Monday, January 29, 2007


OK-- I haven't posted about dance in two weeks-- so an update on who we've been doing.....

On the 20th we were at Waconia- we danced against some teams that we know we'll see at state and the girls went out there and performed beautifully!! And took home first place!! We FINALLY beat New Ulm-- by 18 points too!!!

Then this weekend we were up against them again--- we had a sick team-- we had two girls miss 3 days of practice- and right before we went on we had 4 girls that thought they were going to get sick-- but they pushed through it-- but because they weren't feeling too well we had 2 pretty big mistakes and that energy and spark that was there on the 20th wasn't there this weekend- so New Ulm beat us--- BUT-- we had tied with our rank points- so they had to break the tie and we only lost by 2 total points--- and New Ulm HIT their dance and danced it VERY well--- so I was glad to know that we only lost by 2 when we know we didn't hit it and we had sick girls and they nailed their dance--- We call this DEFENSE-- we get them to think that they can beat us- so when it comes to state and our girls are healthy and NAIL their dance - victory will be that much sweeter!!!!

We are dancing on Monday- the 29- at the High School for parents night and then we have this weekend off- we will be at Sections in Zumbrota on the 10th- and then State is the 16th-- the season is almost over!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


My Grams- what a wonderful woman. She wasn't just a Grams to me- she was my next door neighbor- my second Mom- my best friend. Oh, the conversations we would have about life and how it can't be easy all the time- if it was- we wouldn't appreciate the good times as much. She would give me a hug and tell me that I can handle it- but I just have to buck up and take charge. And those words from Grams are words and conversations that I will cherish now for the rest of my life. She was so giving and caring. She would do anything to help me out. Cooking dinner when I didn't have time to get something together. Giving me groceries for helping her out when she knew we needed it the most. Being there to give me a hug when even mom was to far away. She was my little Grams and always will be- the best Grams a girl could ever have. I know she is in a better place now and I know she is hugging Nikki and Danny and Gramps and playing cribbage and I'm sure a few games of war with Nikki as her and Gramps always did with me when I came to visit. I know she is in a better place as she was missing Gramps deeply- but I just thought we'd get to keep her for a little bit longer. I still have tupperware in my dishwasher that I needed to return and we had a few more conversations to have before I moved. At least I can move without worry now- as sad as it is. I was so worried about who would be there to take out her garbage and carry up her groceries and I was planning on visiting every Sunday when I would come to clean. But now there is no worry- and I know she is in a happy place looking down on all of us- telling us that its ok to cry because we miss her and its no ones fault that she is gone- it was just her time- she had a wonderful life and brought joy to all who knew her. She had accomplished what she was put on this earth to do and she would want us to know that. She would want us to cherish our memories with her and know that she will be with us for the rest of our lives in our hearts and will be watching down on all of us with Gramps and guiding our every step. They are together again and for that- I am happy for her.
I love you Grams- and I know you know that- Both Grams and Gramps I hope you know all of the love you brought to our family. We will keep you both in our hearts forever.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Progress on the house

Well--- we are getting there!! The walls are ALL painted- besides my bathroom- and we cleaned all the carpets- they eventually need to be replaced- but for now we know the carpets are clean and we'll update them as we can afford to.... getting a new house can sure be spendy! :)

Here I'm painting the some-day-to-be workout room-- overalls and all!!!

YES--- THAT'S M + T--- so cute!!!

Here is our dining room before with the wood paneling--

Our big window in our dining room- with the wood paneling-- so 70's!

We took the wood paneling off to see what we could do--- it came off pretty badly-- so we had to do something other then just painting it....

OK-- So I have to tell a quick story-- Taylor wanted to get wainscoting or beadboard- whatever you want to call it-- so we thought all we could afford was the cheaper sheets of paneling of the wainscoting so he went to Menards to price it out- when he got there he couldn't believe his eyes-- the most expensive- really good quality beadboard was on sale for $5.35-- normally that stuff is over $12 for a pack of 6 - 5 inch pieces.... so he HAD to take advantage of this good deal so he grabed enough for the dining room and proceeds to check out-- it rang up the $12+ at the register and Taylor asked the guy why because there was a sign that said $5.35- so they sent someone to do a price check-- they came back and asked Taylor how much he said it was and he told him-- and the guy said-- well- you are right-- it was mismarked but we have to give it to you for that price!!! YEAH TAYLOR-- GOOD CATCH DUDE!!!

So- here's our beautiful beadboard!! We have to freshen it up with white paint as its only primed- but we'll get that done once we get a little more settled.

Here is the view of our kitchen from the dining room-- its pretty messy but the cabinets are airing out as we cleaned them and lemon oiled them to make them look fresh again- but its a pretty nice sized kitchen!

Here is our upstairs living room right off the dining room- walls painted- carpets cleaned

Here is our upstairs living room- top of the stairs- hall way- and great built in- we were cleaning the carpets some more...

Here is our bedroom- walls are a Cocoa Cream--it matches our bedspread!

We have two closets in EVERY bedroom! Which ROCKS!! I get the big one- the other one is Taylors... but we have wonderful Closet Maid in there to help keep up organized

Just a different view of our bedroom- we put in this ceiling fan :)

This room we are calling the nursery-- and NO-- I'm not pregnant right now- but we figured since we were painting we might as well paint it this subtle green color now so that when we use it as a nursery it is already gender neutral ready- for now- we are keeping our futon in there

Here is another view of the nursery-- two closets in here as well--TWINS someday--MAYBE-- my bathroom closet is being stored in here right now-- hehe

Alright- here is my bathroom, it's a work in progress- luckily- this was the only room with wallpaper- but they didn't put it on right- so taking it off was a PAIN- Taylor's mom and dad worked on it FOREVER! And now we have to re-texture the walls before we can go any further- so we are going to get that done this next weekend then I'll be able to use it!

Here is down the steps and looking into our entry way- on the way out to the garage...

Here is the garage-- it measures 18.5 feet- meaning a two car garage- but they only put a single door on there...strange... well- it will hold my car and Taylor's motorcycle- and we'll have plenty of room to work in there.

Here is a little cubby in our garage for more work space and storage- its a pretty nice size garage

Alrighty- let's head downstairs....

OK- so this is the FIRST thing you'll see when you do down the stairs.. TOTALLY RETRO-- a lighted window box-- I'll have to display a cool photo or something neat here- something that deserves its very own LIGHT!! LOL-- Its cool though~ Bet you don't have one of these in your house! HAHA

OK-- here is our REALLY bad carpet- RED SHAG- and it isn't pretty-- so we are going to be replacing this right away-- we are in the process of getting the carpet chosen....

Here is our downstairs living room- which is our holding room as we cleaned the rest of the carpets-- that maroon- it was paneling as well- well it still is- but we filled the cracks with putty and painted it-- gives it that warm feeling down there and will match our big chair nicely.

Here is our office-- the carpet is plaid-- we were planning on replacing it right away- which is why we painted it blue-- now we aren't going to replace it right away- so it doesn't quite match in there right now-- but it will all match eventually....

Here is our storage under the stairs-- LOTS of space!

Here is our guest bedroom so we have plenty of room for any visitors at any time! We have Grams' old king size bed for our guests-- so feel free to come for a sleepover!!

This room actually has THREE closets!! So if you come for an extended amount of time-- we've got closet space!

This 4th bedroom we call the workout room-- we are eventually going to get a sweet little home gym set up down there!

This room also two closets! Crazy huh!

OK-- So--I made a MAJOR OOPS!! And this was at the time when we thought we were getting all new floors-- dang it! I split some paint!! Luckily, its the workout room downstairs and its not going to be much of anything as of right now- and we are planning on putting in some floating wood floors in this room (better for the equipment to sit on) so for now-- I'll have to put a rug over it. OOPS!

So- to finish up with my photo tour-- here is Taylor's bathroom downstairs-- I'm SO excited to not have to share a bathroom with a BOY anymore! Boy's are gross! HEHE :) Actually- Taylor's pretty clean-- but boys can just make nasty smells in the morning when I'm trying to do my hair- ick! I know- too much information :) LOL

Here is his bathroom from the other view- we both have closets in our bathrooms too! Closet Maid to save the day!!

Well- you've seen the laundry room already before-- so that's our home!! I'll post once we get furniture in there and things are more settled in. We are officially going to be living in there on January 29- so feel free to stop by- we enjoy company! It's a work in progess- we know what our final ending project is going to be someday and we are just taking the steps a new homeowner must take to eventually get there- however long it takes us... we'll get there sooner or later.....

PS- do I get the award for the LONGEST post EVER!! LOL :)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Prior Lake Competition

This weekend we were at Prior Lake dancing against all AA teams. Amongst the teams were Northfield and Austin-- both teams that are always in the top three at the state competition. We came home with 3rd place!!! Austin was 2nd and Northfield was 1st. We were only behind Austin by 18 points!!!! That's AMAZING!! And we danced with two holes-- so having a hole in the formations kind of puts your scores down-- so it was GREAT to know that we can kick with the top two AA teams in the state. :)

NOW-- this up and coming weekend we are at Waconia--- probably one of our biggest competitions this year besides State-- we are going against almost all of the teams that we see every year at State Finals. New Ulm-- they beat us at the first two competitions this year so the girls are looking to beat them this weekend-- along with YME and LacQui Parle Valley--- its going to be a good competition--- wish us luck!!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blaine Competition

Well--- besides moving and getting the house ready I still have a month and a half left of dance.

This past weekend we were at Blaine and we danced against 2 other teams - small A competition- and we took home 1st place!!

This was our first weekend back since the Holiday break and the girls worked hard over the holidays coming up with and learning new parts so we are finally dancing our state dance, now we have the whole month of January to just get PERFECT at it.

This up and coming weekend we go to Prior Lake and we compete against all AA teams- so it should be an exciting and challenging weekend!