a nebulizer can do for a little guy. After his first dose he turned around! He slept well all weekend, finally! And is breathing much better. We did steriods for two days and a neb twice a day for two days and he has improved 99%! Now, we can just have the neb to use on a 'as needed' basis.

Is he 100% himself? No, not yet. Darn teething! He's been working on 4 teeth for 2 months and we are all very anxious for them to just pop through! He's got two on top and two on bottom and his gums look puffy on top and bottom next to his middle teeth. I'm betting on them popping through on the left side first. He is slightly behind Miley on the teething front. She had 8 teeth by 8 months and Cooper turned 8 months on Sunday. I'm hoping they all pop through during the next month.

He has taken a little growth spurt though. Not only his weight, from Monday's doctor appointment weighing in at 25.3 pounds and then at Friday's doctor appointment weigning in at 25 lbs 14.5 ounces but he has gotten taller. You would think that such a rapid huge growth in weight that he'd look pudgier but he actually is starting to slim down, a tiny bit. You can see his neck when he looks up and his cheeks aren't as full. His thighs- well, that's another story. But hey, I'm sure once he starts to really get moving he'll thin out quickly.

Speaking of moving- he is soo ready! He will roll all over the place to get to where he wants and spin on his tummy and scoot backwards and sometimes forwards. He is SOO close to crawling, he is really trying and he will walk if you are holding his hands. He thinks its so funny when he walks, I think he feels like a big boy.

Miley just adores her little brother, she is so good at helping out with him and teaching him new things. She even lets him pull her hair, he has a hair fetish like she does, she will scream OUCH OUCH OUCH when I brush her hair and hardly pull on it but yet she will let Cooper grab on with his death grip and she won't say Boo. What a good big sister!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Miley's "Trick"

During dinner last night Miley was talking to Taylor about her food and here is the conversation they had:

Daddy: "Miley eat your supper"

Miley: "Daddy wanna see this this this twrip, thissss quick, tich... I can't say it... "

Daddy: "Trick?"

Miley: "Yeah, Trick, wanna see this trick!"