Thursday, October 30, 2008

Disco Math

Here is Taylor on Disco Math Day at school! Apparently it is a really fun way to teach the student one of their math lessons- all the math teachers get together and do it together in the gym! Doesn't he look hilarious!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Miscellaneous Miley Fun

Just some updates on what we've been up to....

I had to give Miley a little trim of her bangs for the first time- she just had some fly-a-ways that were longer then the rest of her bangs so I just wanted to clean it up a little bit.

Saturday we stopped out at Gary and Sue's for the annual Booya. It was very yummy and Miley had a blast playing in the leaves!

And in case you missed it- it SNOWED on Sunday! That would be OCTOBER 26! Too early for me!! We were out at the farm with my parents winterizing the motorhome and I had to snap some photos of the snow collecting on the mirror and trees! It was CRAZY to see!

Sunday night we carved Miley's first pumpkin and baked the seeds- YUMMY! She wasn't too sure what to think of the whole experience, it was almost bed time which didn't help, but she was a trooper and stayed awake until we were done. When Taylor brought her over to touch the goo she looked at us like- OK- what do you want me to do- then she touched it, looked at us again like= OK you guys... then grabbed a bunch and went for her mouth! She was looking at us like- OK- I guess I'll try it.. it was just soo funny-- one of those- HAD TO BE THERE- moments because its not as funny as I type this.. but hopefully you can use your imagination.

Here she is sitting by her pumpkin-- again- not too thrilled and we couldn't get a smile out of her- but she also headed to bed right after this.. maybe we can get one of her smiling on Friday with her costume on!

The Progression of Waking Up a 9 Month Old

I walked in to Miley's room one morning to wake her up and saw her sleeping sideways at the head of her bed without any covers on and I just had to take a picture... and then my one photo turned into this progression of waking up a 9 month old... this process took a good 3 minutes before she would wake up... enjoy!

Still asleep

'Good Morning Miley, time to wake up'- Starting to stretch

Finally rolled over but still mostly asleep

Rubbing the eyes

Starting to roll over-- she hung out in the position for a little bit- I think she wanted to go back to sleep! :)

Ok Mom- I'm sitting up-- don't take a picture of me

Fine- I'll look at you but I can't believe you are taking a picture of me with this bed hair- and enough with the flashing of the camera- I'm up!

Monday, October 27, 2008


So- this year Taylor is trying his hand at Bow Hunting and so far- for not getting anything- he really enjoys it. He had a good opportunity to get a 6 pointer but he thought Bob wanted to keep the little guys around to grow big for the up and coming years-- but as soon as he told Bob that he let him walk away he couldn't believe it! He said that for his first time bow hunting he should have shot at it! He said it is way different then gun hunting and the next time he sees a buck no matter how big or small (unless he still has spots of course) he should try shooting at it- and once he conquers his first deer with a bow then he can work towards a trophy holder!

So-- Needless to say- Miley and I have spent our fair share of evenings by ourselves as Taylor attempts to get us some meat. But this past Saturday night he talked me into coming and sitting out in a stand with him so I could see why he likes it so much. I said under one condition... Bob lets me play his Nintendo DS- and it had to have Mah Jong Tiles on it.

So- we headed out to Bob's, got all dressed up and walked out into the woods. The stand was just big enough to fit us both but there were also a couple spots higher in the tree that I felt I could relax in so I climbed up higher and sat between some branches and played my game as we sat out there. Let's just say that I MUCH rather enjoy hanging out with Miley at home! We only saw a few squirrels and racoons-- but that is probably due to the neighbors cows that got out on Bob's property, again, earlier that day. Taylor said that if I ever saw a deer I would feel that sense of excitment and then I would enjoy sitting out there... I said- I had fun playing my game but then my fingers got cold and I see plenty of deer in the ditches when I'm driving in the country- so go ahead and enjoy this by yourself. I like playing with Miley anyway-- and I do enjoy the meat when he gets one. We are hoping this year we can get a grinder so we can make venison burger instead of so much stew meat.

And Taylor- it was alright while it lasted and Thank you for inviting me to go with you, but I think it is a hobby you will have to enjoy on your own, just like I always have to go shopping by myself. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet Owen Scott Hansen

Owen was born on Tuesday, October 21 around 5:30pm

He is 8 pounds 6 ounces and 21 inches long

He has long fingers and long toes and LOTS of brown hair!!

He has his Daddy's ears and his Mommy's nose!

Megan's due date was on Monday the 20th and I told her that she needed to celebrate the fact that she was already a wonderful mother because she carried her baby to full term and that is something to celebrate by having a pepperoni pizza for supper just like I did on the night of my due date (and Miley was born the next day). SO she sat all day on her exercise ball hoping that would help get the baby to drop and then ate her pepperoni pizza for supper. Then at 2:45am her water broke and they headed to the hospital. Once she dilated to a 3 they decided to get her some medicine to get the contractions back up as they were starting to die off and then gave her an epidural around 11:30. Her and Scott were then able to rest for a few hours and then it was time to push. She pushed for an hour and a half and as soon as he crowned he came right out. Everyone is doing wonderfully and they are so happy to finally meet their baby boy.

A VERY cute little story-- when we showed up to meet him he was in the lab getting some blood work and so Scott show us some photos of him and was saying- He is SO cute- I just love him and when the nurse brought him back in Scott jumped up to get him from her and was saying to his baby boy-- Hey little guy- I love you so much- he is SOO happy to be a Daddy!! It was just too cute to not share! :) Hope you don't mind Scott! :) :) :)

She's Growing Up So Fast!!!

OK- Our little 9.5 month old is growing up WAY too fast!! I just HAVE to share this little story of our evening this evening.

We went down to Red Wing to meet baby Owen and then needed to head to Wal-Mart to get some diapers so Nana, Me and Miley stopped at Culvers before going shopping. We ordered Miley her OWN meal- thinking she'd eat some of it and I'd finish it off so I got a smaller meal. WELL-- to our surprise my 9.5 month old ATE IT ALL!!!! Her meal consisted of 2 chicken tenders and applesauce (by the way, LOVE that you can get that option instead of fries for kids). YES-- she ate it ALL!!! We couldn't believe what we were seeing!! She LOVED the applesauce and then took down her chicken tenders like a champ! She LOVES chicken! Granted they had to do some sweeping of the floor after we left but there really wasn't that much that hit the ground. I'm just shocked that she isn't even 1 years old yet and we can already order her her own little meal!

THEN- we headed to Wal-Mart and looked at the winter hats and my mom put one on her head from the baby section but it kept popping off her head- so we went to look in the girls section and we found a hat there- THAT FIT HER! My BABY is wearing a Girls hat!! Oh man... no wonder I'm jealous of all my friends with little babies-- because mine is growing up so fast!! I will say though that it doesn't make me sad because I am SOO excited for her to learn all her new tricks and to watch her grow up because it is SO much fun... but sometimes I miss my little tiny baby-- so to that- NO- we aren't done having kids... but Taylor just started going back for his Masters and won't be done until May of 2010- so we decided we love our little family right now and we will try again once he graduates. We are looking foward to the next two years with just our little Miley. :)

Here is Miley at Culvers eating so wonderfully!

Enjoying her Cream of Wheat by feeding herself with her own spoon

Not a flattering picture- but Taylor couldn't resist...this is the morning after her sleep over- I missed her so much I took her morning nap with her

Monday, October 20, 2008

Miley's first sleep over

Just a quick note to say that Miley's first sleep over went well! She was having so much fun playing with Nana and Bumpa she didn't want to go to sleep-- she only had an hour and half nap in the morning and an hour nap in the afternoon and she still was up until 10! She wasn't crabby though- just awake.

Taylor went hunting on Sunday morning so I told Mom to call me as soon as Miley got up- I knew it would be 7am-- and sure enough- right on the nose. So I went over so I could nurse her.

Taylor and I had a wonderful evening! Ichiban's was SOO good- and very filling! And the Guthrie was beautiful!! The play was different- we decided maybe a little more theatrical then we were ready for- it had some funny moments- but some things were over our heads. We decided our next play will be something we are more familiar with.. perhaps A Christmas Carol.. :) Or the Nutcracker Ballet! :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another new Hair-Do! :)

Jamie did a WONDERFUL job on my new hair-do!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I have to Thank Kelly Pickler for the inspiration of this new style! Now- Jamie is suggesting an all over color for the winter-- maybe a chocolate brown... hummm... I'm thinking about it... but if you know me-- Shoes, Purses and my hair-- I have a hard time committing to something- I always have to think long and hard before I do anything (I've been thinking of this style since February!)... But it sure would be fun and sassy!!! :)

**Footnote-- Yes- I was parked at a stop sign waiting for traffic on 52 when I took this photo!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Miley falls down

Happy Birthday to Me! ..... 24!!

Well-- Today is my birthday and 24 for some reason feels a lot older then 23! But it feels good to be 24- sometimes I feel older then I really am and I think now I feel my age- a wife and a mommy- it just sounded weird to be all of that at only 23- don't ask me why- it just did. :)

I had a wonderful day and the rest of the week will just keep getting better!
I went out to lunch with some gals from work at Erbert and Gerberts-- it was YUMMY!! Then they surprised me with a DQ Cookie Dough Blizzard Ice Cream Cake-- I highly recommend trying one-- it was SOO good!! Then we went to my parents house for dinner and Ken, Pam, Jenae and Landon joined us. My parents even got me a birthday cake!! And Pam, Miley and Landon were busy at Grandma Daycare today making me birthday cards!! She put lipstick on Miley and got her to put some kisses on paper and put the kisses in my card! Totally a keeper!!! And Landon made me a beautiful card too!

Tomorrow night I'm headed down to Wanamingo to see Jamie for a haircut and eyebrow wax-- FUN FUN! I'm thinking a cut similar to Kelly Pickler this time around.... we'll see how it turns out! :)

Friday we are going out with some of my friends and their husbands to celebrate mine, Jackie's and Amy's October birthdays- we are going to Bubba Gump Shrimp at the Mall of America- I'm really looking forward to that- we don't usually go on dates with my friends and their husbands.

Then Saturday is my present from Taylor- Dinner at Ichiban's Japanese Steak House and then a play at the Guthrie- The Caretaker-- and then I guess it will be Miley's first overnight at Nana and Bumpa's.... I'm not too sure on how I am going to handle that- but I guess it has to happen sometime. Taylor talked me into it- he said she'll be sleeping by the time we get home anyway and why not just get one good night of sleep to catch up and we can go and get her and have breakfast at my parents bright and early Sunday morning. I think I will have to have a drink or two to help me not think about it....

So- it will be a WONDERFUL birthday week!!!

And for fun-- here are some cute photos of Miley this week! She thinks it is SOO funny to crawl underneath the coffee table!

Monday, October 06, 2008

9 Months

At Miley's 9 month appointment she weighed 23 pounds and was 28 inches long. He said still very normal for a breastfed baby and he is betting by the time she reaches 18 months she will have slimed down. Everything else checked out perfectly normal and I had him check out her mouth for more teeth because she's been one crabby baby again and he said he can see some activity going on where the molars will be coming in. I think on top of teething she is kind of getting a little bit of a cold and she also got her flu shot and ended up with a fever all weekend, it was controlled with some Motrin but she just hasn't been herself, not eating very much and mellow.

But- on a happier note- as you can see in the video below she is officially crawling on her hands and knees now- no more of the body worm to get where she wants to go. She still loves walking behind her toys, she pushes things all over the living room to get where she wants to go and she zooms around the coffee tables to get what she wants. This morning she said her first offical word- she said Bye Bye and knew what she was doing-- her and Taylor were leaving and I was at the top of the stairs waving and saying Bye Bye expecting to just get her normal wave back and she said Bye Bye and waved-- and we both clapped and said YEAH MILEY and I guess she continued to wave and say bye bye over and over while they walked to the car, got in her car seat and took off- then did it again when Taylor said Bye Bye when he was leaving his mom's house. I think she is really close at saying Hi too-- she makes a little squeel noise when she waves Hi so I'm sure that one is right around the corner. Of course she says Mamama and Daddda but I don't think she knows what she means when she says those.

We have now finally introduced all three meals, lunch was our last meal to introduce and she has been doing really well with all three. She just loves to eat anything you put in front of her and it makes it so much fun at meal time because she isn't picky. I hope she stays this way and will continue to be an adventureous eater, I'm sure as long as we keep introducing new things and not allowing her to just fall back on the basics she will be a good eater.

She has quiet the little personality too- she has a sense of humor and is really good at playing by herself, we love to just sit back and watch her use her imagination already. We always wonder what could be going on in that little head of hers.

So- to go along with her imagination she is now very curious and adventures all over the house, needless to say, our baby gate should be arriving this week.... she hasn't quite gone towards the stairway alone but I will feel so much more comfortable trying to cook dinner in the kitchen knowing she can't fall down the stairs.

Miley is now wearing 12-18 month clothes!! YES! Already!! Depending on what kind she wears 12 or 18 month pants-- some 18 month ones are way to long for her short little legs and for long sleeve shirts she has to have 18 month ones because the 12 month ones are too tight on her arms! Here she is sporting one of her new fall outfits.

A picture we took to entertain Daddy when he was in the deer stand

Waiting for the Doctor at her 9 month check up

Sunday, October 05, 2008