Sunday, January 30, 2011

Miley Turns 3

All right, all right- yes, I'm almost a month behind. Just needed a little time off from being creative. But now I'm in the mood again.

Miss Miley turned three at the beginning of January. On her actual birthday she got to spend the day just her and Mommy. I asked her to pick between going to the MOA to go shopping and go on the rides, Chucky Cheese, or swimming and she chose swimming. The YMCA in Hastings was so kind to allow us to be guests for the day seeing as she has taken swimming lessons there. We had the whole pool to ourselves and she loved it. She is quite the little fish. :)

That evening we went out to eat for Grandma Pam's birthday as well. When we got home Miley got to open her present from us and from Brendon and Shelly as they were on vacation over her party. We got Miley her very own digital camera. It's pretty neat! She loves taking photos. And Brendon and Shelly got her an Easy Bake Oven! Let's just say Mommy has had more fun with that, but she sure enjoys eating all of the yummy treats. (Side Bar: I ALWAYS wanted an Easy Bake oven but never got one- this is the BEST part of having a daughter, getting all of the fun toys for her that I never got!)

That Saturday we had the family over for her birthday party. Of course, she didn't take a nap that day so she was a little crabby at the beginning but she soon warmed up and had a blast. She loved when we sang happy birthday to her and of course opening the presents!

This years cake I ordered an edible topper again and made a double layer round fun-fetti cake. The middle was filled with pink frosting and then I pipped frosting on the outside.

Since Miley is now 3 we decided that she is now big enough to learn how to put herself to sleep and sleep in her own bed. She was doing this for awhile when we first had Cooper, but then she got sick and slept in our bed for a few nights and it then became habbit for both of us. She would fall asleep with me in my bed and then I'd bring her to her bed and most nights she'd end up back in our bed. She now has a sticker chart on her door and she gets one sticker for falling asleep in her own bed and another sticker for staying in her bed the whole night. It only took two nights and she totally had this figured out. She loves the reward and I'm not going to lie and say she's been perfect, a few nights here and there she ventures into our room and we tell her that she only gets one sticker and she gets a little upset with herself and says she is going to earn two the next night.

We are signing her up for pre-school in two weeks! I Can't believe it! But we are SOO excited for her. I think she is going to LOVE going to school! We have decided to send her to St. Paul's Lutheran pre-school. We are hoping to be able to send her on Monday's and Thursday's from 8-12:30 or 1. This will allow her to have lunch at school as well. She's turned into a picky eater and we are hoping that sitting down with the other kids and seeing them eat will inspire her to eat what is given to her as well.

Seems like just yesterday.... 

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