Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter with the Pagel's

Well, it's been a month since I posted, that is SO not like me! It's been busy, when does it ever slow down? Never, for us! Cooper is 10 months now and we all have bets on him being able to walk by Christmas! Wouldn't that be an awesome Christmas present!!! He could do it, if he just would get brave enough. He barely hangs on to the things he holds when he walks and he has stood free standing by himself for periods of time, so now we just have to get some courage.

He has now decided he is an independent eater, he doesn't really go for the baby food anymore, he would rather feed himself. His FAVORITE foods are crackers and cooked carrots. He could seriously eat those all day long! He likes just about anything you put in front of him, I just hope he stays that way. I know I am trying to be very concious this time around about making sure he eats lots of veggies over and over again because I think, with Miley, we didn't push them on her and now she wants nothing to do with them. So, fingers crossed for Coop.

He has 6 teeth and the 7th is just about to pop. He seems to have slowed down a bit in the growing department. He is holding steady at 18 month clothes and I think we will be there for the remainder of the winter.

Happy as a Lark eating carrots!

Getting ready for his FIRST Christmas!!! Cutting down his FIRST Christmas Tree!!!

Next winter buddy, you can come out and make Fairy Snow Castles with Mommy and Miley.

Miss Miley- wow, Miss Miley. She's a SPONGE. Please watch out for what you say around her now! She will be quick to tell you if you say something that is naughty and quick to ask you what that "*****" (Insert word) means. I said 'freaking' the other day and she says, "Mom, what's a freaking?" Oh man! Good thing that was all I said!! She certainly is in the Terrible Two stage and heading into the Terrible Three's. She is Sassy but OH so cute! She makes us laugh daily! She says the funniest things that are well beyond her years. She loves to sing and makes up songs all the time about what she is doing. "Putting it in the Garbage, I'm putting it in the garbage, in the gggaaarrrbbbaageee....." I love her!

She's quite the girly girl too- loves putting on makeup with Mommy and doing her nails and she seems to always end up wearing her dresses by the end of the day, even if they are meant to only be worn in July!

Having Breakfast and a story with "Mrs. Santa" she called her.

This is one of her FAVORITE dresses.

Building Fairy Snow Castles

Picking out a tree and playing with snow balls

I'm sure, the first of many years where Family Christmas pictures will just not quite turn out how I imagined them too. :) Oh, the memories!


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