Monday, June 30, 2008

Not too much going on....

No pictures with this post- we were bums this weekend. Miley still has a little cold and I'm hoping she is on the tail end of it, I think on top of her cold she is going through a growth spurt as her chubby cheeks don't look quite as chubby as they did last week so she just wasn't herself this weekend. Friday over night she slept for 9 hours straight through (hasn't done that in WEEKS) woke up for 15 minutes to eat and then slept for another 2 for a total of 11 hours, woke up and played for two hours and then took a 2 hour nap! We all caught up on our sleep on Saturday! And Sunday she just wasn't herself for most the day- going to baseball games seems to be getting harder and harder- she has gotten really fussy at the last few and last night she just got over tired and I couldn't get things done fast enough for her- so I just hope that today is a better day for her, she seemed to be in a wonderfully happy mood this morning when she got up.

The one fun thing for me is that I finally get to use my hot sling!! I can use the hip hold with her now- I went to Target by myself on Friday with Miley and carried her around the store like that. Her and I had a blast shopping for her, she got bath toys, a bath organizer, a 4th of July outfit, some baby food (I find it easier to get the baby food for her first time trying things) but I also got a little food grinder so once I can see how she does with some of the baby food I can just grind up my own stuff. And YES- I taste test the food before she eats it- if I think it is gross I won't feed it to her as I'm sure she won't like it either. She tried Sweet Potatoes last week and loved them! This weekend she was working on peaches- I think we will try green beans later this week. She has done great with food- she really likes to eat and likes to feed herself if I get her spoond ready and gets excited when it is supper time. She has only been eating about a tablespoon a night- we just started that on a regular bases about a week ago.

And her second tooth has offically popped all the way through, gosh, before I know it she'll be crawling around! My little girl is growing up so fast! 6 months on the 5th! That is just crazy to me! We are heading to the fair on Wednesday night- I'm so excited to see her pet the animals and ride the merry-go-round!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All sorts of things.....

To start off- we have finally transitioned to the big bath tub! Miley is just too big for her little tub and that tub makes her lay back and she just wants to sit up. So here she is enjoying her first bath in the big girl tub!!

We have a pool table in our garage and Taylor asked me to come out and play with him- well- I let Miley take a turn and she thought it was the greatest thing to sit up there and roll around all the balls! One ALMOST made it into the pocket!!

I am SOOO into plaid lately!! Taylor has some, I have some and Miley has some! I think they are SOO cute!! We need to get a family picture in our plaid!

So, I've been pretty sporadic with Miley and trying food- every once in awhile I'll have her try something. This week I found in her room that we were given one of those neat little things where it looks like a giant paci and it opens up and you can put food in the little mesh net and they can suck the juices out so we thought we would stick a little piece of watermelon in there. She wasn't too fond of it at first but kept putting it in her mouth herself then kind of liked it and then had had enough! It was fun to watch her do it herself!

And then just the other night we put some banana in the food processor and had her try that- we got the same kind of reaction from her- not too sure of it at first, then kind of liked it and she sure let me know when she had had enough. So I guess we'll keep introducing things slowly but surely, I think I might try sweet potatoes or carrots this week.

This past weekend it was the Covered Bridge days in Zumbrota and the Stay's had everyone up at their house to watch the parade and grill out. Miley had a great time playing with Katherine.

She LOVED the parade! The bands were her favorite- and there were a TON of bands! Someone said 13!!! Flag girls and all! They were great!

And Ben's aunt rode a horse in the parade and when they had gone through they came back over to where we were and Ben brought Miley over to see the horses. She loves petting animals now and knew how to pet the horse all by herself, so darn cute!

I think our little play date gave Miley a little cold now too. It's ok Michelle- it was bound to happen sometime. She just has a snotty nose- it's not runny but snotty way up in there. She woke up screaming last night because she couldn't breath but screamed louder when I was using the bugger sucker- but we had no other choice- I slept with her for the rest of the night as she wanted her paci but couldn't breath with it and she doesn't need her paci if she sleeps with me so she did sleep good from midnight to 6:15 and then we sucked out a bunch more snot- totally gross but that is the only thing she has, no cough, no fever, just a snotty nose- so hopefully it will pass soon. Any tips or things I should do to help????

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tooth Number 2..... ALREADY!!!!!

Miley's second tooth is ALREADY coming in!!!! I can see it is right below the surface of her gum it just hasn't quite popped but I have a feeling it will this weekend!!! Her first tooth is already half way through- who would have thought I would have a six month old with two teeth!! But- Taylor had a tooth at 2 months (YES- 2 months) and I had my first one at 7 months so 5 months is a good average- seems to be how Miley has been doing everything- average of what we both were.

She's been pretty good while teething- she has her fussy moments but some Tylenol or Motrin at night and some Orajel seem to make her happy again- I could totally handle this while they all come in, I just hope things don't get worse as more start to come in.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mommy's Favorite Miley Trick

Miley now reaches for me!!! I LOVE IT!!! If she is playing and decides she is done and wants me to pick her up she now reaches up for me- or if someone else is holding her and I come up to her she'll reach out for me and want me to hold her. It makes me feel so good! What a rewarding trick!! I feel so loved! :) Probably one of the best feelings to see your baby want you to pick her up and give her a hug- and she gives the best hugs ever too!

The Duck Pond

Miley and I went for a nice long walk with my mom and dad on Wednesday and we stopped down at the duck pond to check out the baby swans. Miley was memorized by them! They were fun to watch and they even came right up to us! And I took her out of her stroller to let her put her toes in the grass to see how she would react- it seemed to have felt good on her little toes!

Last weekend at the baseball tourney Taylor thought he would enjoy a freezie- well- Miley saw him with that and wanted it! I'm guessing the cold probably felt really great on her gums!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Adventures of Miley Kay

It's been an interesting week and a sleepy week. Miley's darn tooth has been bugging her all week- I think the second one on the bottom is also working its way up as it's getting hard on the left side now too- along with that right one coming through the gum. She's been waking up twice at night each night this week- poor little lamb! But Thursday night I gave her some Motrin and I think that really made her feel a LOT better! In fact when I put her to bed (after acting like a zombie for most the night) I thought for sure she would zonk right out- but once the medicine kicked in I could hear her moving around in her bed so I went to peek at her and she was reaching for her musical turtle that hangs on the edge of her crib and playing the feet! I'd go in and say Hey there little girl- it is bedtime- not play time- and she smile at me and I tuck her back in and she would pretend to fall asleep and then I'd catch her playing again a few minutes later! She's so funny!! But then she soon fell asleep. But- she woke up two times to nurse-- I don't think the neighbor's dog that was barking all night long helped any-- It kept us all up (literally I was up from 1:30-4:15)! Taylor even went to their door and knocked at 3:30 (their dog is never outside at night so it was unusual) And no one answered but then he thought he heard the front door open (which we've never seen them use) and the dog stopped for about a half hour- then started barking again so at 4am I called the police to come and check it out and had to nurse Miley again. But she seemed to be feeling MUCH better this morning- all she wanted to do was play- starting at 5:30am. I had to stop at the gas station on the way to work to get some SoBe Energy juice to keep me fueled for the day!

On Wednesday at Grandma's house Pam was cooking Landon some lunch and had given him a peanut butter sandwich cracker to hold him over until it was done and Miley was playing in her exersaucer and chewing on her toys and talking up a storm. Soom Miley's little noises sounded more like a YUMM YUMM YUMM sound and Pam looked to see what she was doing as she has never heard that noise from her before- and to her surprise Landon decided to be a nice boy and share his cracker with Miley! Pam jumped thinking Miley was going to choke on it and took it away from her right away and I guess she just SCREAMED because she wanted it so bad! She had gummed almost half of the top cracker off! Pam asked Landon if he gave Miley a cracker and he said- Yes, I share! -- So cute! SOO-- due to that we thought we would just see how Miley would react to some cereal that night. She actually LOVED it! We just did a tiny little bit of oatmeal and she did a really good job. She knew how to use the spoon and swallowed wonderfully and hardly made a mess at all. She was grabbing for the spoon as we were trying to get more for her- we weren't doing it fast enough! So- I think she is getting ready to start tasting more and more foods. On Thursday night at tacos I let her taste my fork as it had the spices and sauce from the meat and salsa and she loved the spice! I even mashed up just a tiny bit of taco meat and she tried that and thought it was great too! I think we are going to have a good little eater for us when she really starts to eat. Right now I'm just letting her try things to get the taste so she can experience new things but I don't think I'll be feeding her to fill her up for a little while yet. I know my breastmilk is still the best thing for her right now. But with those teeth coming in already and her sitting up so well on her own I think she is at the developmental stage to start working on food.

This last picture has a funny story to it-- I told Taylor that we should always taste what she are giving to Miley because if we think its gross why in the heck would we give it to her because more then likely she is going to think it is gross too. So I stuck my finger in her oatmeal to show him that I can taste it and then he followed and did the same, after he tasted his finger I said- Oh yeah- and to make her oatmeal I used my breastmilk to mix in with it! HAHAHA He freaked out!! It was sooo funny!!! He said YUCK YUCK!! I can taste the breast milk- quick give me something to wash it down with!! LOL!! We all got a pretty good laugh out of that one!

On the house front: WE ARE DONE WITH HOUSE PROJECTS!!!! We are done doing things to the house finally!!! We just had newer carpet put in in the whole upstairs so now we have re-done 99% of the flooring in the house and it is just WONDERFUL! I'm hoping now that we got that old icky pad out too that our house won't smell musty anymore. Our newer carpet is carpet from Taylor's Grandparent's house and it worked perfectly in our entire upstairs and the stairway. It was in SUCH good condition and we thought hey-- anything is better then our icky nylon carpet that I HATE! We are SOO happy with the results! When I got home to see it yesterday me and Miley just laid on the carpet all sprawled out and it felt sooo good! New carpet is one of those things that just makes you feel good! It's so soft and squishy and cozy! :)

Saturday night Miley and I decided at the last minute that we were going to stay the night with Nana and Bumpa at the campground out at the lake. Here is Miley talking to Lexi and experiencing her first campfire! :)

Sunday was Father's Day and with me and Miley staying at the campground Taylor got his favorite thing in the world- a chance to sleep in!! Then Miley and I came home and she gave him a card and we had to write in it that his motorcycle cover is on its way- I ordered it two weeks ago and its on back order :( but he said he's really excited to get it! Taylor had a tournament all weekend so our weekend was pretty much spent at the ball field, they made it to the championship game and lost so the placed 2nd. Way to Go Bears!

Well-- until something else exciting happens....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Miley's Tooth!!!

Yesterday Miley had 5 poopy diapers! At first we thought maybe she was coming down with something as Landon had been sick all day long. Pam tried to keep them apart all day, which, ironically was pretty easy because Landon basically moved from the chair to the bed and then from the bed to the chair all day (Totally unlike him to just want to lay low) So when I was drying Miley off from her bath last night I stuck my finger in her mouth and found the culprit to all the poopy diapers-- her first tooth is popping through!!!! My mom told me to take one of her metal spoons and put it in her mouth to see if the tooth would click on the spoon and it did!! So it's really there!!! Although, she won't let me see it! When I try to take a peek she wants to suck on my finger- so I'll attempt to get a picture.

Taylor's home with Miley today as Landon still isn't feeling good so it's Daddy Daycare today!! He hasn't stayed home with her all day like this since she was 6 weeks old!! Should be fun for him!
I LOVE it when he sends me pictures of what they've been up to all day...

Monday, June 09, 2008

Miley is 5 months old!!!

Lots has been going on lately!!

The most exciting news is that Miley can sit up all by herself now!! She does a GREAT job at it- she'll sit on the floor and play with her toys for a LONG time! It's so fun to put a bunch of toys around her and watch her play with them and to see her want a specific toy and watch her grab for it, it's cool to see her making decisions and problem solving to get what she wants! Here are some pictures of Miley sitting up all by herself!

Friday was Taylor's last day of school and since it was a half day me and Miley went to school with him so he could show her off to his students. She was soo good while we were there. Taylor had a staff pizza party to attend at the end of the half day and Miley was needing a nap so I loaded her in the car and drove over to get some Jimmy John's and ate it in the car while she napped and Taylor finished packing up and checking out for the year. Funny blonde moment: it was really windy out on Friday and it was blowing sand all over and Miley needed her diaper changed when we were in the car- so me thinking I was cleaver thought hey- we'll just sit in the back end of my car- so I jumped out and got us in the back end and then the wind stirred up and started blowing sand in the car at us so I thought I would just close the back a little bit to protect us- well then the wind blew the door shut completly and there we sat. Luckily I can still jump over the seat and straddle the car seat and get out the door in the back seat- Miley just sat in the back end and looked at me like I was a crazy lady!

Then when we got home we headed out for Miley's first camping trip. The Bears had a tourney in New Prague this weekend so Miley and I went camping with Mom and Dad in Jordan while the team stayed in a hotel. Miley seemed to really like camping. The first night was a bit rough because we were out late due to a 9:00pm game and I think being in her pack and play and not her crib but she slept much better the second night as we were on her regular schedule. She had fun playing with her toys and taking not only one but two baths in the sink! (she was full of poop this weekend!) We discovered that she loves water bottles-- I tried to have her taste water but she doesn't like it at all! Just likes to play with the bottle.

Funny story—on Saturday afternoon we went out to eat with Kelsey and Meghann since the games got behind due to one going into 15 innings so we put Miley in a highchair at the restaurant for the first time because she is doing SOO well at sitting all by herself--- well- she was just hanging out and all of a sudden got a little fussy and our food hadn’t come yet so I was going to take her out until our food came- as I was pulling her out we noticed why she was so fussy—she had poop ALL OVER her leg and shorts and it was all on the seat of the highchair- got on the floor- just everywhere! It was SUCH a mess!!!! Mom grabbed her and ran to the bathroom and I grabbed the diaper bag and chased after her then we stood in the bathroom and just looked at each other wondering what the heck to do!!! We finally figured it out and got her all cleaned up and the highchair cleaned off too! Thank goodness for Clorox bleach wipes that I keep in the diaper bag!!!! It was pretty comical! You should have seen the faces on the innocent bystanders in the restaurant! I just laughed my head off!!!! And the best part- just before that Kelsey and Meghann were saying that they would want a baby if it could be as good and easy as Miley is--- after that happened I think they are thinking twice now! LOL!!

Here is Miley sitting in her chair before her accident! And also Meghann and Kelsey's HUGE plate of Nachos!!!!

And here are just some pictures for you to enjoy. Miley in her pretty dress, Miley with her cousin Dylan and his friend Jordan, Me and Miley, and the last one Mom says Miley looks just like her Great Grandma Barb when she was a baby.

Miley is growing like a weed and learning new things each day! She is just so much fun and such a good baby! Have I mentioned that I just LOVE being a Mommy and I just love her to pieces!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Scary Little Moment

We had a scary little moment this weekend. We were at a Bears get-together on Sunday evening after the game and most everyone had gone home and us and a few others were still hanging out. I was holding Miley and had decided to go and take a seat next to Taylor on the patio and as I took my first step towards the patio I didn't see a cooler sitting on the ground as it was on my side that I was holding Miley and she was partially blocking my view- I tripped right over it and went straight down flat onto the cement patio slab all while holding Miley! My initial reaction was to hold Miley up so she wouldn't land underneath me and thank heavens she was wrapped in her blanket and that Taylor's feet were where they were because her head landed on his feet instead of cracking on the cement and she walked away without a single scratch- a bit shooken up and scared from the look of horror on my face but completely fine. I, on the other hand, walked away with some pretty good scrapes on my elbows and hand and wrist but I'll take that over having Miley's getting stiches or something worse.

All three of us had a pretty restless night on Sunday night- I was very shooken up over it and I think between the both of us we got up to check on Miley 5 times! Right before she went to sleep she thought me covering her up was the funniest thing in the world and laughed and laughed- almost as to say - I'm OK Mom, I still love you!- It's things like that that keep my faith still strong- Taylor said he had JUST moved his feet to where they were right before I fell, almost as if someone picked up his feet and placed them there to catch Miley. Someone is always watching out for us.